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πŸ’žπŸ‘‘πŸ’š When I Met You πŸ’šπŸ‘‡πŸ‘Œ

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πŸ’šπŸŒΏ Episode 16 πŸŒΏπŸ’š

When I met you
Feelings 2
Damon POV
“ Thank you very much Damon”. Nora mum greeted me , I am really grateful
“ it is nothing ma”. I replied
“ when can she start?”. Nora mom asked in excitement
“ she will start on Monday , i will come and pick her”. I assured her
“ is it going to be a scholarship also?”. She asked
“No, I will handle the bills”, I replied staring at Nora , she looked disturbed …..
“Thank you so much Damon”. Zara Said grinning
“ you welcome baby”. I replied ruffling her hair
“ I will take my leave now”. I said as I stood up
“Alright”. Nora mum said
I walked towards my car with Nora beside me,
“Is there anything you want to tell me?”. I asked her
“No””. She replied smiling
“ Alright”.I said giving her a peck on her forehead and don’t forget this, I said handing her the two bags of clothes
“Oh my bad! I almost forgot the clothes”. She said
“ Bye”. She waved at me as I drove off
“ what exactly is Nora hiding”. I thought, it was very obvious she lied to me
“ did she lie to her family also, but why?
I glanced at the time on my wristwatch, it was 3pm.
“ Good”. The director will still be on seat.
I drove into the school compound and headed to the director office


“ Damon”. The director called in surprise as soon as I walked in
“ Peter”. I called him by his first name, I need a favour from you
“ anything for you Damon”. he said smiling
“I need the info of a particular student”. I told him
“Who?”. he asked
“ Nora stark”. I replied
I watched him search through some files
“ here is it”. he said handing it over to me
I opened the file and smiled when I saw her past results
“ she is really smart”
I turned to the next page and gasped in shock at what I saw , her guardian is Mr Parker.
“ how is this possible ?”. I asked the director with shaky hands
“Oh, Mr Parker paid her fees”. he replied
“ which Mr Parker ?”. I asked still believing there might be a mixup somewhere
“ The same Parker working as the Director in your company”. he replied
“ how the hell did Nora know Mr Parker”. I thought
I held my chest as I felt my heart raced and I immediately realised I was in love with Nora……
Noami POV
“ The blue or the pink”. My sister asked
“ I prefer the blue”. I replied
“ The blue will be perfect then”.she said grinning
“ is it a must you go to the party?”. I asked her
“ yes, I have to go see Damon”. She replied
“ it is a company party and not a disco party”. I said with an eye roll
“ it doesn’t matter baby girl”. She said , a party is a party
I watched as she kept on gushing on how she will be the prettiest , how Damon will stare at her ……
“ how did she know Damon”. I wondered, why is she so obsessed on getting Damon………
Nora POV
“ Are you sure you both are not dating?”. My mom asked as we checkout the clothes Damon bought
“This gown is so pretty”. Zara said holding a pink gown
“ really?”. I asked glaring at her
“ did I do anything wrong?”. She asked
“ No”. I replied
My mom looked at both of us and asked
“ are you sure she didn’t offend you because I noticed you were giving her angry stares since
“ she talks too much”. I blurted out
“ did I say anything I ought not to say?”. Zara asked innocently
“ No”. I replied biting my lips
“ I can’t wait to go to Adams middle school”. She said excitedly and I felt like squeezing her mouth
“ yes, my baby will wear a pretty uniform and study in a beautiful classroom”.My mom replied happily
I looked at them trying to wipe the tears rolling down my eyes .
“ Damon made my family happy, he made me happy……………….
I sat down outside looking at the stars in the sky when Zara came to join me
“ why are you not sleeping?”. I asked her
“ I want to talk to you”. She replied
“ what is it?”. I asked her
“ what are you hiding?”. She suddenly asked
I looked and her
“ Nothing”. I replied
“ I know you very well”. She replied smirking
“ what do you mean,”. I asked
“ You lied about the scholarship right?”. She asked
“ how do you know?”. I asked in surprise
“ you are my sister and I know you”.she replied
I nodded
“ why did you lie?”. She asked
“ you are too young to know”. I replied
“ Explain in a way I will understand”. She said
“ A man promised to help me with your hospital bill if I date him”. I told her sobbing
“ Mr Parker right?”. She asked
“ how did you know?”. I asked her
“ I suspected from the very day you made that call at the hospital”. She said
“ oh!”. I exclaimed
“ are you still dating him?”. She asked
“ No, I severe all ties with him”. I replied
“ Good , then tell Damon the truth”. She advised
“ why?”. I asked
“ because he is already suspecting you”. She replied
“ why did you say so?”. I asked her
“ are you dumb? didn’t you see the way he stared at you”. She replied
“ really”. I asked
“ don’t hurt Damon”. She advised
“ how will I hurt him?, I can’t hurt him”. I replied
“ you can because he loves you”. She said
I looked at her and laughed
“ how can Damon love someone like me?”. I asked
“ I can see you are too dumb to notice”. She replied
I looked at her wondering how she knows too much
“ Good night Nora”.she said standing up
“ Good night Zara”. I replied her
She moved closer to me and hugged me
“ I love you Nora and thanks for saving me”. She said and went into the room
“ do Damon really love me”. I thought.
I dialled his number and I was surprised he picked it up immediately
“ Damon”. I called
“ hey Nora, why are you not sleeping?”: he asked
“Not feeling dizzy”. I replied
“ what are you doing?”. He asked
“ just outside looking at the stars”.I replied, what are you doing?”. I asked him
“ surfing the internet”. he replied
“ I just wanted to check on you”. I said
“ okay”. make sure you don’t stay out long”. He warned
“ Okay dear”.i said and ended the call
“ Did he really love me? but why didn’t he say anything about love when I confessed my feelings to him……..
“ Damon Adams what exactly are you doing to me”…………….
Who is this Noami sister sef
Zara Thank you for the advice


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