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Tales Of Naomi – Episode 23 & 24


2nd December 2023

(Her Tender Heart…)

EPISODE 23 & 24

By; Succie.






Just like everyone in her house wanted, Brielle came to school the following morning, and just as she enters the school premises, Nikita approach her.

“Finally you came to school”. She said.

And Brielle looks at her with fearful eyes.

“Are you trying to avoid me, is that why you choose not to come to school huh”.

And Brielle shakes her head fearfully.

“No, I….I…was…. sick”. She starmmed.

Nikita Chuckles and throws some books at her.

“Pick them up”. She ordered, and Brielle quickly did as she commanded.

“I want you to complete those note for me, and I want it by tomorrow”.

“Tomorrow, but this is too much Nikita, I can’t finish these notes in a day”.

Nikita forcefully holds Brielle’s ear, and she yelp in pain.

“Are you trying to complain or turn down my order, or better still do you want me to beat you up again, so you can learn some moral lessons just like in novels huh!”.

“Please Nikita, let go of me”. Brielle pleaded between pain.

“Why should I, are you going to as I have instructed”.

“Yes I’ll Nikita, please let go of ear”. She cries.

Nikita smirks and release Brielle’s ear.

“Good, so make sure you are done with these books and hand it over to me by tomorrow ok”.

And Brielle nods sniffing back her tears.

“Awwn, you don’t have to cry, people might think am bullying you, so wipe those tears of yours”.

And Brielle reluctantly clean her tears.

“Good girl, make sure you’re done with my order by tomorrow, if you fail to it, you’ll have to answer to me”. Nikita and pats Brielle’s cheek, before joining her friends who just came to school.

Brielle turns to leave and bumped into Jason.

“Jason”. She muttered, cleaning her tears.

“So this is what you’ve been going through”. He asked.

He by chance saw everything that Nikita did to Brielle.

“Is non of your business, so just leave me alone”. Brielle said trying to Leave, but Jason drags her back.

“What the heck is wrong with you Jason!!!”. Brielle yells at him.

“I should be the one asking you that Elle, why did you allow her treat you that way, where’s the fisty Brielle Salvador I know”.

“That fisty girl is only fisty only when she’s with you Jason, you’re the only one who I can act all super power to”.

“Then you should’ve speak up Elle!!!”. He yells at her.

“And what good will it do, it just going to bring more suffering for me, she once bullied me at my old school, but when I reported her, she was just suspended while I was ask to leave the school, that’s what money does Jason, I can’t tell anyone about it, because is not going to end well”.

“Bullying is wrong Elle, the more you stay silent, the more it keeps happening, principal Megan is good person, she doesn’t look the status of people before passing out her judgement, let’s talk to her”.

“And who the heck are you to meddle in my personal life, who told you can interfere with my personal life!!!”. She yells.

“Am doing this because we’re friends Elle”.

“Then stop being my friend, and don’t dare say a word about what you just saw”.

“Elle I….”.

But Brielle walks away.

Jason looks at her and sighs.

“Why on earth did your heart fall in love with her Jason….I was just trying to help”. Jason said looking really sad.



Naomi sits alone in the kitchen, researching on new things, and Finn enters.

And seeing her, a smile appeared on his face.

“I knew I was going to find you here”. He said.

Naomi looks at him and smiles.

“What’re you doing here alone Naomi”. He asked sitting beside her.

“Nothing much, I was just researching on some new recipes to add to her clients diet” she answers.

Finn looks at her and smiles.

“What about you Finn, I thought you left with the others”.

“Well I came back because I want to give you something”.

“Something like what…what’re you even hiding behind you, are you trying to bomb me”.

And Finn laughs.

“Of course Naomi, I’ll never think of doing that to you”.

“Then what’re you hiding behind you”. She asked.

“I dunno if your going to like it Naomi, but I hope you do”. Finn said and slowly brought out the cupcake he was hiding from behind.

Naomi’s eyes pop out love on seeing the cupcake in his hand.

“Wow”. She muttered.

“You like cupcakes”. He asked.

“Of course I do, is that for me”. She asked pointing at the cupcake.

“Yes Na….”

Naomi didn’t allow him to complete his statement before hijacking it from him.

“Thank you Finn”. She said taking the cupcake in her mouth.

Finn looks her and smile.

“Mmmm, is taste so yummy, were you the one who baked this”.

“Yes I did”.

“Your a genius Finn, can you always bake this everyday for me”.

“Sure anything for you Naomi”.

Naomi giggles.

“Naomi….about you and sir Alex….”.

“Oh you mean that jerky boss, I swear Finn, I wish I can Kill him, and give his body to the bats to feed on, and his blood to the Vampires”.

“I thought you both are together, with the way you both acted yesterday”.

Naomi Scoffs.

“Together my foot, his not my kind of Guy, have you seen his face, it so small, and his so arrogant too gosh, thinking of him gives me goosebumps”. Naomi ranted.

“You both ain’t a thing”.

“Never, ever never”. She said.

Finn looks at her and smiles.

“Am Glad”.


“Nothing”. He said and continues looking at her as she ate so cutely.



Alex enters the house looking so exhausted already, he wasn’t in his hotel today cos he was helping out with the production of his idea which was taking place already.

“Wow, the favorite son of Julio Melendez is finally home, we should give a cheers to that”. Kingston said, making a toast all by himself.

Alex looks at him, and tries to walk away, but Kingston stops him.

“And where do you think your going Alex, am not done talking to you”.

“I have nothing to say to you Kingston, so can you please leave the way”.

“You must be feeling so high and mighty now Alex, should I turn on the music so you can dance for joy now that the company decides to go through with your idea”.

“Why’re you mad at me Kingston, that was the boards decision not mine, and it was best for the company, why does everything I do annoy you Kingston, am only helping out here”.

“Don’t take me for a fool Alex, I know what your trying to do, you want dad’s company all to yourself!”.

Alex sighs.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have come back here, I’ll just go over to my place”. He said and tries to leave, but Kingston forcefully held his collar.

“You ain’t going anywhere Alex, am not done with you!!”. Kingston said still hijacking his collar.

“Get your hands off me Kingston”.

“And if I don’t”. He asked chocking him the more.

“Then your going to answer to me Kingston”. Julio said as he Came downstairs.

“Let go off his collar Kingston”.

“And if I don’t”. He asked again, still forcefully holding Alex’s collar.

“Do you want to get baned from coming to the company”. Julio asked.

And Kingston reluctantly let go of Alex.

“Am not yet done with you!”. Kingston spats and leaves the house angrily.

“Dad am sorry”. Alex apologize.

“And what’re you sorry for Alex, you’re not fault here, Kingston should’ve been the one apologizing not you son, and why’re you always letting Kingston have his way on you”.

“His my elder brother dad, I don’t want to disrespect him”.

“And is also because your adopted right”. Julio asked.

Alex looks at him and takes in his lips.

“Alex, wheather your adopted or not, your still my son, we don’t have to be blood related for you to be my son, all that matters is the love and care we feel for each other as a family okay”.

And Alex nods with a smile.



“Ma’am you sent for me”. Nikita said innocently when she enters her office.

“Can you pull off the coat of you fake innocence”.

“What’re you talking about Ma’am”.

“What I want to know is, why you lied to me about yourself”.

Nikita looks at her.

“You said you just resided in Texas, whereas you’ve been in Texas all your life, I was a fool not to have verified if is true”.

“How did you know about that”.

“You don’t have to know about my source Nikita, the real truth is that you came to Nova Highschool, because it was the only school that didn’t know about how you murdering someone thanks to your bullying!!!” She yells.

“That’s not true, is mere rumors, my dad is one of the top richest men in Texas, of course they’ll want to ruined my name”.

“You don’t have to lie about it cos I have proves it’ll have been a little more better if you stopped your bullying act, but no you didn’t, you brought it to my school, and am someone who doesn’t tolerate such barbaric acts no matter how influential your parents are”.

“Am sorry ma’am, I promise it won’t happen again”.

“Apologize not accepted, I don”t want a bad egg like you as a student here”.

“Don’t tell your expelling me”. Nikita asked.

“Yes I’m Nikita, I already talked to your parents, and it’s seems they’re not surprised about it”.

“Ma’am you can’t expell me, if you do, my parents will force me into homeschool, which I clearly hate”. Nikita said.

“Then you should’ve thought about that before bullying the weak Nikita”.


Jason was talking to some of his teammates when Brielle approach them.

She took him by the hand and leaves with him, to the school’s rooftop.

“Did you do it”. She asked.

“Do what Elle”.

“Did you report Nikita to the principal, I heard she got expelled, where you the one who told the principal about her”. She asked.

And Jason nods.

“I know you told me to mind my business, but I couldn’t watch and let you get bullied, that’s why I digged up about her life in the previous school you both went to, and I learnt she murdered someone from bullying, I told Principal Megan about it, and how she has bullied you too, am sorry if I interfere, I just wanted to be of help”. Jason said.

“Are you going to tell my parents”. She asked.

“No Elle, for your sake I won’t, besides Nikita won’t bother you again”. Jason said.

Brielle smiles, and hugs Jason, Which made him look shocked, since Brielle always tells him to keep four steps away from her.

“Elle wha……”

“Thank you Jason”. She muttered tightening her arms around him.

Jason smiles and hugs her back too.



Naomi drops the Squeegee she was holding and sighs looking so pissed off.

“That’s jerk is so getting on my nerves, I mean am a caterer here, not a cleaner, my hands are still healing from the uprooting he made me do, and now his making clean his office, and the fact that I can’t do anything about it makes it more annoying”.

And she kicked the table angrily, making the ceramic mug in front of her fall from the table and break into pieces.

“Oh no, what’ve I done”. Naomi said covering her mouth.

Alex enters the office, he smiles when he saw her, but his smile disappeared like a bubble, when he saw the broken ceramic mug on the floor.

And his eyes ranged in anger.

“What did you just do Naomi!!!”. He yells calling her name for the first time.

“Am….sorry, it….was….was…an accident”. Naomi said looking scared.

Although they always fight, but this is the first time she has seen him angry, and he’d look scary.

“An accident, why can’t you do anything properly with those four eyes of yours!!!”. He yells again, scaring Naomi the more.

“Am sorry, it just an old looking ceramic mug, you don’t have to get mad”. She said and she could feel her tears already forming.

“I shouldn’t get mad, that ceramic mug is more valuable than your life and you just broke it!!!, You’re wearing glasses right, so why can’t you see with it, you useless brain!!!”.

“You don’t have to always insult me because am wearing glasses sir Alex, is not my fault am wearing one, you don’t always have to insult me because of it, you want that ceramic mug so bad, fine am going to get you a new one exactly like this valuable mug of yours!!!”. Naomi yells back as her tears freely flow down her eyes.

And seeing her tears, Alex sighs.

“Four e….I mean Naomi am sorry”. He said trying to hold her, but Naomi shifts backwards and leaves the office angrily.

Alex bends down, looking at the broken ceramic mug.


Eight years old Alex ran Inside the pottery Ware, to meet his dad who was cleaning a ceramic cup.

“Dad, is so beautiful, did you make it”. He asked smiling.

“Yes I did”.

“Your a genius dad, is so beautiful”.

“You can have it Alex”.

“Dad, why’re you giving it to me, if you sell this, your going to get lots of income from it”. Alex said.

His Dad Smiles and caress his hair.

“Not all beautiful things are meant to be sold Alex, some are meant to be kept and valued forever, just like this ceramic mug Alex, that’s why I made it for you, and I hope you do value it, since is the first gift am giving to you”.

“I’ll Dad”. He said giggling.

And just after that day, he came to his dad’s Pottery shop, but it was on fire, and before the firemen could come to his rescue, his dad was already dead.


I’ve kept this for so many years, cos it’s the only gift you were able to give to me, and its always reminds how much you love and care for me, but is all gone now, am sorry Dad, am sorry”.

And he slowly began picking up the broken pieces, as balls of tears falls down his eyes.


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Artist Name; Tales Of Naomi

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