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Tales Of Naomi – Episode 15 & 16


2nd December 2023

(Her Tender Heart…)

EPISODE 15 & 16

By; Succie.







Bre enters the VIP room, while Shan Rukh Khan comfortably sits in the bed, going through his laptop.

“Namaste…..your food is…here Sir”. Bre said. stammering.


“Huh”. She muttered.

“Just call me Shan, and no need to be nervous, am just a human like you, the only difference between us is my social status ok”.

And Bre nods nervously.

“So can I see the meal you brought for me”. He asked with a smile.

And Bre looks at him, her hands were shaking in the designer tray she was holding.

“What’s wrong”. he asked.

“No…..nothing sir….I mean Shan”.

“Then what with the nervousness for, are you trying to poison me”.

And Bre quickly shakes her head.

“Of course not si…..Shan”.

Shan Rukh khan looks at her, and she quickly dropped the tray of food on the glass table, opening it afterwards.

“What’s this”. He asked.

And Bre bits her lips before answering.

“This is chicken fried steak and Tex-mex, is one of our specialties”. She answers shakily.

“I can’t possibly eat this, am from India, and I’ll love to have vegan chickpeas curry and vegan curried carrot soup”.

“Am afraid Shan, but we….we can’t serve you…. India…..meal”.

“You can’t serve me India meal, but I thought this hotel is one of the best in Texas, with professional caterers”.

“Y….yes it is, but we can’t serve you, your kind of meal”. Bre said wishing this man will understand her.

“Then if you can’t, am checking out”.

“You can’t do….”

“Then will you do the needful”. He asked, and Bre pouted her lips.


Mrs P Walks back and front in panicked, this was the first time a foreigner has checked in the hotel, and it was hell of tension for her.

She has been trying Alex’s number, but it was going through, if he was here, he’ll have come up with a better idea, since his good at negotiating with people, and she wondered why he wasn’t answering his phone, this is unlike him.

“Can’t any of you have an idea on how an India meal is been prepared”. She asked the caterers.

And they shake their heads.

“What’re we going to do now….we can’t loose such a VIP client, his not just anyone, but Shan Rukh khan….I wonder what happened to Sir Alex”. She said worriedly.

Naomi enters the kitchen singing.

Come a little closer cos your looking thirsty

I’ma make it better, sip it like a slurpee

Snow cone chi…..

She stops singing, when she saw everyone’s worried face.

“What’s going on, why is everyone face so Moody, did something happen”. She asked.

“We’re in big trouble Naomi”. Bre whines.

And Naomi arch her eyebrows as a sign of what kind of trouble.

“Remember the foreigner I told you about ealier…..the India man…..his ordering for his hometown meal”.

“And what kind of India meal”.

“Vegan chickpeas curry and vegan curried carrot soup”. Bre said.

“That’s a piece of cake, is that why you all are Moody like someone dear to you went to the afterlife”. Naomi said adjusting her glasses.

“You know how to prepare that meal”.. Mrs Ivy asked.

“Of course I do Mrs Ivy, when I told you I know alot of dishes, I wasn’t kidding, and Bre how you could you have forgotten I know how to prepare any kinds of dishes”. Naomi asked

And Bre smiles, her nervousness must have made her forgotten that Naomi is a researcher freak, she research on everything she doesn’t know about, and puts it into pratice.


Everyone watch Naomi as she prepares a typical India meal, with so much attention.

And they were amazed on how good she was, and to top it all, Shan Rukh khan really enjoyed the meal.

“Thanks alot Naomi, you saved us big time”. Mrs Ivy said smiling.

“Is the least I could do Mrs Ivy, you don’t have to thank me”. Naomi said smiling.

“Still I have to thank you, and if Sir Alex was here, he’ll have thanked you also”.

And hearing his name made Naomi smiles.

“When will he be coming here, I haven’t seen him since I started working here”. She asked, curiously.

Mrs Ivy was about to answer when her phone rang.

“Hello…yes this is she….Hospital….what happened to Sir Alex!!!”. Mrs Ivy exclaims worried, making Naomi arch her eyebrows.



Alex sitted in the hospital bed, touching the side of his forehead that was bandage, and his mind flashback to what happened earlier.


“What’s wrong Alex”.

“The break is not working”

“Huh how did it happen”. Calvin asked nervously.

“I dunno Calvin”. Alex answers in a scared tone.

He continues stepping on the break, when he sees a car driving towards them.

He tries diverting the car, but unfortunately he lost control of the car, and before the car hits the pavement of the bridge, he and Calvin quickly came out from the car, rolling to different sides of the road….the car dives inside the water.


Alex sighs, as he and wonder what will have happened to him, if he and Calvin didn’t Hasten up.

Calvin enters the ward, and Alex quickly asked.

“How’re you Calvin, did you get hurt”. He asked worriedly.

And Calvin smiles.

“Am fine, stop worrying as if you’re my mom”.

“But you sustained some bruises thanks to me”.

“It wasn’t your fault Alex….. but what really happened to the break of your car, it’s suddenly stopped working, is a good thing you weren’t on a high rate of speed, else we’ll have been dead by now”.

Alex Sighs.

“That’s what have been thinking Calvin, it wasn’t faulty”.

“Am glad we didn’t get into a serious accident, I had the car toned out of the water, and is already in a repair shop, it’ll be fixed”.

“Thanks Calvin”.

“Is nothing Alex, I also called Mrs Ivy earlier, she was worried, but I told her not to come, since you don’t like people worrying about you”.

Alex sighs.

“Are you going to spend the night here”. Calvin asked.

“I rather go home, staying in the hospital, is not my thing”.

“Alright I’ll be back”. Calvin said and leaves.

And Alex remains in deep thought.



Naomi quickly rushed to Mrs Ivy when she sees her coming out from the hotel.

“Mrs Ivy”.

“Naomi, I thought you left a while ago”.

“No I didn’t Mrs Ivy”.

“Why”. Mrs Ivy asked.

“How’s Sir Alex”. Naomi asked, and Mrs Ivy arch her eyebrows.

“You got a call ealier, saying he was in the hospital, is he alright”.

“Oh yes his fine, luckily he didn’t get into a serious accident”.

“That’s a relief then”. She muttered smiling.

“Huh, did you say something”. Mrs Ivy asked.

“Hm…..no I didn’t, I’ll take my leave”. Naomi said and quickly leaves smiling.

“What’s with her”.



“Kingston, where’s Alex”. Julio asked, while Emilia smiles.

Kingston Scoffs and said.

“How should I know, am not his mother”.

“You’re order than him Kingston, and is your duty to look after him”.

“Really dad, as what, his Nanny….his not even my biological brother, his just a street child remember”.

“Watch your tone Kingston”.

“Whatever Dad”. Kingston said, and continues eating.

Alex enters the house, and Emilia’s heart almost left her body on seeing him.

“Good evening dad, mom, Kingston”. Alex greeted.

“What happened to you son, what with the bandage for”. Julio asked.

And Emilia curiously look at him inorder to know why he’s still alive.

“Is nothing dad, I got into an accident ealier today”. Alex said, and Kingston looks at him.

“Accident, how did that happen Alex”. Julio asked worried.

“The break of my car stopped working all of a sudden”. He answers.

“And you said is nothing, what if you’ve an inner injury or something, you should go for an X-ray”. Julio said.

“Am fine Dad”.

“Are you sure Alex”. Emilia asked pretending to be worried.

“Yes Mom”. He replies with a smile.

Emilia went to him, caressing his hair.

“Am glad nothing happened to you son, are you sure your alright, you didn’t get hurt anywhere”. She asked with a fakey worried voice.

And Alex nods smiling.

“That’s good to know then, come sit with me son, I’ll dish out your food for you”. Emilia said taking him by the hand.

“Is fine mom, I can do it on my own”.

“No son, I insist, after what happened to you, you don’t have to stress yourself”. Emilia said sitting Alex down, and Alex smiles.

While Kingston Keeps wondering what was going on with his mom, but choose not to reserve it for later.

Although Emilia was smiling with Alex, but if mind could Kill, Alex would’ve been Dead.

She was so mad and furious that Alex survived the accident.

But one thing was for sure, she won’t stop still she has wipe him out of the surface of the earth completely.


“Mom, what was the lovey dovey you did with Alex ealier, I thought you were on my side, so what was the love and care you showed him”. Kingston asked.

“That…that was just pretends”.

“I don’t get you Mom”.

“Is just a show off”.

“Why mom, that bastard should know you hate him, all his life he thinks you love him as a son, when you clearly don’t……why’re you even two faced sided mom”.

“So he can believe and have trust in me, so that when the clock strikes twelve, he won’t know am responsible for it”.

“What’re you trying to say mom”. Kingston asked confusedly.

And Emilia looks at him and smirks.



Brielle was about going back to the cafeteria to join both Mia and Jason, but her feets seized when she sees Nikita laughing with some group of students.

“Ni…..Ni…kita”. She said looking so scared, and she could feel goosebumps forming in her skin.

Nikita was about seeing her, but Brielle quickly hides, and the beating of her heart could loudly be heard.

“Nikita is there a problem”.

Nikita looks at the direction Where Brielle was hiding.

“No, I thought I saw someone I know….I guess I was wrong”. Nikita said.

“Fine then, you said you’ll be helping out with the materials for our dance Crew right”. one of the girls asked smiling.

“Yes I’ll, my Dad is rich, so that won’t be a problem, let’s all go to the cafeteria, is my treat”. Nikita said smiling.

She looks at direction where Brielle was again, before leaving with her friends.

Brielle came out from where she was hiding, with so much fear in her eyes.

“Nikita, what is she doing here”. She muttered shaking in numorous fears.

And instead of going to the cafeteria, she took her bag from the class and went home.



“Sir Calvin called me yesterday, that you both were involved in an accident, how’re you feeling sir Alex”. Mrs Ivy asked.

“Am fine Mrs Ivy, and this is just a small cut, I saw your calls yesterday, did something happen”. He asked sitting down in his office chair.

And Mrs Ivy nods.

“What happened Mrs Ivy, did someone get hurt”. He asked worriedly.

“No sir Shan Rukh khan checked in here yesterday”.

“Shan Rukh khan!”. He exclaims.

“Yes Sir Alex, is good thing Naomi was here yesterday, she saved us from the clutches of Shan Rukh khan, she prepared an home-made India meal for him”.


And Mrs Ivy nods.

“Who’s Naomi”.

“She’s a caterer here Sir Alex”.

And he muttered out an OH.

“She recently started working here tho, she was so good at what she prepare yesterday, she knows a lot of dishes….in short everything about her is so great, do you know she graduated with an upper class in business administration”.

And Alex looks at Mrs Ivy.

“So why is she working here as a caterer”.

“Cos it was the only job available to her”.

“Can I see her”.

“She’s not here at the hotel today sir Alex, I gave her a day off to appreciate her effort for what she did yesterday”.

“Alright then, once she resumes work inform me right away, people like her needs to be appreciated”.

“I’ll sir Alex”. Mrs Ivy said and leaves.

“Naomi….sounds pretty”. Alex muttered, imagining what she looks like smiling.


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Artist Name; Tales Of Naomi

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