(Her Tender Heart…)

EPISODE 33 & 34

By; Succie.





“Are you Alright Naomi”. Alex asked still looking worried.

And Naomi could only nod her head.

“I’ll take you home”.

“No, don’t I can go home on my own”. Naomi said.

She was sure her mom is going to qoute parables words if Alex takes her home, and that’s the least thing she wants to hear right now.

“Are you sure about that Naomi”.

“Yes sir Alex, I can take a cab home, don’t worry about me”. She said and turns to leave, Alex held her.

Naomi looks at her hand before fixing her eyes on him.

“Why sir Alex”.

“Your not mad at me right”.

“Why’ll I be mad at you”.

“My brother tried to rape you earlier, and am sorry about that Naomi, am so sorry”.

“You don’t have to apologise, you weren’t the one who tried to rape me so….I don’t see why I should be mad at you, thanks anyways for coming to my rescue”.

Alex sighs and caress her hand softly.

“I have to go now sir Alex”. Naomi said, taking her hand from his, and turns to leave.

She could feel he was looking at her, but not once did she stop to look at him.

As for Alex, he continues looking at her still she was out of sight, running his hands around his hair.



Brielle bits her lips, the moment she enters the school premises, she was going to see Jason, and that’s was was for sure.

And the fact that they both breed in thesame class, makes it a zero effort in avoiding him.

“Why on Earth did you kiss him”.

“Who did you kiss him”. Mia asked from behind her, and Brielle got startled.


“Sorry I got you startled, my ears kind of heard something, you….”.

“Is unlike you to come to school at this hour, did the angels of early comings, come to your dream last night”. Brielle asked trying to change the topic.

“No they didn’t, I just felt like coming to school early today, you know, trying to be a good student”. Mia said.

Brielle smiles.

“But wait, why’re you trying to change the topic”.

“What topic”. Brielle asked rolling her eyes.

“I heard you talking about kissing, you were like…why did you kiss him…who did you kiss Brielle….is it Jason.” Mia curiously asked.

Brielle looks at her and laughs out loud.

“I….kiss Jason, never Mia, not even in this life Time”. She said secretly fidgeting.

“So who did you kiss, you already kiss someone, tell me, who’s he Brielle”. Mia asked excitedly.

“No one Mia, when I said why did you kiss him, I wasn’t actually referring to myself, is from a series I watched…..the female lead kissed the second male lead, just to make the leading man jealous, and am curious to know what’s going to happen next since is an ongoing drama”. Brielle lies.

And Mia sighs.

“You’re a psychopath Brielle, how could you get so acquitted with a movie, is just fictional, this is why I don’t like movies, people get too addicted to it, here I thought you kissed someone, not knowing is from a movie”. Mia said.

And Brielle smiles, but her smiles slowly subsided when she sees Jason entering the school.

And the sparkling and shining stars came again, he was like a beautiful angel descending down to earth.

And the way he laughed with some of his male classmates, made her heart flutter and pulsed rapidly.

*Stop throbbing*. She muttered inwardly holding her chest.

But her heart continues thumping massively as she keeps looking at Jason, who is still laughing with his classmates.

“Stop beating!!!!!”. She yells out loudly, attracting everyone’s attention.

Even Mia got shocked as a result of her shout.

“Brielle, who’s beating who”. Mia asked looking around to see if anyone was being beating by the other.

Brielle sighs, and her eyes met with Jason who was obviously staring at her.

She quickly diverted her gaze from him, and took the her heels.

“She’s the one who kiss me out of the blue, and now she’s avoiding me”. Jason muttered with a long lasting sigh.


Susan was going home, after getting some few things in the market, when a reckless driver almost knocked out of the road.

Susan screams dropping everything she was holding, falling to the ground.

And to make it worst the driver didn’t stopped.

“Do you think your the owner of the road!!”. Susan yells, and yelps in pain afterwards.

“Ma’am are you alright”. A guy in his mid twenties asked.

Susan looks at him and sighs.

“Yes I’m fine, is a good thing that barbarian didn’t kill me completely”. Susan said.

And he helped her pick her items that was scattered in the floor, arranging it, in descending order Inside the plastic bag.

Susan tries to stand to her feet, but she yelp in pain, and he quickly held her.

“Are you alright ma’am” he asked.

“No…my feet hurt”. Susan muttered in endless pain.

“You must’ve have sprained your leg ankle, I’ll take you to the hospital”. He said helping her to her feet.


Susan got an X-ray in the hospital, and she discovered it was just a fragile wound, and will be able to walk again the next day.

She wasn’t the hospital type, so she didn’t agree to spend even a minute at the hospital.

“Thanks you so much handsome, you don’t know me but yet you help me to the hospital, and even brought me back home, your so kind”. Susan said smiling.

“Is nothing ma’am, I only did what I’ll do if my mom was in your shoe”.

Susan smiles.

“What’s your name dear”.

“Is Finn ma’am”.

“That’s a nice name for a handsome face like yours”. Susan said and Finn smiles.

“Anyways I’ll be going now, my break at work already ended”.

“Alright Finn, but endeavor to drop by when your less busy, and I’ll treat you on a very nice meal, my own cooking to be preside, am the best when it comes to cooking homemade Texan meal”.

“Alright I’ll ma’am”.

“Just call me Aunt from now okay”. Susan said smiling.

And Finn nods.

“You’ll have seen my beautiful daughter, but too bad Naomi is at work”.


“Yes, do you know her”. Susan asked.

“I doubt so, she’s just happens to bear the name of someone I know”.

“I guess alot of people do go by the name Naomi right”.

Finn smiles.

“I’ll go now Aunt, may sure to nudge Aspirin cream to you leg ankle, is going to help it’s heal faster”.

“I’ll Finn, thanks once again”.

Finn nods with a smile and leaves.

Susan looks at him and sighs smiling.

“His not only handsome but kind-hearted too…..I guess I finally found a husband for Naomi, he’ll be the perfect one for her….should I start hooking the both of them up”. Susan asked herself and giggles.

“His definitely the one for Naomi”. She added.



“What took you so long Finn”. Bre asked.

“Am sorry Bre, something came up and I had to help a lady out”.

“Or maybe you’re just making excuses since you went to have a quicky with your girlfriend”. Bre said.

“I don’t have one to begin with”. Finn said.

Brielle Scoffs.


“Whatever Bre….where’s Naomi”. He asked looking around.

Naomi enters the kitchen carrying a plate of dirty dishes, and Finn quickly rushed to her.

“Lemme help you with it Naomi”. He asked, and Bre looks at them.

“Is fine Finn, is not that heavy”.

“I insist Naomi”. He said completely taking it from her.

He drops the dirty dishes Inside the sink, and rushed to her, cleaning her sweaty face.

“What’re you doing”. Naomi said between smiles.

“Your face looks sweaty, am trying to clean your balls of sweats…..you must’ve been so exhausted, why do you insist on working when your on Break”. Finn said caressing her face.

Bre gulps down nothing looking at them.

“I just wanted to Finn”.

“Silly you”. Finn said poking her nose.

And Naomi laughs.

“Your the silly one here Finn”. Naomi said roughing his hair.

Finn smiles and scattered her hair too, making both of them laugh.

Bre intentionally drops a glass cup, making them face her.

“Oh Bess”. Naomi said smiling.

“Really now, are you just seeing me”. Bre asked.

Naomi pouted.

“Am sorry about that Bre, I got distracted by Finn”. Naomi said slightly hitting Finn’s chest.

“Do you want us to eat the new recipes I added to the food menu, is so….”.

“Is Fine Naomi, am not hungry, I’ll just….I need some fresh air”. She said, she looks at Finn, before leaving the kitchen.

And Naomi looks at her from the glass door, still she was out of sight.

“Is everything alright with Bre”. Naomi asked worriedly.

“Maybe she’s her time of the month”. Finn whispers, and Naomi hits him, he smiles.

“Actually I baked some cupcakes for you”.

“Really you did, can I have it, please, please, Please”. Naomi said like a baby, jumping as well.

And Finn smiles, admiring her cute she looks in her glasses.

He went over to the huge refrigerators, he opens one of them, and brought out the cupcakes.

Naomi’s face shines brightly when she sees the delicious cupcakes, and she was already salivating.

“Can I have it already” . She said blinking.

Finn nods.

“Ah”. He said.

Naomi smiles and happily opened her little mouth, but instead of feeding her the cupcake, Finn shoved it Inside his mouth instead.

“Finn”. She whines like a baby, and Finn laughs.

“Alright, one last time, ah”.

Naomi opens her mouth to receive the cupcake inside her mouth, but Finn ate it instead, and laughs.

Naomi tries to take the cupcake box from him, but Finn raised it above his head.

“Get it if you can”. He said smiling.

Naomi jumps her toe to take it from him, but she couldn’t since Finn was taller than her.

And when she sees her effort were fruitless, she kicked his knee, making Finn bow to her, and Naomi quickly took the cupcake box from him.

“Finally”. She muttered smiling.

And when she sees Finn coming to her, she ran, screaming and laughing as well.

Both run around the huge kitchen laughing.

Alex who have been watching them, couldn’t watch anymore, and he decided to leave, seeing Naomi getting too attached to another Guy makes him sad.

“Sir Alex”.

“Oh Mrs Ivy”. Alex said trying to brighten up.

“What’re you doing in the kitchen area”. She asked looking surprised.

“I….I…was just passing by, am about to leave”. He said.

He made to leave, but stopped and turns to Mrs Ivy.

“Mrs Ivy”.

“Yes sir Alex”.

“Is Naomi dating Finn”. He asked, and he caused himself inwardly after he said that.

“Of course not sir Alex, Finn and Naomi are just friends, they became close friends because Finn always bake cupcakes for her”.

“Cupcakes”. He asked.

“Yes sir Alex, Naomi is a lover of cupcakes, that’s why she got so close to Finn”. Mrs Ivy answers.




Susan quickly pulls Naomi to sit with her, the Moment she came back home.

“What wrong Mom”. She asked looking tired.

“I have something to tell you Naomi”.

“Which is”.

“I’ve found a Guy you can spend the rest of your life with”. Susan smiling, and Naomi takes her hand from her.

“Are we in India movie, why will you get a guy for me”.

“Because no one is asking you out, your Twenty two, and yet you’ve never had a boyfriend, am just helping you out here”.

“I don’t need it Mom”.

“Yes you do, his really the one for you, I can feel it, and he’ll be coming to the house soon”.

And Naomi stood to her feet.

“Coming to get married to you right”.

“Naomi, how could you say that”.

“I dunno who this Guy is, but whatever your planning, don’t push through with it, don’t turn yourself into a typical India mother”. Naomi said and went for her room.

“How can I not turn into one, when you’ve refused to have a boyfriend”. Susan said and sighs.


Naomi falls to the bed when she got to her room.

“Mom is really crazy”. She muttered.

Her mind flashback to Bre, and she remembers Bre has been quiet the entire day.

“I wonder if she’s okay”. Naomi muttered and called Bre.

Bre picked after so many rings.


“Did I wake you”. Naomi asked.

“No, why did you call”. She asked

“You were quiet the entire day, I just called to ask why”. Naomi said adjusting her glasses.

“Am fine Naomi, I was just a little bit angry at the world, but am okay now”.

“That’s a relief then”. Naomi said smiling.

“Naomi”. Bre muttered over the phone.

“Yes Bess”.

“Are you…..is nothing, see you at work tomorrow”.

“You can go ahead and tell me Bre, I’ll listen to you”.

“Is nothing Naomi, goodnight”. Bre said and ended the call, before Naomi could say goodnight.

Naomi’s phone rings, she checked the caller and it was from Alex, she quickly sit upright, she clears her throat and arrange her hair before picking up.

“Hello sir Alex”.

“Are you sleeping already” he asked.

“No, why”.

“If it’s okay with you, can we meet up”.

And Naomi takes in her lips.

“Are you still there Naomi”.


“If you can’t, then is fine I….”

“Where do you want us to meet”. She said cutting him short.


Alex smiles when Naomi came to the park, she was looking simple, but yet so beautiful and cute.

“Sorry I called you up this late”. He said when she finally got to him.

“Is fine sir Alex, I usually like the park at night”. She said sitting down.

“Really”. Alex asked sitting beside her.

Naomi looks at him and nods.

“Yes, because is not always crowded with people, am usually not comfortable when too many people are around me, I get nervous easily”.

Alex chuckles.

“That’s mean you can never be a celebrity”.

“I swear, am going to be the worst celebrity ever, if I think of going through that part….I also like the park at night because the Stars are always shinning and sparkling”. Naomi said smiling looking at the stars.

Alex looks at her, admiring her beautiful face.

Naomi face him, and he quickly looks somewhere else.

“Why did you call me out here sir Alex”.

“I….I….just wanted to give you this”. Alex said giving her a decorated paper bag.

“What’s in it”. She asked, taking it from him.

“Check it out yourself”. Alex said.

Naomi poke nose, and dipped her hand Inside the bag, and brought out a rectangular cupcake box, designed with pinkish ribbon.

She opens the cupcake box and breathing taking cupcakes came into view.

“Wow, is this for me”. She asked smiling.

“Yes, I heard you like cupcakes”.

“Yeah I do, I can die for it”. Naomi said smiling.

“Go ahead and eat”.

Naomi giggles, and took one from the cupcake box.

“Wow, it taste so yummy”. She said feeling the sweetest of it’s taste.

“Is it delicious”.

And Naomi nods, enjoying every bit of it’s taste.

“Then I guess my hardwork paid”.

And Naomi looks at him in surprise.

“You were the one you baked this”.


“You didn’t have to sir Alex”. She muttered smiling.

“Cos I don’t want you to be close to other guys, because of it”.


“The stars are so shinning today right”. Alex said trying to divert the topic.

“Oh that’s right, is so beautiful”. She said and Alex looks at her, as she ate the cupcakes and at the same looking at the stars.

“The stars are one the things I love looking at the most, am obsessed with the stars that I even have to name them one after the other…. crazy right”. Naomi said now looking at Alex.

But Alex place his head on her shoulder, wrapping his hands around her waist.

“Sir Alex”. Naomi muttered taking his head off her shoulder, but Alex place his head on her shoulder again, sleeping.

“Sir Alex, please get up”. She said taking his head off from her shoulder, but Alex’s head stayed stiff in her shoulder.

“Are you really sleeping”.

Alex adjust his head properly on her shoulder, tightening his arms around her waist.

Naomi looks at him and chuckles.

“Fine, I’ll let you sleep in my shoulder and wrap your hands around my waist, cos your handsome”. Naomi said caressing his hair softly.

She sighed and continue looking at the stars, admiring how beautiful it was naturally created.

Alex who wasn’t actually sleeping, opens his eyes and smiles, cuddling his hands around her waist, with his head perfectly on her shoulder.


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