[STORIES] The Hunted Chapter 10

πŸ’ The HuntedπŸ’

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πŸ’žShe’s mine! Protect her no matter what!πŸ’ž

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Chapter 10 πŸ’

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Goodness why am I so nervous, why am I sweating so much? . I can even pee of my pants now.

“Hello broth-: I mean Kayden ” I greeted nervously

“Hello princess come in”he replied with a smirk, why is he smirking? Gosh! Somebody turn the air-conditioning on I’m feeling hot.

He closed the door. Gosh why do I feel like it’s going to be a such long night.

“Come princess the kitchen is this way”he said with a smile, can he stop smiling already its kinda creepy he’s making me feel so nervous with that smile of his.

He lead the way to the kitchen and honestly his house is very homely and clean you wouldn’t guess that there’s no woman living here.

His house is not big like ours but its very comfortable to live in. This is how my dream house with my husband should be, homely and comfortable, I chuckled.

“What’s so funny princess “he asked astonished by my sudden behavior

“N-nothing Kayden I just remembered a funny joke”I lied with a fake smile

Gosh! Why am I behaving like a lunatic.

“Here we are, it’s all yours now you can start cooking ”

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“Um mm.. What should I prepare f-for you? “I stuttered

“Anything you cook is fine by me I enjoy everything you cook princess ”

Enjoy everything I cook? Oh yeah I almost forgot that he always eats at home.

“Ok I’ll prepare some spaghetti and meatballs ”

“My favorite dish nice one princess ”

I didn’t even know that it is his favorite dish, hmm I’m good at guessing.

“Should I help you princess? “He asked, awwn such a sweet human being

“N-no its not a big deal I can do it by myself ”

I thought he was gonna leave and let me do my stuff but sadly he didn’t, I’m feeling suffocated why is he here?

I had no choice but to start cooking but I couldn’t find the spice, goodness why is everything so complicated in this kitchen huh?!

“Gosh! Where is the spice? ” I asked no one in particular

Without anyone saying jack! His huge self hovered behind me, he was so close oh! My god, too close, my breath hitched I couldn’t breath.

He brushed himself slightly behind my small back leaving my body burning with a shameful desire.

I can feel the heat, the electricity flowing through my body. Shivers ran through my spine. I un-consciously closed my eyes, arched my back leaning on him.

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He began trailing his fingers up and down my arm gosh! My body is on fire and I feel weird its like I peed on myself because my panties were damp.

“Ohh” I whimpered, what is he doing to me.

Shamelessly and unconsciously I let out a low throaty moan.

Oh god I’m so embarrassed.!!


“Ohh”she whimpered and I smirked

I didn’t know that my princess was naughty, hearing her moaning made me want her more. I wanted to bend her on this kitchen counter and fuck the hell out of her little and innocent self.

I couldn’t, she deserves so much more I don’t want to fuck her like I do to those sluts, I want to make sweet love to her. I want to make her feel good, take her to another level of intimacy.

I want to make her feel like a woman. It felt good knowing that I have the same effect on her just like she has an effect on me.

But it’s not the right time, I want her to understand her feelings. I want her to be ready for me, I want to take things slow, I want her to know how much I love her to know how I feel about her, I want her to ask me to make sweet love to her.

Goodness! I want her so much no woman has ever made me feel like this. But I had to stop.

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“Here’s the spice princess ” I said moving away from her

“T-thanks”she muttered slightly embarrassed

She quickly took the spice from me, she couldn’t even look me in the eyes awwn my baby is shy.

I moved away from her to give her some breathing space.

Few minutes later I can smell the sweet aroma of the salivating food she prepared.

I helped her set up the table, god! the food looked so salivating she quickly dished out my meal for me.

“Ain’t you joining me? ”

“N-no I’m not hungry I just ate few minutes ago” she said and her stomach growled loudly and I laughed, such a cute liar she is.

She smiled embarrassed.

“Not hungry huh? ” I chuckled

“Come sit, eat with me”

And there we ate our salivating meal in silence.

I wandered if she will taste good as this meal when I go down on her eating that pussy like I’m eating this spaghetti.

*Oh! Shut the fuck up you corrupted being*my subconscious scolded

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