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[STORY] Mary My Student (Episode 01)

🌹🗣️🥰 Mary My Student 🥰🗣️🌹

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🥰🗣️🌹 Episode 01 🌹🗣️🥰


I was relaxing in my office, reveling in the euphoria I always have after a lesson. One could rightly say that teaching was my drug and I always have my fix each day and moment I am in the classroom.
Before I begin my story let me introduce myself.
My name Callum Wilson, I am an English Language teacher in a secondary school. One could say my name is odd in a school where 75% of the students and staff bore native names, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. I am 5ft 6 inches tall, I am dark-skinned, and I always like sporting a low cut hairstyle. There is nothing really outstanding or extraordinary about me. Well I could say the secondary school wasn’t the biggest or the most prestigious in the country, but it wasn’t a backyard secondary school though.
As it is I am not a person blinded by vanity. I take things the way they are. I had a small but nice office in the school block and this was per my request. Though it was a bit isolated from the staff room it didn’t matter as the quiet is always needed after a class lesson.

I am 25 years old, and I am single, I think I love it that way, I couldn’t remember the last time I had sex, but I’m sure I had none from my 24th birthday. I broke up with my girlfriend two years ago, she was the type that couldn’t do without cheating, I decided it was better we cut ties before it’s too late to repair the damage. She didn’t take this kindly as she threatened me in all sort of ways in order to make me take her back. But I wasn’t shaken. I didn’t want a situation which she would get me to share in various infections she might acquire in her dreadful deeds. Little did I know that she had gotten pregnant to an anonymous person and trying to get me to take responsibility for it, but good thing I broke up with her at the right time before she could set me up in any kind of trap.

I could now say for myself that I’m single and safe. No not searching. I have made my books my new girlfriend and the classroom my hotel, and I always enjoy teaching. Though I was mainly an English teacher, I do volunteer sometimes on subjects that the teachers are not available, subjects like biology and agricultural science.
Like the agricultural science teacher he was involved in some scandal which I am pretty sure he was innocent, he was accused of rape and several evidence pointed to it as the truth, but I felt the whole thing was a set up. This got him to lose his job and also stand him a chance of getting a teaching job from any good school around. In that case I had to take up teaching agricultural science until a new tutor was appointed. As for the Biology, the teacher in charge of it forced a move away from the school after trying unsuccessfully to get me in a sexual relationship with her. I think she can’t stand seeing me every blessed day and so forced a move away. I liked her though but the way she treated students in her class did everything but endear her to me. She was the type that if she is angry she’ll take out her frustration on the class this making students afraid of her class and those not offering the subject feel in paradise. I didn’t still understand why the students jubilated when they learnt that I would be taking over the Biology class until a new subject teacher is found.

I was still relaxing in my being that was the last lesson for the day, when the door burst open and someone walked in. I’m never surprised when someone comes into my office without knocking because I knew it was only one person who does that, so I was always expecting it. But it wasn’t the person I thought. It was another person entirely. It was Mary, one of the students in my class. She was a beautiful girl though, fair in complexion. she had big boobs and ass, she had balanced calves and had a sweet heart shaped face, her hair was done up in cornrows per school regulations. She wasn’t the brightest student nor was she ever smart in class, the only good thing she could boast of herself was her beauty.
She always scored lowest in my English class.
She shut the door and struts into my office without a greeting and my anger was beginning to rise but I managed to keep my cool.
She got to my table and stopped, then she hiked up her skirt and placed on her legs on the chairs I reserve for visitors in my office, this clearly exposed her clean white panties to my view.
” What’s the meaning of this and why did you burst into my office so rudely?” I asked with some venom in my voice. She flashed a beautiful smile and I knew she was up to some mischief.
” Calm down, there’s no need to shout, because when I finish delivering what I have to say you would have no anger left in you.” She answered back in a defiant tone.
” I’m not interested in whatever you have to say, now take your foot off that chair.” I ordered but she made no effort to obey.
” That’s not what you should say. You should ask me what I want.”
” Okay fine, what do you want?”
” Good. I want you to lick my p—y and f–k me and for you to be my toy boy, anytime I want sex I call you regardless of whatever you are doing, I also want straight A’s in my English and agricultural science. And in this relationship I am going to be the domme and you the sub, that’s what I want.”

This got me almost crazy. ” Who do you think you are and did you place such an offer because I am so foolish to accept? If you are mad you better go to a good psychiatric hospital.” She looked at me still smiling. ” It’s like you want what happened to Mr Collins to happen to you.” I looked her open-mouthed in surprise.
” So Mr Collins was innocent?” I asked her and nodded with a mischievous smile.
” He thought he was high and mighty not knowing he has the brain of a chicken, I went up to him and made the same proposal I am making to you right now and he turned it down rudely, well he said he couldn’t cheat on his wife which made me wonder if his wife is in possession of his d–k and common for him to give me straight A’s throughout my stay in this f—–g school and enjoy my sweet juicy p—y he fluffed all that and ordered me out of his office, so I set him up and he fell nicely to it, now let me see if his wife he feared so much is going to believe he never raped any girl, with his spoiled reputation I don’t see any school employing him. No one rejects Mary and go Scot free.”
My mouth was wide open with shock at this time. ”
My mind flashed back to the whole Mary-Collins saga about nine months ago. The principal delivered this news at the morning devotion which shocked the students and most of the teachers including me to the bones. That was the first for a morning devotion to disperse without the usual noises and bustle. Every student moved very quietly to the class. I was dumbfounded at the news and the principal didn’t make it look any better. He was like,
” I said it, I said it, don’t trust all this people going looking like normal people, not knowing he is a beast in human clothes, wolves in sheep clothing. Can you imagine, a well trusted teacher having the mind to be forcing his students to bed, I don’t know how long he started this or he has been doing this but now his excesses has been curbed, he has met his Waterloo in the body of Mary Jasper. That was the girl he tried to force into his bed, but the girl being a god-fearing girl refused, she refuses to allow herself to be defiled and she raped the girl. She forcefully took the girl’s dignity.
What a shame! Mr Peter Collins has tainted the image of the school and I don’t tolerate this so that is why is have dismissed him from the school immediately and I have sent a letter to the “Education Board” to warn them of his malicious habit, so that he would not be employed into any school nearby for him to continue carrying out his atrocious act.”
At this all the students reacted with” No!” Mr Collins was the students favourite teacher and he was my very good friend. Students loved him because he was generous, because he was kind, he was always smiling and always wanted to help, he rarely punishes a student and whenever he does he would call the student into his office and explained to him or her why he punished them and made them promise him that they won’t put up bad behavior anymore. He was also a person who loves to sing which made him an ever present face in the school choir.

So hearing this happen to one of their favourite teacher was something saddening.
The principal went on trying to dash any piece of respect the students had for Mr Collins into the mud before dismissing the assembly. Most of the students knew that the principal did not like the Mr Collins. He hated him for no just reason so all what he had said of him was taken with a grain of salt.

I myself spent a day thinking what would have made Peter to do this and I have to conclude that it was a setup. during break I would walk into a group of students discussing on the issue and i would ask for their opinion, each of the student would say that they believe it was a setup. Some said that Mary has the face of a trickster. However we hoped that the truth would soon be known.

And here was Mary confirming that the poor man was innocent.
So you mean you the man was innocent and you made him lose his job over nothing?”
” No, over something. ” She answered sharply. ” He rejected my offer and my body and I don’t like that.”
” You have surprised me Mary. Mary in the Bible was a virgin, she was the mother of Jesus Christ a very holy man who came into the world to die for our sins, you are bearing her name and you are something else.”
” Hey hey, you spare me that, I am not a Christian so don’t bother me, I am not interested in your Christianity shit. So do you accept request or do you want to follow the same path as Collins?”
I took a deep breath pretending to think and then said. ” Do your worst Mary, I would not accept such stupid and brainless request.”
” Wait you’re daring me?” She asked lowering her eyes in surprise. “Remember you are single, so the authorities are going to swallow my stories hook line and sinkers and again you are hot so who’s gonna doubt my story.”
” Yes I am daring you, do your worst but I promise you that I Callum Wilson would have the last laugh.” I fired back in a defiant tone. ” And drop that leg from the chair, I’m sick of looking at your dirty panties.” This got her where I wanted her, in angerland. She dropped her leg from the chair and and adjusted her knee long white socks and stared at me for a while then said “we shall see,” and made for the door.
I then called “Mary.” and she stopped and turned towards me maybe thinking I have quickly reconsidered my stance and was ready to agree to her request but I didn’t, instead I showed her my middle finger and said ” F–k you Mary.” Her pink flesh grew red with anger and her brown eyes stared at me full of hate and she answered. ” We’ll see who gets f—-d.” She stormed out and slammed the door shut so loudly that I felt the whole building vibrate with the force.

I stared at the spot the departed Mary once stood for a moment, my face grim looking before my face softened into a grin then finally to a short laugh.
” Foolish girl.”
That little idiot never knew that a camera was recording her or that she was speaking directly into a microphone.
” God bless you for me Rita.” I said in my thoughts, ” sense would never kill you.”
I then went into the inner room at the back of my office and checked on my laptop. everything was recorded on high quality as the camera was a high quality spy camera and the microphone was very good it picked up the slightest of sounds and whatever it picked up was clear. I allowed myself to laugh again. ” Rita if not for you, I would have been in deep shit now, God bless you for me.” I muttered.
I then saved the footage then went out and sat down on my chair and rested my legs on the table and waited for Rita to show up, “who is Rita?” well you’ll know in episode 2.

To Be Continued…..

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