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💋🌹👑  Season 02 Episode 13 👑🌹💋

Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️


●~One week later ~●.

It was Saturday afternoon around 1.00 pm. No one was in the house. Abena had gone to see Rita Kuma,her new found friend. She hardly stay at home those days. Mr.Agymah had gone hunting and His wife had visited her aunt in the village nearby. Kakra, Ayaba’s younger sister had gone out. The house was virtually empty.
I was reading a story book titled
“Web Of Love” when i heard a knock on my door. I opened the door and it was Ayaba. She came to my room with bells onℹ.
“What are you doing here?” I asked her.
“Which gift ?”
The gift every man would want to take from a woman,” she replied succinctly.
I was still confused because she didn’t carry anything with her.
Then realisation dawned on me. She wanted to give me “the gift of VIRGINITY”
She looked into my eyes naïvely and said, ” I want to give my virginity to you as a gift. You are the only man whom I am truly attracted to and I can’t think of any other way to keep your memory with me other then giving you my most precious gift as a woman. Please don’t say “NO” because if you reject me I will…”
“Sssshhhh, you don’t need to tell me what you will do. I have seen it in your eyes already. You are also ready to die for me , just like my girlfriend Abena.”
Ayaba smiled and say , “let’s get started before we get caught.”
Before my very eyes, Ayaba removed her clothes to expose her pendulous breast with dangling nipples surrounded by a dark areola. I was totally hypnotized. It looked more like a dream than reality. Could this be an apparition?
A village lady with exceptional curves and sterling feminine features. God might have designed this daughter of Eve with a special clay.
“C’mon Fafa, don’t just stand there and looking at me as if you’ve never seen a naked woman before.
I put my left hand on her right shoulder and began to play with her boobs. She grabbed my “phallus” saying “I have never held one before.”You are the first man to ever see me in the nude before. I love you.I want to give you my body, please take it easy on me. As I told you earlier, I am still a virgin.”
I was put in a dilemma, I wanted her but not really in the way she was going about it. I couldn’t think of what to say to her than. “ Ayaba,
I love you .” It escaped me quickly before I realized it. I was letting my heart speak not my head. I damned the consequences of tomorrow and embraced the passion of the moment.
She began kissing my chest, sending electrical signals throughout my body. She kept on kissing my sensitive areas .That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. I took charge and laid her on her back tickling her tantalizing tits.
She moaned loudly.
“Shhh, keep your voice down” I told her. My efforts to access her “gate of paradise” proved futile. I applied a little pressure on the hairy spot and the tip of my finger got inside , She closed her eyes and said. “Be careful, it hurts.”
” Sorry,” I said,” I don’t want to hurt you.”
She said. “ my love for you is limitless. I don’t mind if you hurt me.”
I mounted her and directed my phallus towards her gate of pleasure again and applied a little more pressure there with the sole intention of sinking through the valley of sweetness but I was gentle because I didn’t want her to feel much pain.
She asked me, ” Fafa, what are you waiting for?” just do it….Just do it.”
Still I was hesitant. I couldn’t plunge it in real deep because I felt it was going to hurt her. The entrance to her chamber of ecstasy was too tight. In fact Block tight.
I applied more pressure on the fleshy depression again and again the barrier of flesh refused to allow me access the chamber of ecstasy.
I relentlessly exert pressure on the intersection of the “V.” line.
No success? …again!…again….!!again !!!!, she commanded me.
I said,” Ayaba, please let’s stop this …….”
“Keep quiet and show me the man in you, Ayaba said rather authoritatively.”
Her words seemed to reinvigorated my efforts. My phallus became highly tenacious and its tenacity was rewarded. There was a snap in Ayaba’s Anatomy. The tender hymen was torn allowing the sacred hall to be opened for first entry.
She screamed, “ajeiiiiiii, awww, ohhh” and held me tight. The abruptness send a sharp pain across her body.
The result was a stream of blood spilling on the raffia mat. She grabbed me so tightly as if leaving me will lead to her demise.
She said. “ Fafa , continue. Don’t stop.” I continued diving hard and deep into her. She closed her eyes pretty tight trying to bear the bitter-sweet experience.
The swiving made our bodies contract and relax simultaneously in spasm. We moaned loudly with joy as I dived deeper into the fleshy folds of her inner core. At that point, my sense heightened, as if a gigantic magnetic field was put between us. I moved up and down within the parameters of her inner chamber of pleasure amidst her high pleasurable moans “Awwww,
babe,I love it!,Awww,my God,Oh, it’s so sweet… and hot, Awww, babe,
I’m cummin** ,babe!!!,babe,babe
Give it to me!!!!” It felt so good.
It felt like everlasting happiness. After much work, I eventually retreated from her vortex of pleasure. The temporary pause seemed to reinvigorate me and it began all over again. We had series of afternoon sex.
The room which had been transfor
med during our copulation suddenly re-transformed from a paranormal status to its normal appearance, the rosies, candles and blue lights suddenly obliterated from view.
Finally, we both laid panting on the raffia mat, heavily in exhaustion. Goodness is not everlasting. I took her hand and wrapped mine around hers.
Ayaba told me she was happy for one thing. I was the first man to ever visit her sacred private chamber of sweetness, a territory many men had tried frantically to explore for the past 18 years. She said I was the lucky one and she had no regret giving me that privilege to deflower her.
We laid on the raffia mat and started talking. I asked her,“What came over you?” She responded, “it’s love. I love you to the very core of my heart. That’s why I have given you my feminine pride. It is an experience I can live with till I die.
Ever since I saw you , I told myself, “It has to be you. It will have been with a guy that doesn’t deserve it.”
I have no regrets Fafa”
I complimented her, “You are a sweet girl Ayaba”
“Thank you Fafa,” she said gleefully
full of the joys of spring.ℹ
You’re welcome, my babe, I said.
I must admit having sex with Ayaba was the greatest sexual experience I had had. While having sex with Abena I felt like I was having sex with my own sister. I have been having that feeling for quite sometime now. On the contrary
Sex with Ayaba was really exhilarating. She had indeed blown
away the cobwebs.ℹ
In addition to being very good in bed , Ayaba is a barrel of laughs.ℹ
I wished I’m footloose and fancy-freeℹ so that this fresh relationship with Ayaba will go on without any barrier. I knew the “barrier ” in my life.
Ayaba was full of the joys of springℹ because to her , she had gotten a new lover, oblivious of the danger or perhaps chose to ignore the dangers associated with the guilty pleasureℹ we have engaged ourselves in.
Finally, I have crossed another red line of sex.
I gazed at the mat. It was stained with patches of blood. Ayaba removed the blood-stained cloth on the raffia mat to go and wash. I’m sure that washing will also do away with my dogma.✳
She was about to unlock the door and go out when the door was suddenly smashed down by a brutal force like a wounded lion poised for an aggressive encounter.
Talk of the devil, she materialised through the smashed doorway holding a very dangerous looking danger in her hand. At that point I knew Ayaba and I were dead in advance. The knife-monster was seriously bitten by the jealousy bug and she was seething with anger and venom✳.She knew what we have done ..and then hell broke loose.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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