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Tales Of Naomi – Episode 17 & 18


2nd December 2023

(Her Tender Heart…)

EPISODE 17 & 18

By; Succie.





Dante was just about working on a car, when Naomi came and wraps her hand around him smiling.


“What brings you here Naomi, don’t you’ve work today”. He asked.

“I got an offday from work yesterday”.


“I did something incredible that’s why, guess learning about different kinds of dishes really paid off”. She said smiling.

“You should’ve just stayed at home Naomi, why bother to come here”.

“I might not be the lively type, but I hate been bored, that’s why I came here, because my babies are waiting for me”. Naomi said, referring to the cars.

“Your so silly Naomi”.

And Naomi giggles and her eyes met with an astonishing red Bugatti Veyron car.

“Wow, this car is darm so beautiful, who’s the car owner dad, I bet he must be so loaded with Cash”. Naomi said admiring the car.

“It was brought here yesterday, but I already had it fixed. Dante said and Naomi nods looking at the car.

“The owner will be come over to take it, you should give it to him when he comes”.

“Are you going out”. Naomi asked.

“Yes, but I won’t take long, and since you’re here, can you help me fixed this car, it was brought here today”.

“Of course I can dad, treating cars is my profession”. Naomi said adjusting her glasses and Dante smiles.

“I’ll back Naomi”.

“Alright dad, but get me fried chips on your way back”.

Dante nods and leaves.

Naomi smiles and began working on the car.

“Calvin am here at the repair shop, what should I tell them”. Alex asked over the phone, entering the repair shop.

“Just tell him your here to get your car, I talked with him earlier about you coming to get it”.

“Should I just abandoned the car here, I don’t need it anyways, I already got a new one”.

“If you don’t need it well I do, get the car and have it brought to me”.

“Why don’t you come get it yourself since your so desperate to have it, thanks to you, I came here with a cab”.

“And that’s why I love you…my kindhearted Best friend”. Calvin said giggling over the phone.

“Just get lost”. Alex said and ends the call.

He looks around and sees someone working on a car, he couldn’t see her face, because her hair was all over face.

Alex clears his throat.

“This is Dante Salvador repair shop right”. He asked.

“Yes it is”. Naomi muttered bringing out her head from the car.

“How can I….you again….what the heck are you doing here, are you stalking me”.

“Stalking you, why will I stalked an ugly duckling four eyes like you”.

“Then why’re you here!”. She spats.

“I came to get my car”. Alex said pointing at the reded car.

“So that car over there belongs to you…. today just happens to be my unlucky day”

“I see your in the mood to talk today…..thanks to a crazy four eyes like you, I was almost jailed for being an abductor!”.

“It’ll have been better if you were locked up, so you can learn your lessons”.

Alex sighs.

“Am not here to fight with you cos your not worth my time, I only came here to get my car cos it was involved in an accident”.

“Then why’re you still alive”.

“Excuse me”.

“Your being excused…..having just an injury over there is not enough, you should have died, so I won’t always bump into your face every time…..your car is over there, take it and get lost”. Naomi said and continues fixing a car.

Alex looks at his car and back to Naomi.

“I see you work here”.

“And how is that any of your business”. she asked with a scoff.

“Well since my car was fixed here, you should watch it”.

And Naomi looks at him.

“Are you nut…..this is a repair shop, not a car wash, so take your useless car to someone else”.

“Don’t act so bossy four eyes, am the customer here and we’re always right, if you don’t do it, then I won’t pay you”.

“Your Jocking right”. She asked standing in akimbo.

“I wish I was, but am not, are you going to do it or not”. He asked seriously.

Naomi looks at him, biting half of her lips.

“Fine, I’ll”.

And Alex Scoffs.

Naomi looks at him with so much hatred, while Washing the car.

And when she was done washing the car, she Intentionally poured the soapy water on him.

“What the….are you blind!!”. He yells at her.

“Am sorry jerk, I mean Sir, it wasn’t intentional I didn’t see you”. Naomi said, laughing inwardly.

“You have four eyes and yet you can’t see, what with the use of those glasses then”.

“Am sorry, I’ll get something to Clean your face”.she said, she enters inside the shop and intentionally takes a dirty rag and quickly used it on Alex’s face.

“Yuck!!, What with the smell”. Alex muttered and takes the rag from her and sees it contains black oily dirt.

And his face was a mixture of black oils.

“How can you use this dirty rag on my face!”. He spats.

“Oh no am sorry, what wrong with me, is my glasses not working anymore”. She said taking off her glasses, cleaning it with her clothes.

“Your such a waste of time!!!”. He throws some money on her face, and enters his car.

“Where’re you going, I still need to wash your face”. She said.

But Alex drove off.

Naomi Burst out laughing.

“Serves him right, good job Naomi”. She said tapping her shoulder.



Brielle Keeps looking back and front in fear that she might bumped into Nikita.

She sees Nikita coming towards her direction, and she quickly hides breathing non-stop.

Nikita looks around, and when she saw no one, she continues her journey.

Brielle stands in a corner, trying to suppress her fear, and someone taps her from behind, she screams in fear.

“Don’t come here me!!!!, Ahhhhhh!!!”.

“Elle, is just I and Mia”. Jason said looking surprised to see her react that way.

Brielle gulps down nothing, locking her hair at the back of her ear.

“Is you guys”. She muttered.

“Why were you scared ealier, did you see a ghost….are ghost real”. Mia asked.

“Did you really see one, what does he or she look like”. Jason added.

“Can you both just stop!!!!”. Brielle yells.

And Jason and Mia looks at her with eyes wide opened.

“We were just jocking Brielle, why’re you overeacting”. Mia asked.

“Is everything okay Elle, you look restless”. Jason asked.

Brielle ignores them and took to her heels.

“What wrong with Elle Mia”.

“I dunno Jason, this is the first time am seeing her act this way”.

And Jason sighs looking worried.



Loud occupies the room, as Kingston F*cks a girl non-stop.

He met ealier at the clubhouse, and after some sugar coated words, the girl was already into his arms, and here is f*cking her to the deepest.

After some many rounds of s*x, Kingston got satisfied, and pulls out of her.

The girl bits her seductively, wanting more of his long member.

Kingston went to the bathroom, and after a few seconds, he came out fully dressed.

“When are we going to see again”. She asked smiling.

Kingston smirks.

“There won’t be a next time”.

“But you said you want us to be together”.

“I don’t remember saying that, and why should I want us to be together when I’ve a girlfriend”.

“What!!!….you’ve a girlfriend”.

“Yes I do, and she’s way hotter than you”. Kingston said taking his car key.

“Are you leaving…….where’re you going”.

“To my girlfriend”.

“Are you just going to leave me here Kingston”.

“Why, are you crippled”.

“Is that all you have to say after you almost destroyed my p*ssy”.

“What do you want me to say, you were the one who willing gave it to me, and if you want to go home that badly, you can fly, run, crawl, I don’t care”. Kingston said and leaves the room.

“Darm it!!”. The girl spats.

Kingston came out from the motel premises, and was about starting his car, when Vivi called.

“Hello Vivi”.

“Where’re you Kings, am over at the mansion and you ain’t there”.

“I just step out to get something, I’ll there soon”. He said.

“Alright….and hasten up, I want you inside of me”. Vivi said with a moan.

“Alright babe, I’ll be there in a jiff”.



Brielle sits in the bed, as the memories of Nikita Keeps flashing back at her, and she thrumbles in fear.

Naomi enters her room smiling.

“I thought your sleeping already”.

“Oh…am not….do you need anything”. Brielle asked trying to hide her fears.

Naomi sighs and sits beside her.

“Are you Alright Brielle, I noticed during dinner that you were unease and you didn’t even finish your meal, is unlike you to leave a leftover”.

And Brielle licks her lips.

“Am fine Naomi, am just suffering from stomach cramps….you know how Painful it is right”.

Naomi smiles and caress her hair.

“Sorry about that Brielle, have you taken drugs”.


Naomi looks at Brielle, and she could see her Shakey hands, and her eyes were a mixture of fears.


And Brielle slowly looks at her, like she was trying not to look at Naomi.

“If you’re going through difficulties, don’t hesitate to tell me ok, am your elder sister, and I know am not that strong even if I claim to be, but always know I got your back, you can’t face it alone ok”

“Thanks alot Naomi, but am fine and if I ever I have a problem, you’ll be the first to know”.

Naomi smiles.

“I’ll get you some drugs then”.

And Brielle nods.

Naomi stood up to leave.


“Yes Brielle”.

“Well…..thank you”.

Naomi said with a smile and leaves.

Brielle falls to the bed.

“I can’t tell her about it, she has too many problem to face…..she easily get hurt, I won’t want to put my sister in that position, I guess I’ll just continue avoiding Nikita, is a good thing we ain’t in thesame class”. Brielle said to herself, trying to calm down her heart race.


Naomi came out from the pharmacy, looking at the drugs she brought for Brielle.

“I hope this medicine do it magic on her stomach cramps….even if she claims she’s fine, something tells me she’s not”. Naomi sighs and continues walking and bumped into Alex who was just coming out from his car, and the medicines fell from her.

“Watch where your going”. She said picking up the drugs.

“Is you again”. Alex said and Naomi looks at him and Scoffs.

“No wonder the weather is so bad today…..hey jerk, are you doing this on purpose, cos this is not a coincidence anymore, first you bumped into me at a hotel, and you showed up the repair shop, and now this, are you stalking me”.

“And what’re you trying to pinpoint out four eyes….that’s am purposely showing up anywhere you go cos I like you, wake up from your pathetic dreams, you’re not my type, and have you look at yourself in the mirror, you look like a granny in those glasses of yours”.

Naomi scoffs.

“You ain’t my type either jerk, you’re so rude, and my body boils in so much anger, anytime I see you, can you please stop showing that small face of yours to me ever again”.

“I should be the one telling you that four eyes, and can you stop being so full of yourself, you ain’t even beautiful, you don’t dress Classy, you like an ancient great grandmother”. Alex said leaving.

“Did he just call me an ancient great grandmother”. Naomi said and angrily picks a stone.

“Hey jerk!!!.

And Alex looks at her.

“What do you want granny”.

“This”. Naomi said and targeted the stone to his forehead.

Alex screams in pain, touching his forehead.

“Are you insane, why did you do that!!!”.

“The next time you show that face of yours to me again, it’ll be your funeral, ancient great grandmother my foot!!”. She spats walking away.

“Hey come back, four eyes!!!!”.



“What happened to you sir Alex, I thought your wound from the accident already healed, how did this happen”.

“I got it from a crazy four eyes girl”.

“Crazy four eyes girl, who’s that”.

“Just some random girl, but am fine, can I see the sales menus”.

And Mrs Ivy gave it to him.

“Our business is doing so well Mrs Ivy, we’ve lots of incomes this past few days”. Alex said looking at the sales menus.

“Yes we do Sir Alex, and that’s because a lot of people check in here, some are on vacation while some are on their honeymoon”.

Alex smiles.

“Thanks for being a helping hand Mrs Ivy”.

“I didn’t do it alone sir Alex, everyone around here is helping out, especially the caterers”.

“And that reminds me”.

“Of what Sir Alex”.

“Naomi….you said she did a great deal for right…..is she here”.

“Yes Sir Alex, Naomi came to work today, she’s with the other caterers”. Mrs Ivy answers.

“Can you please get her for me, I need to thank her”. He said with a smile.

“Alright Sir Alex, I’ll be right back”.

“Thanks Mrs Ivy”.

Mrs Ivy nods and leaves.

“Naomi”. He said and chuckles.


In the kitchen, Naomi is trying to get a bowl from the cupboard, but it wasn’t to her reach, even if she raised her toe up high.

“Lemme help you with that Naomi”. Finn said, his also one of the caterers in the hotel.

Naomi looks at him and smiles.

“Thanks Finn”.she muttered.

Finn brought down the bowl and gives it to Naomi.

“Here you go Naomi”.

Naomi smiles and takes it from him.

“Why ain’t you with the rest, you’re still stucked in the kitchen even during Breaks”.

“I don’t feel like joining them Finn”. She answers .

“I noticed something about you”. He said and Naomi looks at him.

“You don’t like being in the company of crowds you’re either stick with two persons or just yourself”.

Naomi smiles.

“I see your good at reading people”.

“You think so, then should I become a seer”.

And Naomi laughs.

“Your so funny Finn, you always make me laugh, unlike the jerk I always see anywhere I go”.

“What jerk”. Finn asked.

“I don’t want to talk about him, his someone I don’t want to ever see again”.

“Well am glad am always making you laugh”. Finn said.

Both look at each other smiling.

“Naomi”. Mrs Ivy said entering the kitchen.

“Yes Mrs Ivy”.

“If I knew you were here, I won’t have gone in search of you, thinking you were with the others”.

“Why Mrs Ivy, do you need my help with something”. Naomi asked.

“No Naomi, someone wants to see you”.

And Naomi rolled her eyes.

“Who wants to see me Mrs Ivy”.

“Is sir Alex, the owner of Rk Nobel Hotel”.

“Really, sir Alex wants to see me”. She asked as a cute smile appears on her face.

“Yes Naomi, he wants to thank you for the homemade India meal you prepared for Shan Rukh Khan”.

And Naomi smiles.


Naomi stands in the door of Alex’s office, trying to take a breath in an out.

“His just human Naomi not a beast, and from what you heard of him, you should believe his really nice”. And with that she knocked on the door.

“Come in”. Naomi could hear him say.

She smiles and slowly twisted the knob of the door, gaining entrance inside, and his face was covered with a newspaper since he was reading it.

“Good afternoon Sir Alex, you sent for me”. She said politely.

Alex brings down the newspaper from his face, and their eyes went wide opened in shock on seeing each other.

“You!!!!!”. Both screams at each other.

“What the heck are you doing here!”. Alex yells.

“I should be the one asking you that you incompetent fool, Where is sir Alex, his the one I want to see, not an abandoned project like you!”.

“Don’t tell your Naomi”.

“And how the heck did you know my name!!!”. She yells.

Mrs Ivy rushed in.

“Sir Alex, what going on, I could hear your voice from outside”. She said.

And Naomi’s jaw dropped.

“What do mean by sir Alex, is he sir Alex”. She asked, as her eyes almost pop out from it’s socket.

“Yes Naomi his sir Alex, the owner of Rk Nobel Hotel”.

Naomi looks at Alex shaking her head, and Alex smirks at her.

“No…it can’t be…it can’t be……Noway!!!”.

She screams and passed out.


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Artist Name; Tales Of Naomi

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