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The circumstances surrounding her birth made everyone call her an abomination, life face with hate and pain was what was made prepare for her by her creator so she thoughts, rejected by many she was a curse to the world, a plague that befell the land of Amucha is what she is called, loneliness was the only friend she know, but what happen when she finds favor in the eyes of the handsome prince of same village that condemn her, will the royal family agree to welcome a girl that they call a curse. This is the story of Amarachi the curse child.

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I was not a child born with luck, good things was never meant for me, maybe my creator brought me to this world so I can pay for the sins I had committed in my previous life, my mother died after given birth to me so i was told by Nneka and Uzochi, they are the couples that took me in and called me their own even when I was rejected from birth.

My mother that I never got the chance to know because she was taken away from me by the cold hands of death was banished from her village because she was accused of killing my father her husband, she was already pregnant with me at that time, with no place to go she wander the forest for five days without food or water, after five days in the forest she fell into Labour her scream got the attention of Uzochi who is an hunter and had gone to check his traps, he helped my mother to deliver a little baby girl (that’s me) right there in the forest as there was no time to take her to the village midwives, there she told Uzochi everything that had happened to her before giving up the ghost, she was buried there in the forest by Uzochi which I sometimes go to when I feel like to talk to her, Uzochi took me home and showed me to his wife Nneka, they both agreed to take me in because they were in great need of a child at that time after many years of marriage with no child to call their own, to them I was a blessing.

The villagers wasn’t pleased with their decision because of the circumstances surrounding my birth, it has never been heard that a child was deliver in a forest in the land of Amucha, so because of this they called me unclean, it was reported to the king but seeing that Uzochi and Nneka has been longing to have a child for many years he decided to allow them keep me as a way to show appreciation for the good deeds they have been doing for the people of Amucha, yes Uzochi and Nneka are both good heartened people, they both became the parents I never had.

My best friend name is Chiamaka as she was the only one that her parents allowed to play with me because Nneka was a close friend to her mother, life went on like that until one faithful day that Uzochi my father went to the forest but didn’t return alive, I was 15years old at that time, he was attacked by a wild animals, other said it was a lion while other said otherwise but either way we (Nbeka and I) had lost someone dearest to us, things never remained the same after that, we mourn him even up still now, things became worst for me after the death of Uzochi because I was blame for his death, I try to ignore them because I had mama (Nneka) and thinking with time they will let it rest but it was like the more time flies the more frustrated they made me feel, My name is Amarachi and this is my story.

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