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πŸŒΉπŸ‘™πŸ‘‘ Season 02 Episode 11 πŸ‘‘πŸ‘™πŸŒΉ



[ Fafa’s Point Of View]

I rushed to Mr.Agymah’s hut and shook his feeble door violently. He woke up quite irritated his sleep was disturbed. “Mr.Agymah,
Mr.Agymah, Abena is dying, Abena!! is dying!!!”
I could feel my heart jumped into my mouth. I was palpitating. Beads of sweat accumulated on my forehead that cold night.
Mr.Agymah woke up quickly and came out. “What happened?”
We had a misunderstanding and she cut her wrist.!!!
“WHAT?!!!” Mr. Mr.Agymah rushed quickly into the bush and within three minutes came back with Calendula.
He mixed it with some black substances and rushed into our room . Abena was lying in a pool of blood. He washed her wound and applied the concoction inside it.
I looked at his face. He looked angry with us but chose not to utter a word. Abena was indeed becoming very problematic to him. Her love for me had become an obsession to the point that she value my love for her more than her own life.

●~The next day~●

The next day, Mr.Agymah didn’t warm up to us as he used to do. I knew in my heart our days were numbered in the village. He gave me the concoction pot and instruc
ted me to be applying it on her wound.
Abena eventually woke up feeling feverish. She had refused to bath and eat.
For one week, she had refused to eat. She grew very emanciated. She grew very very weak. I knew she would soon die. To aggravate the situation, she had refused to talk to me.
The fact that Mr.Agymah had turned cold shoulders to us was becoming quite unequivocally✳ clear. After one week, Abena could barely lift herself. I was afraid she would die. I couldn’t allow her to die. Her blood will be on my head.
It was either I compromise and made love to her so that she will live or I adhere to my dogma✳ and allow her to die. With Mr.Agymah turning cold towards us and a dying girl at my side, I caved in and gave in to her request. After all I had promised to love her till death to us part, though that seemed like a hasty and silly promise to me now.
“Okay, Abena, I will do it.” I said.
Abena suddenly lit up. Her blood returning to her pale face.

~ Two weeks later ~

Abena healed within two weeks after Fafa promised to drop his intransigence✳ and kowtow✳ to her demand. That evening they resumed kissing and touching of erogenous areas of their bodies.
Abena felt she was en route to heaven. “You can come “in” now,” she told him.
They left the world of pain to the world of pleasure and ecstasy.
The room suddenly transformed into the garden of Eden, litting with a blue candlelight and the ground was adorned with soft rosy flowers.
Time seemed to stop to witness the solemn display of loveship.
Fafa found himself catching fire in the watery warmth of Abena’s flesh. They made love as the moon gazed at them in consternation✳, its light pouring on them like golden rain.
He finally access “her.” The lovematics was a mixture of joy and melancholy✳. Their body chemistry was unnaturally out of tune with each other because they had an awkward✳feeling they shouldn’t be doing what they were doing.
Fafa was silent. Abena sang a weird song during the sexual intercourse.
He’s entering my dome.
What will he find
It’s a world of adventure
Will I scorn ,will I smile
My hymen has been broken long ago
Dry like the desert
Or wet like a rain
What will he do to my membrane
I don’t want this moment to be over…
I want to cry
It’s just a bit overwheming
Should I stop
Or..no..carry on…Carry on
Whao, whao,Whao, whao .

After several bouts of lovemaking , exhaustion crept in and they fell asleep on the raffia bed.
Exhaustion became the final arbiter that broke the ecstatic bond and sent them back to the physical world. Finally they had crossed the red line. Their first sex. Honestly, Fafa’s first sexual experience was a terrible one because he did it to save Abena from killing herself.

To Be Continued….. . 

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