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🌹🌿 Episode 26 πŸŒΏπŸŒΉπŸ‰Β 


Victor was already dressed for work, he was arranging some files in his brief case was I walked in.


AFAMEFUNA: Good morning

VICTOR: Good morning to you.

He locked the case and faced me, I knew he was trying to pretend everything was okay but I have grown to understand him, when he is trying to put on a smiling face in times like this then nothing is right.

AFAMEFUNA: let’s talk about yesterday

VICTOR: what about yesterday

AFAMEFUNA: you know what I am talking about.

VICTOR: I thought you made it clear that you don’t care.

AFAMEFUNA: I do men but how do you expect me to just forget everything they did.

VICTOR: do you realize that it is not left for you to decide.

AFAMEFUNA: I know but they hurt her and that also means hurting me too.

VICTOR: for crying out loud Afam, the people that are suffering now are not the ones that hurt Amarachi or killed her mother, it’s like you didn’t hear me clearly yesterday, I said my father called me to inform me that the ghost of Amarachi mother is terrorizing the village and the church priest said it is only Amarachi that can help, that if they can find you they can find her, now they are looking for you and you and I know you both of you are with me, do you have any idea what that means for me hiding such a big secret that can save a full village and you just want me to pretend nothing is happening.

AFAMEFUNA: I didn’t say that, I just need time to process everything.

VICTOR: there is no time, there is none, don’t you get it.

I went silent, I knew Victor was right but still I just don’t want to accept it.

AFAMEFUNA: look for now I don’t want Amarachi to know what Is happening.

VICTOR: now I ask why, give me one reason why you won’t want her to know.

AFAMEFUNA: how on earth do you want me to explain that her once sweet and caring mother is now a crazy evil ghost hurting everyone around her.


VICTOR: you need to understand that she is a ghost seeking for vengeance and she will do as it pleases her.

AFAMEFUNA: oh you know that and you want me to allow Amarachi to be at the front line.

VICTOR: she alone can stop her ghost.

AFAMEFUNA: and how sure are you about that.

VICTOR: look I don’t know what you are trying to protect but seriously it not Amarachi.

He took his case in anger and walked pass me only to the door.

VICTOR: don’t allow yourself to get in the way of her decision.

He was right I was letting my hurt get in the way, I was angry with my parents for the things they did to Amarachi and I but mostly Amarachi, I don’t know but I just can’t seem to forgive them well maybe because they are my parents so it should hurt more, Victor opened the door only to see Amarachi on at the door, we both froze in seeing her, she wasn’t looking happy and I could tell she might have overheard us because our voices were a little loud.

AMARACHI: I came to tell you breakfast is ready.

With this she walked away more like ran away, with the tone of her voice I knew she was trying to hold back the tear, Victor looked at me then I knew I was in for it.



I wouldn’t believed what I heard, how was that even possible, how can my mother’s ghost be disturbing the whole village, I have gone to Victor’s room to inform him that his breakfast was ready because I knew by that time he will be getting ready for work only to hear the voices of Afamefuna and him, their voices were loud enough for me to hear all what they were talking about even with the door closed, I was dumbfounded and confused didn’t know what to do that minute, Afamefuna was hiding it from me but why, I was still there lost in thought when the door was opened, they were both surprised to see me, I rushed to my room won’t want to break down in front of them, I still can’t believe the village that want me dead are not looking for me to save them after what they caused, they killed my mother now she is taking revenge on them, i entered my room and Afamefuna did too, I didn’t know he was following me, as he stood there quietly I didn’t bother to look at him as I turned my back on him, I didn’t know if I should be angry with him for lying to me and keeping such information from me, he might have a reason but still he should have told me when I asked.


AFAMEFUNA: my queen.

AMARACHI: why didn’t you tell me.

I was crying by now, I couldn’t hold the tear from falling.

AFAMEFUNA: I was trying to prevent this, I didn’t want you to get hurt.

AMARACHI: even at that I deserved to know.

AFAMEFUNA: my queen, am sorry, I thought I was doing the right thing, though I would have told you but didn’t think it was the right time to say it.

I could feel him close to me now, I should be angry with him but I just couldn’t, I knew he was trying to to protect my feelings, I felt his arms wrapped around me.

AFAMEFUNA: am sorry, am so sorry.

AMARACHI: I want to know everything.


He took me to my bed and we both sat down as he began to tell me everything that he was told by Victor.
Victor later came back that evening from work to explain to me better, I won’t say I was happy with the turn of events because many innocent people were still among the villagers, Victor say he was told that sickness has claim some children but none has died yet, their crops were dying because there were no rain even in the raining season, that those that have businesses, their businesses are not going well either, and those that has relatives outside the village, immediately the relatives try to help things turn bad for the relatives and at night the cry of my mother is heard all through the village that made people sleepless, there is no peace in the village anymore, they invited the church priest to pray for the village because the chief priest said the gods was silent but the church priest said God revealed many things to him and told him to tell them that there was nothing that can be done until the evil doers confess and ask for forgiveness from the daughter which is me before everything will go back to normal telling them that I was still alive and will find me were the Prince is but the elders and the king didn’t believe him until they went to another village to consult a powerful chief priest but still that one saw nothing, so this made them to go back to the church priest for help since he is the only one that said something concerning the problem of the villages, it was at that time Nnamdi confess that I was really alive and was in lagos and also gave them the address that Victor father recognize as his son place, that was how he was called, he told them that Afamefuna was no longer with him but he will try and get to him and they have been disturbing him with calls but he was still giving them excuses.


I didn’t know what to say or do, Afamefuna was not in support of me going back to the village, he wasn’t convince that all that was said were true but to me I believed Victor but now to make a decision was now my problem, I thought to forgive someone that hurts you was easy but this was harder than I have heard, this are the people that hurt and rejected me from the day I was born, they took everything from me and almost ended my life, they were the reason I passed through pain and heartbreak, now those people are now seeking for my help, the problem they caused for themselves, if they haven’t treated me wrongly, if they haven’t killed my mother and almost killed me maybe my mother will be in peace now but no, my mother heard the cry of the daughter and want revenge for want was done to me and her and they want to be free from it no, the saying that goes what a man sow that he will reap, let them reap what they have sowed.

To be continued………

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