[STORY] THE FORBIDDEN LOVE (Season 02, Episode 09)


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πŸ‘‘πŸŒΉπŸ‘ΈΒ  Season 02 Episode 09 πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘‘πŸŒΉ




“Kuu-kuru-ku-kuuuuuu” the village cocks heralded the new day.
I heard the sound of brooms,
fea! fea!! fea!!!.fiii,fii,fea!!
A brilliant dawn greeted me when I went out. Abiba was preparing something. I greeted her and asked of her husband. She said he’s gone hunting in the forest.
A few hours later, he returned with two fat grasscutters. I knew they were going to prepare a palaver soap.
How is your friend”?? He said moving towards his lazy chair.
She is fine”
“Good.The herbs will help her recover soon.”
“I hope so,” said I.
I stood up and went back into my room. Abena was fully awake.
Her wound was indeed healing speedily.
“Now tell me why you delayed in coming back from your hometown and how you managed to rescue me from the jaws of the lion,”Abena requested from me.
Her question gave me a mixed feeling, that of sadness and joy. I was sad because mum had died but happy because I rescued Abena from the ferocious jaws of the lion. She realised my mixed mood and asked , “dear, have I asked the wrong question?”
“No” I responded.
“Then why are you moody?”she asked.
“Hmmm. Hmmm, huh. Let me tell you what happened after you abandoned me in my hometown. My mother and I had a verbal exchange. When arguing with my mum, she slipped and fell into the well.
“OHHHH!!!” Abena said , holding her head and sobbing. I continued with my narrative.
” She was removed from the well and rushed to the hospital but she was long gone. I was arrested and put in a cell , then to the court. The court narrowly vindicated my innocence and I was allowed to walk away a free man.
“You are lucky you have not gone to prison. Prison experience is like hell, “Abena said interjecting my narration again.
I continued, “when I returned home , my townfolks mobbed up to lynch me. They believed I bribed the police to free me. I managed to escape.”
“When I went to Cape Coast, I headed straight to your home. Your mother was cold towards me. I asked of your whereabout but no one was willing to talk to me. I left and went to my rented apartment. That evening, I heard a knock on my door. Upon opening it , I saw your younger sister, Yaba.
“What do you want here, go home,”I said.
“Ohhh,Brother Fafa, I thought you said you want to know where my sister is.” She said.
Her statement immediately made me attentive. She told me she saw you on the road but you diverted into a bush. She said she pretended she had not seen you and passed by. After she passed by , she said she saw you resumed your journey. She claimed she follow you quietly to the station until you entered a bus heading towards kyekyewere.
As soon as she said that, I re-entered my room, took the necessary items, locked my door and left. I rushed to the lorry station and boarded a car.
The bus alighted us midway through the journey and I had to trek a vast forest. The journey was tiresome but eventually I found myself in a village after a long walk.
After being introduced to the chief, I was accommodated in the stranger’s room. I overheard some villagers gossiping. They said a strange girl had escaped from the village and now another stranger had come. One of the girls said the strange girl escaped because the Prince wanted to rape her.
“Shhhhh, Shhhhh,Shhhhh,”the other girl cautioned her friend to keep quiet, “even walls have ears.”
The next day, I asked the hunters in the village to sell me a hunting gun. I told them I would love to follow them hunting. They were quite skeptical but sold me the gun. I returned home that day to relax. Then I saw a picture between the bamboo bed and the wall. It was your picture. Quickly, I left the village that evening into the jungle. I travelled through the night for two days. I was about to give up on the third day when I heard a scream of a female at the extreme South East followed by a roar of a lion. I immediately took my hunting gun and advanced towards the direction of the frightful shriek and screams. Then I saw the lion enjoying your thigh. I was infuriated and shot him. You know the rest of the story.”
Wow, what an adventurous story. I’m grateful you arrived in the Nick of time to save me” she said.
“It’s by God’s grace you are saved.” I told her.
She said, “I promised never to …..”
Mr. Agymah’s came into our room.
He enquired if Abena had a sound sleep. She nodded.
He said, “This morning, I will like to brief you on certain norms and regulations guiding our village and some taboos or abominations in
AWISAM and the punishment attached to these offences.
One,during festive weeks, no one leave the outskirts of this village and also no visitor is permitted.
Again that river you were coming from is called Pra Nsim. It is our main source of livelihood therefore no one goes near the river or attempt to swim in it on Tuesdays. We believe the river was born on Tuesday so we show it that respect every Tuesday by not swimming in it.”
I was surprised at all that he was saying. It sounded primitive to me.
“What happened to those who goes there on Tuesday or swim in it?
I asked.
If you go there on Tuesday, you will be banned. If you swim in the river , you will get DROWNED.
Three, incest is prohibited. Those who engaged in it are sacrificed to the gods at the shrine by the chief priest. Usually their head is cut off and the their blood is used to cleanse the land which had been desecrated.
My mouth was agape by the punishment attached to incest.
“How will we get out of here to the city? I asked Mr. Agymah.
“We have one car which comes here from the city every market day to buy goods, but they won’t be coming this week because the village is preparing to celebrate her
annual Festival Awisanum, Mr. Agymah said and left.
I wasn’t happy to hear that because I wanted to leave the village as soon as possible. My work in the city was at stake. Besides, I don’t want to violate the taboos of the village.I glanced at Abena. She said she wanted to stay in the village for as long as she lived.


To Be Continued…. . . .

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STORY] THE FORBIDDEN LOVE (Season 02, Episode 09)


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