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Tales Of Naomi – Episode 13 & 14


2nd December 2023

(Her Tender Heart…)

EPISODE 13 & 14

By; Succie.





Alex was interrogated by the police, and he found out he was really the owner of RK NOBLE HOTEL and the son of Julio Melendez.

“I’m sorry sir Alex, I didn’t know you were Sir Julio Melendez’s son…I recently moved to Texas, that’s why I didn’t know who you’re, am sorry”. The police man apologize .

And Alex smiles.

“Is fine, at least you know am not an abductor”. Alex said.

“But why did that glasses girl accused you of trying to to abduct her”.

“Believe me when I say that four eyes girl is crazy, and it makes me wonder what she was doing there at my hotel”.

“If I were you sir Alex, I’ll keep my distance from her, if she can act so well that you were trying to have her hostage, she can so worst than that sir Alex”.

Alex looks at him and sighs.



Naomi came out from the bathroom after having a shower, and while she was drying her hair with a hand dryer, her mind drift back to what she did earlier.

“I wonder if that officer let go of him, or did he take him to the station….but judging from how he was dressed, you can easily tell his not an abductor”.

She sighs and shakes her head.

“Whatever I don’t care, if he has let go of me just like I have instructed, I won’t have done that to him, and the fact that his always showing up everywhere I go makes it annoying, so he deserves to be arrested, atleast I won’t get to see him if he gets locked up for a week”. Naomi said to herself.

And she continues drying her hair smiling.



Vivi came downstairs and sees Kingston waiting for her, and mere looking at her, you could tell she has been crying.

“What’re you doing here Kings”. She asked.

Kingston stood up and drags his feet towards her.

“I Came to see you Vivian”. He said calling her full name.

“And what for Kings”. She asked again.

“Vivi am sorry, it won’t happen again”.

“That’s what you always say Kings, but it keeps on happening, tell me Kings, am I not enough, have I ever refused to give you my body whenever or however you want it”. .

And Kingston slowly shakes his head, like a child being scorned by his strict mom.

“Then why Kings, why do you continue to flirt around with women, why’re you always doing this to me Kings!!”

“Am sorry Vivi, those girls are nothing compared to you, I love you and you alone, and I promise you Vivi, it won’t happen again”. He said with a Misty eyes.

“Is that a promise, or you’re just faking it”.

“Am being serious here Vivi, is never going to happen again”. He said.

Vivi smiles and hugs him.

“I love you so much Kings, don’t hurt me again ok”. She muttered, still in his arms.

“I won’t Vivi, promise”. Kingston said.

He broke the hug and captured her lips.

Vivi smiles, and kissed him back.

Lawrence enters and sees them kissing, almost ready to solve a simultaneous equation.

“What’s going on here”. He asked.

And Vivi and Kingston seperated from each other, hearing his voice.


“Uncle Lawrence”.

Both said at once.

“What are you doing here”. Lawrence asked Kingston in a rudely way.

“Dad, don’t be rude to him”.

“Should I explain the meaning of rude to you, so you can understand what being rude is…… didn’t you cry the entire night just because of him”.

“We already made up dad”. Vivi said holding Kingston’s hand.

“This is the reason he keeps flirting around, because he knows one sorry for him, and you’re back in his arms again, without hesitating to open the book of Hebrews to him”. Lawrence said.

“And what’s so wrong with that dad, his my boyfriend and I love him so much”.

“Boyfriend all you want, but don’t you come home ever again, cocking like a cock, because of him”. Lawrence said.

He looks at Kingston scorfully before leaving.

If not that he works under his dad as a CCO of McKesson cooperation, he’ll have delt with Kingston a long time ago.

“Vivi maybe I should leave”. Kingston said.

“No Kings, I won’t allow you leave because of my dad, don’t let him get to you ok”.

And Kingston reluctantly nods.

Vivi smiles, and caged her lips in his.


In the silent street of Texas, where everyone has gone to sleep, due to the fact that a heavy rainfall visited the earth, Emilia is seen walking into a narrow path, looking backward to see if anyone was tailing her.

“Ma’am”. Sky said coming out from an abandoned building.

“I’ve a job for you”. She said.

“What kind of job ma’am”. He asked.

“You know that good for nothing adoptive son of mine right”.

“Of course I do ma’am, I once tried to sabotage the grand opening of his hotel but failed….do you want him dead”.

“Wiping him out of the surface of the earth is the only way the intestines in my stomach can rest”.

“How do you want him dead”.

“He should die a slow and Painful dealth, disable the breaks of his car, so that when he get into an accident, his going to bleed to dealth, or better still fall into Coma, and by the time he wakes up, Kingston will have everything under his name, if possible I even let him come out from coma”. Emilia said without the slightest emotions in her eyes.

“But they’re CCTVS around in your mansion ma’am”.

“Leave that to me, just get the job done”.



Brielle sighs for the eleventh times, as she drags a trash bag alongside with her, but it seems it was the trash bag that was dragging her instead.

“My life is such a mess, why me of all people, if I choose not to do this, my mom will telephone the whole universe that am a bad kid”. She said under her breath, dragging the trash bag.

“Brielle”. Someone called from behind.

“That jerky Jason again”. she muttered.

Even if she wasn’t looking at him, she could easily tell it was him, she can recognize his voice, even with her eyes closed.

They have been friends for ages, it started with Naomi and Bre, and it was kinda pass down to them….kinda of friendship inheritance.

“Hey Jason” she stutter facing him.

Jason smiles and walks closer to her, and Brielle kicks him.

Jason groans in pain.

“What was that for Elle”.

“I already you never to come close to me like that, your a guy and you should always stand four steps away from me”. She said.

Jason sighs and took four steps backwards.

“Happy now”. He asked.

Brielle Scoffs.

“What’re you doing here anyways, the last time I checked, you don’t live around this area”.

“A friend of mine lives around here”.

“Whatever”. Brielle muttered and Jason smiles and looks at the trash bag she was holding.

“Are you disposing this off”.


“Yes I’m.”

“Lemme help you Elle”. He said trying to take the bag from her, but Brielle resisted.

“Thanks but no thanks, you might end up calling me a lazy swam tomorrow”.

“I won’t call you that ever again Elle”.

“And how sure are you”. She asked.

“Because I want us to stop arguing all the time, because…. I….because I …”

“Because what Jason, are you a stammerer now”.

Jason looks at her and smiles.

“Because we’re friends, and friends shouldn’t be fighting or arguing with each other”. Jason said.


“Does that mean you’ll no longer argue with each other anymore”. Jason asked with a smile.

“Well it depends on you”.

Jason smiles and hugs her.

Brielle quickly push him away, and kick him so hard in the knee, and Jason yelps in pain.

“Didn’t I just tell you to keep your distance, four steps away from me……what was the hug for”.

“Sorry”. He answers between pain, trying to keep his left leg to the ground, cos his knees hurt like first s*x.

“Here”. Brielle said giving him the trash bag.


“You said you wanted to help me dispose the trash bag, or have you suddenly change your mind”.

“No I haven’t”. He takes the trash bag from her Smiling.

“Stop smiling at me”.

And Jason quickly stopped smiling.



“Are you the new transfer student”. The principal of Nova Highschool asked.

“Yes ma’am”.

“What your name”.

“My name is Nikita Lores”

“So why’re your parents not here with you”.she asked.

“Cos they’re busy people ma’am, and I have no guardian, that’s why am here alone”. Nikita replies smiling.

“Why’re you transferring here, where you a bad Omen in your previous school”

“Of course not ma’am, am of a good behavior, I recently moved down here to Texas, and I decided to transfer here, cos people keeps saying is a good school, and since is a school for the less privilege I choose to come here, cos I don’t want my social status to be known”. She said smiling.

“How’ll I know your telling the truth”.

“I can give you my parents’s number, so you can confirm it yourself”.

The principal sighs.

“What’s your name again”.

“Nikita Lores”.



Mrs Ivy is seen, directing some staffs on what to do, when an India man enters the hotel.

On seeing him, Mrs Ivy’s jaw dropped, he wasn’t just an India man, but Shan Rukh khan, the king of Bollywood.

And she quickly went to him.

“Namaste”. She said joining her hands together, just like the indias do.

Shan Rukh khan smiles and greeted back.


“Am here in Texas for a movie, and I decided to check in here, since someone recommend it for me…he said is one of the best hotels in Texas”. He said in an English India tone.

“Of course Sir”.

“Call me Shan”. He said and winks at her with a smile, just like how he does it in the movies he has featured in.

And Mrs Ivy just nods nervously.

“Can I get a VIP room in this hotel”.

And Mrs Ivy forced out a smile, since she was so nervous right now

“S…..s…..sure, come with me”. She answers nervously.



Bre quickly enters the huge kitchen, and sees only Naomi, who was about dozing off.


And Naomi quickly Wakes up.

“What’s wrong, is the hotel on fire”. She asked.

“Where’s the others”.

“They’re on a break, and since am not a fan of going out, I choose to be here, what wrong Bre, Why did you barge in interrupting my beauty sleep”.

“We’re in trouble sleepyhead”. Bre whines, harmonising her feets on the floor.

“Trouble, what kind of trouble”. Naomi asked.

“An India celebrity just kicked in, I don’t know his name since am not a fan of Bollywood movies”.

“Is that Why you’re panicking, here I thought that rapture has taken place”.

“This is not the time to act crazy Naomi”.

“His just a celebrity foreigner Bre, not Jesus”.

“Yes…..but this is the first time a foreigner is checking in this hotel, what if he asked us to prepare his hometown meal, we’re doom for sure Naomi”. Bre said worriedly.


Calvin laughs so hard, after Alex told him what happened between him and four eyes.

“So you mean you met that crazy four eyes again, and she accused you of abducting her”.

“Yes”. Alex answers driving, and Calvin laughs so hard.

“Is not funny Calvin, it was a good thing I was able to identify myself, only God knows where I’ll be right now”.

And Calvin laughs hard.

“I really need to see this four eyes girl, she’s one hell of a comedy skits”.

And Alex just fixed his eyes on the road.

“So what’s her name”. Calvin asked.

“I dunno, and I don’t care to know her ugly name”. He said making a U-turn, he tries stepping on the car break, but it wasn’t working, he keeps trying but it’s didn’t function.

“What’s wrong Alex”.

“The break is not working”

“Huh how did it happen”. Calvin asked nervously.

“I dunno Calvin”. Alex answers in a scared tone.

He continues stepping on the break, when he sees a car driving towards them.

He tries diverting the car, but unfortunately he lost control of the car, and the car hits the pavement of the bridge and it dives Inside the water.


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Artist Name; Tales Of Naomi

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