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[STORIES] Rock ‘N’ Roll Episode 2

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ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Episode 2 Written by naijalanded writer (musical story)Theme song : you belong

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πŸ’–πŸ’– ROCK ‘N’ ROLL πŸ’–πŸ’–

Episode 2 πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Written by naijalanded writer 😍😍✌

(musical story)

Theme song : you belong to me by tyler james Williams πŸ’™

πŸ’ŸEmerald πŸ’Ÿ
“you fail ” the director said and my heart sank
“pardon? ”
“I said you fail ” she repeated


“but why? Why did I fail? ” I asked and she scoffed

“because you are not confident ” she said
“Next person ” she called and i walked to door

I was about to twist the knob when the door opened and I saw the guy i saw earlier

The jerk still had his earpiece on

“Can you allow the next person to pass? ” the lady judge asked and I moved to the other side for him to pass

He walked up to them and I could see them at him like he is strange

“you are so handsome ” the lady judge said


I went outside and stood at the door looking at them

I’m curious of the guy result

“your name? ” the director asked
“Keith ” he replied
“your name is just Keith? ” the man judge sitting on the left side asked but he didn’t reply him

“your profile here says you are 18 years old” the director said

“yes ” he replied
“you speak 35 words a day? ” the director asked reading his profile out
“yes ”

“you are good in rapping, singing and dancing? ”

“yes ”

“why is he replying with yes? ” I murmured to myself

“your profile says you prefer to be alone ” the director said


“yes ”
“you eat once a day ? ”
“yes ” he replied

The director looked at him and bang his hand on the table

“with your ridiculous profile, do you think you will be accepted in this school? ” she yelled at him

“yes ”

“you are pissing me off with your yes answer” she yelled again

“please calm down “the two remaining judges said

“get out ” the director said and the guy stood up and was really leaving

Like seriously??
Was he forced to this audition or what?

“wait ” the lady judge stopped him and he turned to them

“we should at least know your ability, show us your talent ” she said and he walked back

“I’m not interested in his talent ” the director said placing her hand on her forehead

“I’m not interested in this school either ” the guy said and I gasped

What a jerk
This school is some people dream and he is saying such an awkward word to the director

“get out now ” the director said boiling in anger

He ignored her and removed the mic from the stand and he began to rap


You wanna know the truth?

Check it out
How should I describe you
Sweeter than Godiva
But your thought go deeper than a scuba diver
Whether you are dressed In sweat pants or dressed in Prada
You can make me dizzy like a race car driver

PAY ATTENTION  [STORIES] Rock 'N' Roll Episode 1

I wanna take you to a party, hold your hand and show off to everybody

I could be in jeans and a hood cause you are so fine and you make me look good

Baby you belong to me
You are the passion in my life
You are the secret i can’t hide
There will a come a day i can’t wait to say you belong to me girl
And if I let you know tonight
It won’t be alright i bet
You don’t know it yet but baby you belong to me

You’ve been looking for the one
I’ve been looking for a dime
Maybe we can both find it at the same time
I’m blinded by your shine
You kinda like the sun
Cos the world revolves around you till my days are done

I try to say something but you had me speechless
I had the booth to tell my secret
See i could spill a World that is more than my words
How can I describe what an angel deserve

After he completed his rap, I was impressed

He had some dancing skills too

I could tell the judges and director were surprised too cause of the way they were starring with their mouth hanging in the air

“if you are still not interested in accepting me, then I hope we will never meet again ” he said with his cool and calm voice and carried his bag

“wait ” the director called and he stopped

“you were a little bit impressive so you are going to join the three weeks trainee ” she said and I arched my brow

“three weeks trainee? What’s that? ” I murmured to myself

They are so unfair
Are they accepting him because he is handsome

What a waste of school

“And you emerald park ” the director called and i was shocked

Does she know i was here all those while

“you can join the three weeks trainee too ” she said and I entered the place back

“What do you mean by three weeks trainee? ” I asked

“you guys only have three weeks, you will be grouped into many groups and the group with the first place can stay in this school as a student ” she said and I nod

“oh, I see ” I said

I walked outside the school and stood there
This school is very annoying
I turned and saw the jerk coming out too

He looked at me and went to a car,a man opened the door for him and went to the driver seat

“I can’t believe he is even a spoilt brat ” I grumbled to myself

I walked back home and couldn’t enter

“how am I going to face dad? I am so stipid” I said hitting my head

“it stupid not stipid ” my mom appeared from nowhere

“did you fail?” I she asked and I sighed

“I was told to be a three weeks trainee, I’m screwed ” I hit my head again

“three weeks trainee? That’s sound great ” my smiled

“No, it’s not great, I will have to leave in three weeks ” I said and she placed her hands on my shoulder

PAY ATTENTION  [STORIES] Rock 'N' Roll Episode 1

“I think you can be a permanent student there too ,you can do it” she said and I sighed

πŸ’Keith πŸ’
I walked inside my room and laid on the bed

Three weeks trainee??

Are they crazy or what

“Keith, I’m coming in ” my mom said as she twisted the knob and entered

“Keith, how was the audition? ” she asked but I didn’t say anything

“I heard from your driver that you were given an opportunity to be a three weeks trainee ” she said but I just starred at her

“why is it always difficult for you to respond? Talking to you is always frustrating ” she yelled at me and I covered myself with the duvet

I guess she knew what I meant as she stood up and walked out of the room

I was forced to go to that audition by my father

Since it is a three weeks training, I will just have to go to that school for fun

I don’t care if I become a permanent student or not

I recalled the girl i saw today
She really looks like a psycho

I don’t like women
I hate them

My hatred for women started when I was told that my real mother abandoned me beside a company

Women are wicked and heartless

My phone started ringing and I looked around then I saw it on the table

I stood up to take it when my eyes started to hurt and everywhere became dark and I stumbled and fall on the floor

“Keith, Are you okay? ” my brother asked as he ran inside and helped me sit on the bed

“where is your drug? ” he asked
“in my backpack ” I said and he gave me the drug with a cup of water

“you need to see the doctor ” he said and I shook my head

“when are you going to break your rule of speaking 35 words a day? It really annoying and frustrating ” he yelled

I starred at him and he sighed

“the way you stare at people is also frustrating, don’t stare at a girl like that or she will have heart attack ” he said and walked out

I walked to the bathroom and rinsed my face

The greatest Problem in my life is my eyes
Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t

That’s why I can’t drive myself

πŸ˜’ Emerald πŸ˜’
“Emerald, wake up now, you are late already ” I heard my mom voice as i opened one eyes to check the wall clock

Oh my goodness
I’m late on my first day
I rushed to the bathroom and came out after 10 minutes as i rushed to the dining room

“you glutton, you are still going to eat ” my mom asked as i rushed the food

“whatever, I must eat to survave ” I said and she sighed

“it’s survive not survave, you should be ashamed of yourself, you are going to such a great school with your poor pronunciation” she said and I gulped down a cup of water

“I will try my best, I’m going ” I said but my mom held my hand

“make sure you become a permanent student, remember i didn’t tell your dad you are just a three weeks trainee ” she said and I nod

PAY ATTENTION  [STORIES] Rock 'N' Roll Episode 1

I ran to the school and the first person I met was the director

“you are late again ” she said
“I’m sorry ” I slightly bowed my head

“follow me ” she said and took me to a classroom and there were other students there too

“You’re going to be grouped ,so work hard with your group so as to become a permanent student “she said and walked out

I looked sideway and saw the jerk i met yesterday sitting with his earpiece on his ears again

“you bastard, you should just rot in hell ” I scoffed and sat beside a girl who was busy with her fashion magazine

“hi, I’m emerald ” I said with a smile

“I’m Wendy ” she said without looking at me but her gaze was fixed on the fashion magazine

“oh ,I see ” I said then a teacher entered

She started to group us by calling out our names

“Group 5,we have Reyna, Wendy, Keith, emerald And Bryan ”

“please work hard but before I go, let me give you an hint ” she said and we all looked at her
“you guys are gonna be competing and any group that makes it to the final round ,you know the results right? ” she asked

“yes ” we chorused

“let me tell you guys a secret, the director choose the highest mark from the rap in the song ” she said and walked outside as I smirked

“Rap? Are they really crazy or what? ” I yelled “you shouldn’t insult anybody ” Bryan said and I sighed

“are you part of my group? ” I asked and he nod

“me too, my name is Reyna ” She said then I noticed it was the girl i saw beating up guys yesterday

“I’m one of you too ” Wendy said still looking at the magazine

“he is one of us too ” Bryan said and pointed to the jerk

“I was hoping he was not ” I grumbled

“by the way, who is the rapper among us? The Mark depends on that person ” Reyna said and I sighed

“that jerk is the rapper ” I pointed to him

“do you mean Keith? “Bryan asked
“I don’t carewhat his name is ,let’s talk to him ” I said we walked to where he was sitting

“you are the rapper of our group ” I said but he just starred at me

“why isn’t he saying anything? ” Wendy asked

“I guess he isn’t hearing us because of his earpiece ” Reyna said and I scoffed

“he is a jerk ” I said angrily and wanted to pull out those earpiece but he suddenly grab my hand and starred at me while I stared back

His eyes is so…. 😭😭😭😭

Please help us to beg Keith, the Mark depends on him

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Hey, I'm Kennedy, a writer and a self taught blogger who loves to explore the innovation of blogging related things.

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