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👙🌹♥️ Season 02, Episode 12 🌹👙♥️



[As Narrated by Fafa]

After my sexual experience with Abena, I knew our relationship would never be the same. Our relationship lacked the spark necessary to sustain it not because there was no love but because of the excesses or extremities✳ of some of Abena’s actions which were inconceivable ✳, perhaps mind boggling.
While Abena’s love for me was increasing day by day,mine seemed to be diminishing as the days went by. Perhaps what I saw in Abena initially was an obsession✳ not love but by virtue of my naïty, I cleverly misunderstood the two emotions. There is just a thin line between love and folly and if
Abena’s had not cross that line yet, well, I don’t know how else to describe it. Perhaps, you can give me another word for that Irrational sentiment ✳ phenomenon.
In order to do an introspection✳
I decided to move towards the edges of the village.
There was a natural garden at the outskirt of the village. I went into the garden in order to clear my mind and forget about the plethora✳ of troubles between me and Abena. It was around 5.30 p.m.
I couldn’t help but admired the natural ambiance✳ of the garden and the aesthetical✳ nature of the garden. The flowers Spathodea
campanulata, Bignonia ceae,
Adenium obesum, Aloe arborescens made the garden one magnificent paradise of a sort. I saw a lover’s bench in the garden and sat on it. The bench was placed under some trees in the garden. Tears trickled down my cheeks involuntarily.
As I sobbed, I became aware of the presence of somebody behind it. It was instinct. I turned round and there she was; The oldest daughter of Mr.Agymah; AYABA!!
She was sparkling with smiles.
Ayaba was a very lovely lady. Her smile was so infectious that she’d light up the environment with her glee. I don’t know the extent to which I could describe her unique beauty because no word artist could use words to perfectly paint a picture of her. She had such an unblemished✳ and alluring beauty making me believe that some things could be perfectly made like her.
A lot of things made her beautiful but her strongest point of attraction was her bootylicious body, her curves gave her a unique feminine touch. I couldn’t ruled out her eyes either. They were unimaginably attractive. I felt magnetized by her charming eyes.
Her eyes sparkled in the glimmering sun.
She had a slender waist, whistling down from her bust, as smoothly as the water cascading from a waterfall.The bends of her hips was so voluptuous that you feel as if it has been carefully carved out by the creator. Her bosom was remarkably full. Her glistening Brown skin ,infused with a hint of cream ,correlated with her perfect figure.
There is no denying the fact that her physique was more than enough to give heart ache to any of the pasers by,as it surely cause my heart to skip uncontrollably.
Her charmy features made it difficult for me to look away.Tough for a mortal to not feel something ,
something greater than an instant infatuation. Ayaba was flawlessly made. She was a indeed an icon of beautiful.
I knew she loved and admired me but I also like her. Looking through her eyes,I knew she was up some thing.
“Hi handsome, what are you doing here alone, looking forlorn✳?” Ayaba asked.
” Hmm. Nothing really.Just reflecting on life…..”
“And brooding✳ on your sorrows,” she remarked.
I know you are not happy. You have a serious misunderstanding with your girlfriend. Isn’t it?”
She sat beside me on the lover’s bench and patted me on the back “I’m here for you,” Ayaba said.
“Tell me, what’s wrong?”
I kept quiet.
She pulled me closer to her and hugged me.
I felt her hands at my back cares
sing the hair on my head .I didn’t utter a word. She saw it as a sign of cooperation. She was emboldened and sat on my lap. The softness of her buttocks send sensual signals down my sensitive cord.
“Allow me to wipe away your sorrows” she continued. I believe she understood how I felt. Then She began singing for me.
Be Your Driver

Song by Ebony Reigns

Request to ride with me yeh
Be your driver whenever ure calling me
Oh na na na na
Trynna enjoy the breeze
Hold the moment even when I’m up from sleep oh yeah
U a boy from farid for instance
Mana yard dis a mi never give chance
Gwan away far away from mi senses oh lord oh lord oh lord oh 2*
Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme all your love
And i’ll give u, give u, give u, give u, give u all my riders 2*

Me have a question for you
Whenever a star gets comfortable
Ey I think sey girl I bad over u
As u cnt get through coz u want to
I laugh u a laugh cos u fornit

The song made me feel complete and all the tears I held started dropping from my eyes.
The song melted my heart away.
I was drowning in the melody of her sweet voice.

Did she sing for me to tell me how she felt about me or just to make me happy??
We stayed there for almost two hours.
I was fully aware of what Loving Ayaba could cost us. It was getting dark and I told her we need to go back home because darkness was approaching.
The truth was I didn’t want to go even though the place would be dangerous in the dark but I knew if Abena chance on us there, Ayaba’s life would be in danger.
She took my hands.We both stood and faced each other. I stare at how she smiled, her lips was adorable and inviting a kiss.
She moved closer to me. I could feel her breath on my face.
“kiss me Fafa” she said.
I didn’t comply.
She moved her lips more closer to mine and closed her eyes waiting to feel my lips on hers but I rather kissed her on her cheeks.
She opened her eyes, stunned, saying, “Fafa, tell me the truth.Don’t you love me?”
“Ayaba, there is a greater issue than love. My love for you in this matter is infinitesimal. The principal issue is something I could not relay to you.”
“Tell me, please. Trust me on this, what is the issue?”
We resume our seat on the lovers’ bench and I began telling Ayaba the genesis of my relationship with Abena to the point we arrived in their village. I ommitted the part Abena killed her father and where my mum fell into the well. I only told her our parents died as a result of this love which they forbid.
I, however told her the truth about our blood covenant and why I could not be in love with any other woman or date anyone.
She was very sympathetic and even cried when I told her of the blood covenant.
“Ayaba, you see why I cannot reciprocate your love as you desired?”
” Hmmm. I see but I can’t promise leaving you,” She said.
I told her, ” I don’t want to see you get hurt. Loving me will send you to your grave prematurely. Abena is obsessed with me. In fact she’s a DANGEROUS LOVER WHO IS CAPABLE OF HURTING YOU when she become suspicious of our secret love so Ayaba, let’s not open the Pandora box.ℹ
Ayaba was speechless.
“Okay, it’s getting late. Let’s go” I said.
I allowed Ayaba to go first before I followed her in fifteen minutes time.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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