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πŸ‘‘πŸŒΉπŸ’‹Β  Season 02 Episode 14 πŸ’‹πŸŒΉπŸ‘‘



{As narrated by Abena}

Ever since I suspected Fafa and Ayaba’s secret love affair , I had became pistanthrophobic✳
but I thought it was just a figment of my own imagination until I caught them red-handed after having sex in our room.
I saw blood stains on the raffia
mat. Ayaba had given her virginity to my man, a gift which was stolen from me by my first boyfriend due to my father’s stereotype.
“How dare you, Ayaba?” I looked at her with vicious eyes and was about to pounce on her when Fafa blocked my way and attempted to take away my dagger. His reaction time wasn’t fast enough. I used the dagger to pierce through his palm. He let out a bloodcurdling scream✳ of pain. Ayaba said ” I don’t regret what just hap____”
I couldn’t wait for her to finish the statement before I connected my balled fist to her cheek. She swang uncontrollably and was about to fall down but the mud wall broke her fall. She twitched her face in pain. I rushed on her as she leaned against the wall but she reacted by kicking me in the abdomen. Waves of pain ran concurrently through my body. Before I could react she gave me a hot slap. I wheeled under the impact of the slap and crashed onto the ground.
Fafa was still screaming in pain clinging to his hand but behind his cry he looked amused his new lover was hitting me.
I never knew Ayaba could be that strong.The battle line was drawn for a deadly fight.
My adrenaline✳ level had risen beyond normalcy. I leapt in the air like a possessed demon and landed on her. We both rolled on the ground fighting and hitting each other even pulling each others hair.
I pelted her with series of blows. She fought back aggressively but my heart was packed with deadly fury. We fought and rolled on the ground like two mad women. Once again Fafa attempted to separate us but I hit him hard in the abdomen with my knee cap. He fell to the ground clutching his abdomen in pain.
At one point, I threw Ayaba to the ground and hit her with blows mercilessly.
At another point, Ayaba overturned the situation by smacking me to the ground and raining blows on me too. It was a closely fought fight . Muscles crunched as the tussle became difficult to break. Then Ayaba attempted an uppercut .I dodged but a fraction of her blow brushed past my jaw. It was a vicious blow. In retaliation, I connected my balled fist onto her rib cage. She let out a blood curdling noise and screamed in agony.
She also used her elbow to jab me aggressively in the stomach. I bent down holding my abdomen with my back turned towards her. She jumped on my back. Quickly, I swang and lowered my right shoulder, flipping her off my back, sending her smashing on the mud wall. Part of the mud wall broke, and she found herself under a pile of broken pieces of blocks.
I advanced on her. With one decisive uppercut, I caught her on the cheekbone. Blood gushed out of her mouth and nostrils. As she was about to launch another attack on me, I feint and struck her on the leg. I moved on her, trying to capitalise on the situation to beat her to a pulp. The impact of my blow on her legs cause her to trip and fell.
As I got closer to her, she managed to stand and attempted to slap me but I held her arm in mid air with my left hand. She was gasping for air and obviously tired and
exhausted. I flipped her arm down and grabbed her neck. Once again she struggled with me like a determined lion and forced my hands off her neck but I grabbed her neck again after a muscle cracking tussle. I pushed her to the ground and mounted her, pinning her firmer on the ground by using my knees like how the white police officer pinned George Floyd to the ground.[#saynotoracism]
It seemed as if the more I grew stronger the more she grew weaker.
Obviously she was no match for me. I gripped her neck tighter. She gasped for air and more…and more tighter I held her neck. Her body moved violently as she struggled for air to survive.
“You are chocking her to death,
LEAVE HER NOW!!” Fafa shouted at me. Fafa’s shout infuriated me more than anything and I increased my grip on her neck.
“NO!!!, SHE MUST DIE. She is guilty when she tasted what I have vowed no woman will share with me.”
I continued gripping her neck with my power hand; the right while using the left to beat the living daylight out of her.
Suddenly Fafa flipped me off and I crashed on the mud wall.
She made use of that opportunity to lift herself from the ground. I thought she was going to ran away but she jumped on me like a possessed being and pelted me with deadly blows. I overturned her and mounted her again. The tussle became more and more difficult to break. Then I saw my dagger at the right, a few metres from the tussle point. I stretched my hand and picked the dagger. As quickly as I could, I grabbed the dagger and swang it in the air to pierce her throat.
A strong hand blocked my right hand in mid air before the dagger pierce Ayaba’s neck. It was Fafa’s hand. I turned round momentarily to give him a scornful look. The dagger fell to the ground. Ayaba used that moment to picked the dagger and stabbed me heavily on my right thigh. Blood gushed✳out freely and I screamed. I advanced towards Ayaba again, pushing Fafa roughly out of the way. I struggled to pull the dagger out of Ayaba’s hand.
The knife sliced through my palm leaving in its wake a trace of blood but I extracted the dagger from her and while targeting to plunge it into her stomach once and for all, she managed to dodged the arc of strike and used her leg with the intention of kicking the knife out of my hand. That was her mistake. I held her left leg firmly and plunged the knife into her foot gruesomely. She let out a painful shriek and collapsed.
I rushed towards her again but Fafa grabbed me violently from behind and I reacted aggressively. Still, he grabbed me with his hand dripping with blood. As we struggled, we crashed our head onto the mud wall and blackout.
When I woke up , I saw myself in a room with Fafa. It wasn’t our room. Fafa was still sleeping. Our deep wounds have been dressed up neatly. My anger had subsided. I thought I would be very angry with Fafa but I wasn’t. When I set my eyes on him sleeping, my pain had left me immediately. I asked myself why we were moved into a bamboo room. I knew why.
We have broken the mud house during the aggressive encounter with Ayaba.
Mr.Agymah came into the room. His entry woke Fafa up. We expected to see him hot with anger. After all, I have just fought with his daughter and probably hurt her. Quite surprisingly, he was all smiles. Fafa and I looked totally stunned. Surely something was wrong some where.
Then he said, “You know what, Personally, I forgive you for fighting Ayaba but I don’t think the villagers will. It is forbidden for women to fight each other in a house unless an outsider attack them. Without waiting for an answer, he turned around and left. That evening , we were not serve our usual supper. We slept in hunger. The consequence of biting the finger that feed us.β„Ή

To Be Continued….. . . .

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