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It has been two months since I and Amarachi found each other and I must say things has been going on well for the both of us, I wanted to get ourselves a new apartment to stay but Victor and Amarachi convinced me otherwise telling me to go complete my education that I planned all along but that was my old plans and I don’t need that plan anymore because I got a new one which is to get a solid job here in the city, get married to Amarachi and start my own family, well about staying in Lagos that will be if we decide to live in Nigeria, I have already given up my crown as the Prince, I will rather be just a nobody than be with someone that I won’t find the happiness I want which I have found in Amarachi, I haven’t heard from my parents ever since I came to lagos, I knew they have been trying to look for me in their own way because I think they know better than to force me to return, since I have found my love back I prefer to keep them away from my life, yes that was how much I was angry with them and don’t think I would forgive them that easily.

Amarachi has been coping well with the new changes between us, she seem fine to me and I knew she loves me just the way I do, okey maybe I love her more than the way she does but the most important thing was that we were working on ourselves trying to understand more about us and we were doing great with it, Amarachi was one in a million, she is a good cook, neat and tidy, hardworking and intelligent, I planned on enrolling her into any university of her choice.

Everything was going well until one afternoon when Victor came back from work looking all worried, I was in the sitting room watching a movie The flash season 4 episode 5 that film I love so much, Amarachi was in the kitchen preparing lunch, I was alerted immediately he walked into the sitting.


AFAMEFUNA: hey men, what’s up with you, you are home early.

VICTOR: Afamefuna there is a problem.



I have never in my life felt more peaceful, ever since I met Afamefuna it has been joy and happiness for me, he has done nothing but shower me with love and affection and I wouldn’t ask for more, things has been going well as we have been making plans for our future which Afamefuna thought his parents won’t be in it, though I am not happy with it but what can I do, they rather have my head then let me be with Afamefuna but since both of us has come this long way even I losing my mother at the process I was ready to do anything that I will to stay by his side, call me stupid but it was the truth that is how much I love him, Afamefuna is sweet, gentle and lovely and I am ready to fight for what we share as long as he is beside me.

I was in the kitchen preparing lunch murmuring on a gospel song when I started hearing voices from the sitting room, first I thought it was the movie Afamefuna was watching but the voices was just too familiar, listening closer I recognize the voices and its belongs to Victor and Afamefuna, I wasn’t hearing what they were saying so I decided to go to the sitting room but the moment I entered the sitting room just like they were expecting me both stopped talking, this surprised me a lot as I look from Afamefuna to Victor, both were keeping a straight face not even a smile and I knew the conversation they were having wasn’t a good one.

AMARACHI: is anything the matter.

VICTOR: you need to think about it and she needs to know too.

With this he walked away heading to his room, I stared at Afamefuna still confused.



I know Afamefuna has always been this stubborn, how can he be like this after hearing what I told him, after my father gave me that call that morning I couldn’t be myself, so I did the only thing that was best to do by comforting Afamefuna only to be disappointed by his response and asking me to keep it away from Amarachi and pretend I heard nothing was something I couldn’t do, Amarachi has came out to see us arguing, don’t know if she heard our conversation but doubt that because with the way confusion was written all over her face shows other wise but I knew the little message I dropped before I leave will make her to understand or want to understand but it was not in my shoe to say anything so Afamefuna needs to do his job, I opened the door to my room and fell on the bed, needed to rest my troubled heart, didn’t want to visit the hospital soon.




it was now in the night, victor later went out that evening so he didn’t join us for dinner, Afamefuna has been acting weird since the discussion with Victor, I haven’t asked him yet hoping he will tell me but he hasn’t said anything yet, we finished having our dinner and retired to our room, I and Afamefuna don’t share same room but sometimes sleep in each other room, I either come in his room or he will come to mine when ever we want to be in each other arms at night, we have no sexual relationship as we have agreed we will wait still we marry that I don’t even know when it will be, the thought of marriage sometime get me scared as I have heard about a lot of marriage that ended roughly but I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Afamefuna so I had to put my fears aside.

I rested my head at Afamefuna chest as we rest on the bed as he caresses my hair, I always love it when he does that, we have been talking about different things that has been sending us laughing, the event of that day between Victor and him came to my mind so I decided to ask him since he was in a good mood.


AMARACHI: I wanted to ask you something.

AFAMEFUNA: what my queen.

AMARACHI: its about today afternoon between you and Victor, what was that all about.

He went silent, I waited for an answer but got nothing, I raised my head from his cheat and turned to look at him.

AMARACHI: I thought you could want to share with me but you have been silent about it, is there a problem.

AFAMEFUNA: no my queen

He said forcing out a smile which I immediately knew he was trying to hide something.

AFAMEFUNA: it just some guys talk.

AMARACHI: why don’t I believed you.

AFAMEFUNA: my queen, you have to okey, it’s nothing important so now why don’t we sleep.

I hate forcing people to share something they don’t want to, I knew something wasn’t right but I just had to let it go for now, I agreed and rested my head again on his chest this time he has rested comfortably on the bed.



I hate lying to Amarachi but yet I just couldn’t tell her what was going on, when victor came to share the news to me I was not happy with the turn of events but this was Amarachi we were talking about, how on earth was I going to share it with her without hurting her.
I opened my eyes the next morning and Amarachi was not in my arms, she must be in the kitchen, I got up immediately and went to Victor’s room to check up on him, I needed to make him understand because he was angry with me and I don’t blame him for that if only he understands, I got to his door and knocked gently, he answered from inside ushering me in, I opened the door and went in.

To be continued..

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