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The Hunted

[STORIES] The Hunted chapter 9




The Hunted

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๐Ÿ’ The Hunted ๐Ÿ’

๐Ÿ’žShe’s mine! Protect her no matter what!๐Ÿ’ž

By naijalanded writer โœ๏ธโœ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ž

Chapter 9 ๐Ÿ’

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“Tell me what? ”

Oh! My Gosh ALDEN!!

Skye and I were both puzzled oh! My gosh what to do.

This is not the right time to tell him about Max I’m yet to deal with broth-:i mean Kayden I’m not ready for this, god please help your child.

“Tell you that um mm….. ” i stuttered goodness I don’t know what to say. I quickly gest’ at Skye to say something.

“Um mm.. What? Why are you stuttering Ari? “He asked astonished

“Baby cakes we just wanted to go to the mall tomorrow so we were not sure how to ask for your credit card, you know we woman love shopping”she purred winking

Phewww thank god, Skye to the rescue. I winked back, Skye never seizes to amaze me every single day.

It was like she wasn’t crying few minutes ago, she can win an oscar for the best actress i chuckled.

“Shopping, shopping, shopping you woman love shopping why can’t you find something else to do other than shopping, Skye you already have so many clothes” Alden said slightly annoyed

“Baby cakes a woman can never have enough clothing”she replied and i nodded innocently

“Whatever Skye I know i can never win an argument with you”he rolled his eyes at her and i laughed he looked really funny

Yeah one more thing about Skye she never gives up, especially when arguing with someone she always wins the argument so it’s better to just agree with everything she says.

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“And um… Ari Kayden told me that you made a deal with him to cook for him for today and tomorrow ” he asked and i gasped, what! I never said that, why would he tell Alden that?.

Is that why he agreed not to tell Alden about Max oh! god I knew he wanted something in return, somehow im feeling quite happy about seeing him its like I’m missing him but I’m kinda nervous too i don’t know why.

“Y-yes I said that, I’ll be on my way now i will come back soon” i replied

“Enjoy” Skye said winking at me and i stared at her perplexed what does she even mean ‘enjoy’ its not like I’m going to see my boyfriend duh!!

Time to go cook for Kayden i hope everything goes well!!

Hope he doesn’t go GAGA on me!! Arielle this,Arielle that, I’ve heard enough for today. Aarghhh i groaned.


“DO IT BOY!! “He thundered

“No I can’t please don’t make me do this”the little boy cried, suddenly a hot metal rod stroked his small back

“Ahhh”he cried through the excruciating pains and the burns

“Please Moteo I’m sorry i can’t do it”another hot metal stroked his back and he cried more

“DO IT NOW!!”he barked

Bum! Bum!!

They are back again, those dreams, those demons of my past they are still hunting me will they ever leave? Why can’t they leave me alone how long do I have to drink drugs to sleep.

Why can’t I just lose my memories of the past? The pains the suffering the regrets. Why me? How long are they going to hunt me.

I can’t run away forever can i? somehow i have to face them I can’t become the hunted forever.

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Looking at myself in the mirror I see the boy that i was 10 years ago the monster that he created I can see the rough marks that he left on my body, my own body irritates me because whenever i look at myself I can feel the demons.

I see ‘RAZOR’ the man that he created. Yes he used to call me Razor because he said my moves were sharp like a razor, i was his best killer although I was young, i was his punching bag he didn’t care how old i was when he inflicted excruciating pains in my body. Any dangerous object knows my body.

It hurts when i think about it, when other kids were eating sweets I was forced into dangerous drugs. When other kids were playing with toys i played with guns I had my first kill at 15 how critical is that huh!!

Drugs, sex and guns were my usual routines.

How i wished i had parents why did the leave me didn’t they want me? Why me? That’s the question I ask myself every fucking single day.

Even at that stupid Orphanage i was treated like trash, i wasn’t given enough food i was being maltreated it’s not my fault that they didn’t want me, no one wanted me they couldn’t even adopt me.

Its like i scared everyone away my parents, foster parents everyone!!

They used to say I was a curse to everyone, was i? I can’t answer that because i don’t know why the so called god wasn’t there when i needed him the most, no one was there but the demons were always there to pounce on me.

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Until I met my savior Alden everything changed, my life changed for the better, my princess makes me wanna be a better man.

I want to deserve her, I want become a better man for her i want her to be mine forever and ever. Her soul and body should belong to me and me only, she’s mine to keep and to protect.

I would rather die than to see her hurt I will protect her with everything in me I’ll give her the love that she deserves the life that she deserves.

Knock! Knock! Who’s the stupid asswipe that’s disturbing my fantasy with my princess huh! This better be important or I’m gonna wipe that stupid cunt.

“What the fuc……. ” i yelled opening the stupid door but damn i swallowed my words, she’s right here, my addiction, my drug, my smile keeper, my baby girl, my vanilla ice cream ect.. Standing right in front of me looking like a beautiful Princess she is. M. I. N. E

“Hello broth-: I mean Kayden”

Somebody kill me beforehand, I can’t believe that just her sweet voice is able to turn me on.

Down boy not today!!

T. B. C

Kayden’s past๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ญ
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Who’s ready for #Ariden!!
Course I am๐Ÿค—

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