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Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️

πŸ₯΅πŸšΆπŸšΆ Episode 02 🚢πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅


On the other hand, Kennedy didn’t give up, he kept trying everything he could to win my heart but I was not giving in. It came to a point, I become irritated and agitated each time he calls me.
One-time, I was so rude to him, when he called with an unfamiliar number, I was so pissed when I picked up my phone and the caller turned out to be him.

“kennedy Eze, why are you bothering me so much, I Don’t know if love is by force, why do you keep bugging me with your phone calls? Assuming you were educated, you will have left me a text message, instead of calling my poor phone, over and over again, last night you killed my phone battery…”I entered immediately but before I could finish my statement.
Kennedy entered calmly.
“nkiru, Don’t be angry na, please I Don’t mean to angry you”
I became even more offended.
“How can a good looking man like him, shoots such bullets, why is it so difficult for him to speak good English” I thought sadly.

Even though Kennedy was uneducated, he was well cultured, well mannered, He apologized severally and finally he politely hanged up.
I felt so awful for being so hard on him but there was nothing I could do.
“I Don’t feel anything for him” I told myself.

Few days later, Kennedy called again and that day, I told him my mind.
“See, Kennedy you are a good man, but let me tell you the truth, I Don’t feel anything for you. I Don’t want to keep you hanging out, I Don’t want you think that something could ever happen between us, yes we can be friends, you can call me up anytime but please I Don’t want to go into any form of relationship right now, I just want to concentrate on my career first” I said in the most possible polite way I could.


I was so surprised that Kennedy understood every word I said.
I could sense the disappointment and sorrow in his voice, I was so broken but I can’t displease myself to please him, It just can’t work between us, I’m educated and he is not, I thought within me. I had no idea when Kennedy ended the call.
I felt terrible, it was as if I committed a blunder but at the same time I was happy that I finally got Kennedy out of my life.
“I can now hope and pray for a perfect man”. I thought

Days turn to weeks and Weeks to months and I was elated that I finally got rid of Kennedy but he calls me up once in a while to know how I was faring. We gradually became friends and when I got to know Kennedy better, I found out that he was an orphan and that he was a hard-working young man.
“I don sell fire wood when I dey 12 years old, I be wan go school but no funds at that time, na so I face business and today, God don bless me” Kennedy had narrated in pidgin English as he had observed that I get upset each time he tried to speak good english and failed.

I was impressed and proud of him but there was nothing I could do, even as much as I have began to like Kennedy’s personality, but I couldn’t take back what I have said before.

One-day, something disappointing happened, I ran into Kennedy in the bank and he was with a very beautiful lady who he later introduced as Chizoba.
It seemed like my presence made him uncomfortable and it was as if he knew what i was thinking.
In my heart I concluded that Chizoba must be his lover or something but I have no right to be jealous. We are just friends.


And from that day, I had to stay away from Kennedy and concentrate on other things, since I have imagined the worst. A part of me felt bad for losing a good man like Kennedy but the other part of me was happy that I lost him. That part of my heart had told me that Kennedy was not my type.

Not too long, I decided to go on a trip to cool off and that was how i met another perfect gentleman named Ikenna. I
met him on a flight to England. Ikenna was seated next to me on executive flight from Muritala Mohammed international airport in Lagos.
We started talking, I got attracted to his intelligence and ability to hold intellectual discussion. His good diction got my attention.

And in few minutes, We laughed together. It was so magical, as if we’ve known each other for years. He told me he was going to London on a business trip, and I told him I was on vacation. Just to have a change of environment.
He suggested that we should hang out sometime before his return to Nigeria.
I looked forward to seeing him again after we parted at the airport in the UK.

He kept his promise and got in touch. We did met and had a dinner date. Wow! I felt all the butterflies in my stomach because I have never had such experience like this in my whole life. I immediately started imagining a forever between us.
His charisma, the way he tinkled my fancy, made me laugh, and the fact that he kept his promise even not minding that we had just met, made me fall in love with him instantly.
I told myself, this is him, the PERFECT MAN, that i have been waiting for, the one that will be interested in me as much as I am interested in him.


Because he was on a business trip, he left London before me. The day before he left, we had another date(sightseeing this time). He made me promised to reach out to him on my return back to Nigeria. He also requested that I see him off to the airport the next day. I was so excited, feeling that he wanted me in his life already.

I turned up on his departure day, went with him to the airport. It was so magical that he didn’t want to leave again. He almost missed his flight as he held on to my hands like a baby holding his mother who is trying to leave him behind.
Then he grabbed me gently and gave me a passionate kiss, the kind I have never experienced all my life. It was as though, I was being kissed for the first time since I was born. I responded passionately.
He gave me a red rose and whispered to my ears,
“I’ll be waiting for you in Nigeria“.


Do you think Ikenna is the perfect man for Nkiru? 🀣🀣

To be Continued….. . . .

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