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It has been three months now and finally my father was put to rest, it was a three months burial rites that was tradition, these three months has not been easy for we the royal family, both friends, royal families from other kingdom came showing their condolences, the royal family both far and near came to give their uncle, brother and cousin their last respect.

Sitting on his bed just lost in my own thought, I will be crowned next king of this kingdom in a week time, the chiefs said the minute my father fell ill he abolished the law that beam a prince to get married and produce an hair before a king will leave the world, so I didn’t need to produce an hair to prove anything and so as my generations to come and my father made this possible, he was a wonderful father and a king that all the kingdom mourned him, I missed him from the fighting to the laughing and the fun part, my mother hasn’t been taking her husband death easily, she barely eats, that I fear I might lose her too, Amarachi do spent most of her time with her just to keep her company as I was too busy with my father burial rites, Amarachi and I will be marry same day as my coronation, if only my father was here to see this.



Seven months later.

Things has been the way there were suppose to been, I am now the queen of Amucha kingdom, a village that once rejected me, they now treat me with love and respect acknowledging the name given to me by the late king, the kings death was a big blow to everyone, Afamefuna wasn’t himself for sometime but he later put himself together knowing he was the man of the house and his mother needed his strength, after the king died I remembered the words of my mother she couldn’t tell me that Afamefuna will lose his father but I later understood after Afamefuna told me what he was told by his father, the gods really don’t show mercy and I wondered what type of gods are they that has no forgiveness, I alo told Afamefuna the things my mother told me concerning the punishment that awaits those that break their law, the elders went into action doing sacrifice to appeals the gods which I wondered why when God is the only one that they need, then I understood it was beyond my mother, he has given the devil the chance to destroy his life which I won’t allow Afamefuna to do also, because I will be at his side always just as my mother told me to.


I stood at the palace balcony welcoming the cool wind as it went passed me, the Village has now come back to the way it uses to be, filled with peace and prosperity, everyone that was once sick were back on their feets again.

As for Ada and her family, Mazi Amadi later confess everything even the part where he bribed the three boys to stand as a false witness against me, Afamefuna made sure the boys were arrested and was sentences to 10years imprisonment for false accusation, Mazi Amadi was sentences to 50years imprisonment for different crimes with hard Labour, I knew Afamefuna had a hand in it but what can I do, I only managed to beg for the release of Ada and her mother and siblings, I heard they are now treated like an outcast with people not wanting to be close to them anymore, I just pray they finds peace.


Victor’s wedding is coming up two months from now, his fiancee finished her program and came back to Nigeria, so without wasting time they decided to tie the knot, am happy for them.

Big mama and uncle Joe later got separated, he didn’t deserve her anyway, she came to the village to ask for my forgiveness but the only problem was I held nothing against her, she was a helper to me and that I am grateful for.

My mother was given a befitting burial, Afamefuna came up with the idea, to him my mother deserve everything.

Nnamdi was relieved of his duties, he needed to find a good life other than a man servant, he deserves more than that for saving my life.

Chiamaka well she is still my bestfriend up still date.

The queen mother is back on her feet, she knew her son needed her help to rule the kingdom and her grand child too needed a grandmother, I forgot to mention, I am five months pregnant, I will soon become a mother to a beautiful prince or princess.


Well if am not by my husband side or attending meetings I use my free time helping the kingdom, I have put all of my energy in the things of God helping the church any way I can.

I felt a warm arm around my waist, I smiled already knew who it belongs to, he kissed my neck.

AFAMEFUNA: what is my queen doing here all alone.

AMARACHI: we just decided to take some fresh air.

AFAMEFUNA: is my queen and my baby now ready to have their lunch.

AMARACHI: you are over feeding me you know, I just ate like 45 minutes ago, I will become fat you know.

AFAMEFUNA: and I will love you even better, no matter what happens love, you are always by my side.

AMARACHI: after everything that has happened, can’t believe we are here.

AFAMEFUNA: and we will always been here to love our children.

AMARACHI: if only the king was here.

AFAMEFUNA: and if only your mother was here.

AMARACHI: thank you for not neglecting me when others did, what would I have done.

AFAMEFUNA: I should be the one saying thank you, for being with me, helping me not to make mistakes, I can be stubborn or self determined sometimes but you alone knows how to break my walls, everything you have given to me and soon you will give me a wonderful prince or princess that I will love with all my heart, I love you Amarachi my queen, my life my world and you should always know that I am nothing without you.

****THE END.****

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