(Her Tender Heart…)

EPISODE 31 & 32

By; Succie.




She held his collar and pulls him closer with it, slowly and steadily, she pressed her lips on Jason’s lips, shocking the living daylight out of him.

The school bell rang and Brielle immediately broke the kiss.

She gasps covering her mouth realizing what she just did.

“Elle you….”

“Am sorry, but I’ve to go”. She rushly said and took to her heels.

Jason slowly touch his lips, and his mind went back to how Brielle kissed him.

“Did Brielle just kiss me”. He muttered as a huge smile appears on his face.

Brielle stops running when she finally got to the rooftop and she could feel her heart leaving her body cos of the endless beatings.

“What was that for Brielle, why did you kiss Jason, what came over you Brielle”. She said slapping herself.

“You kissed Jason!!!”.



“Eat somemore Naomi”. Calvin said smiling, as he added more pork strips on her plate.

“Thanks alot Calvin, your so nice”. Naomi said giggling.

Alex throws Calvin a deadly glance, and Calvin smiles.


“Yes Calvin”.

“You’ll be free this weekend right”. He asked smiling.

And Naomi looks at Alex.

“Don’t worry about my best friend here, I can handle him, I want you to come to my party this weekend”.

“Party”. Naomi muttered.

“Yes, is not actually mine, is for my girlfriend she’ll be celebrating her birthday this weekend and I want you to be there”.

“Won’t your girlfriend be mad if she sees me”. Naomi asked.

“Of course not, she’s not that kind of person, and am doing this to repay you for the funny things you did to my Alexander”. Calvin said patting Alex, but Alex jerks his hand off.”

“His name is Alexander”. Naomi said looking at Alex.

“Yes but he prefers Alex to Alexander, he hates it when they call him Xander”.

“Why”. Naomi asked.

“Because is kind of thesame pronunciation with the Xender app”. Calvin said.

And both Calvin and Naomi laughed hitting hands together.

“Am right here you know”. Alex said getting pissed off.

“We know, just enjoy your meal”. Calvin said.

He looks at Naomi, and both laughed.


“Thanks for treating me out Calvin, i really enjoyed it”. Naomi said smiling.

“Really, then should we go out together another time”. He asked.

And Alex hits his head.


“You’ve a girlfriend right, so go out with her, and stop being stupid”. Alex said.

Calvin smiles and came closer to him, and whispers to him.

“You like her don’t you”.

But Alex hits him lightly in the stomach, and Calvin groan smiling.

“I guess I got my answer….Naomi it was nice meeting you, and I hope you can make it to the party this weekend”.

“I’ll see to it”. Naomi said smiling.

*Why can’t she just stop smiling at him*. Alex muttered inwardly.

“Then I’ll be expecting you Naomi….goodnight best friend”. Calvin said smiling.

“I don’t need it”. Alex said and Calvin Chuckles.

“Good night Naomi”. Calvin said trying to hug her, but Alex came between them, making Naomi wonder why.

“Just go home Calvin”. He said.

“Fine I’ll”. He replies smiling.

He enters his car and drove off.

“Are you going home, I’ll drop you off”. Alex said.

“No is fine sir Alex, my house is not that far from here”. Naomi said pointing towards the direction she’s going.

“I insist on taking you home Naomi, is late and I can’t leave you to Walk home on your own”.

“But is not….”.

“I don’t take no for an answer”.

Naomi chuckles.

“Are you copying Calvin now”. She asked smiling.

“No am not, I just want to take you home”.

“Alright sir Xander”.

“Don’t call me that”.

“Okay sir Xander”.


And Naomi laughs.



“Brielle are you alright”. Susan asked when she sees Brielle staring into space.

“Yes…mom, I’m Fine”. She answers.

“Are you sure”.

Brielle looks at her mom, and there was no way she could tell her mom she kissed Jason at school ealier today.

“Is nothing Mom, am just so tired from all the school activities we did at school today”.


“Yes mom, what about Dad”.

“You should know your Dad is a sleepyhead like Naomi”. Susan said.

And both laugh.

“Speaking of Naomi, is she not supposed to be back by now”. Brielle asked, and Susan gets worried.

They both heard the sound of a car pulling Into a halt, and both Susan and Brielle went to the window to check.

“Is this where you Live”. Alex asked looking around.

“Yes, why sir Alex, do you find it irritating”.

“Of course not Naomi, I used to be poor you know, I only got lucky when I got adopted by the Melendezs”.

Naomi chuckles.

“You should go in now Naomi”.

“Sir Alex”.

“Yes Naomi, do you need anything”.

“Not really, well about the party, I….”

“Do you want to go to the party”.

And Naomi slowly nods her head like a baby, which made Alex smiles.

“Sure you can Naomi, am also going to the party, you can tag alongside with me”.

“Thanks sir Alex”. She muttered adjusting her glasses, making Alex admires her the more.

“You should go now sir Alex, thanks for bringing me home”.

“I want to see you go in”.

“But is my house, you should be the one to go, I’ll just watch you leave”. Naomi said.

“Alright then, good night Naomi”.

And Naomi nods her head.

Alex enters his car and drove off and Naomi keeps looking at him, still he was out of sight.

She enters the house and both Brielle and Susan’s eyes fell on her.

“Good evening mom”.

“Evening Naomi, was that your boss”.

“Yes Mom”.

“Why did he bring you home”. Susan asked.

“He just offered to take me home mom”.

“Aren’t you getting too attached to him”.


“Naomi, I know his handsome and cute at the same time, but his a Melendez, I don’t want you to get involved with them, they’re powerful people in Texas, and those kinds of people don’t hesitate to do anything stupid, because they’ll always have a way of covering it up with their money”.

“Mom, is not what you think, sir Alex is just a friend”.

“It always starts like that right, people fall in love after they become friends, especially when it has to do with the opposite s*x”. Susan said.

“That’s never going to happen Mom, sir Alex and I are just friends, the relationship we share is just boss and employee, I work for him mom, do you possibly think his going to fall in Love with a mere worker who wears glasses, when they’re thousands of beautiful girls that suits his taste, status and qualification, his never going look at a girl like me mom”. Naomi said.

“And what about you, do you feel any strings for him”.

“Mom”. Naomi muttered fraustrating.

“Am just asking a question Naomi, so I deserve an answer”.

“Fine, I don’t, happy now!”. She halfyells at her mom.

Susan sighs and held her hand.

“Naomi, is not like am preventing you from dating, is just that I don’t want you to get involved with that family, something doesn’t feel right about them, you can date anyone apart from the son of that family”.

“Why mom, did they do something to you”. Naomi asked.

“No Naomi, not at all, I just feel your life is going to be in danger if you get closer with your boss, I prefer you dating someone of our class, is much better that way, am just having this instincts that it won’t turn out good if you date your boss”.

“There’s no way am ever going to be in a relationship with him mom, his my boss, no strings attached”. Naomi said.

Susan smiles.

“That’s good to know then, goodnight Naomi”. Susan Pecks her and went to her room.

Naomi sighs and sits in the couch.

“Naomi”. Brielle stuttered and Naomi looks at her.

“Don’t get Mad at mom, she’s just concerned about you, you know how this rich people are right, they do things without looking back or thinking twice about it”.

“But sir Alex is good Man”.

“Just because his good doesn’t mean his family are, when a girl gets into a relationship with a guy, is like she’s dating his whole family”. Brielle said.

Naomi chuckles.

“And where do you hear that saying from”.

“Well, Thanks to being a lover of India dramas”. Brielle said placing her hand in her chest, blinking.

Naomi smiles.

“Thanks for the quote, but there’s no way am going to ever date sir Alex, and there’s no way his going to like a girl that’s far different from him”.

And Brielle nods.

“Anyways, how was school today”. Naomi asked.

And Brielle remember how she has kiss Jason, and gasps.

“Are you okay Brielle”.

“Yes….yes…I’m fine, I’ll be going to my room”. Brielle said and quickly Leaves.

“What with her, she didn’t even tell me about how her day in school was”. Naomi muttered falling to the couch completely.

Brielle runs inside her room and locks it afterwards.

She held her chest when she feels it beating rapidly.

“What’s wrong with this, why is it always beating so fast at the mention of Jason”.

Her heart beat raises to 360° when Jason calls her.

She quickly took her phone and turned it off.

“I must be going crazy, no your going crazy Brielle Salvador, why did you kiss Jason”. She said roughing her hair, rolling around the bed.



Alex came out from his gorgeous bathroom, after having a shower.

His hair were dripping wet, making him look breathtaking.

He didn’t want to spend the night at his adoptive’s parents mansion cos he didn’t want Kingston to start a world war 3 with him.

The only reason he always spend time at the bigger mansion was because of his dad, and his mom, whom he thinks loves him.

After drying his hair with a hand dryer, he puts on a huge hoodie and joggers and falls to the bed.

His mind flashback to Naomi, and how she cutely adjust her glasses every single minute and smiles.

He took his phone and made to call her, but he stopped halfway when he sees it was already Sharpe 11.

“Am sure she must be sleeping by now”. He muttered.

He was about dropping his phone, but his hand mistakenly touch the gallery app, and the pictures of Angelika show in his phone.

He didn’t even delect her pictures after she ended their relationship cos he was hoping for a second chance with her.

“I guess is time to finally let go”. He muttered and with that he delected her entire pictures.

He smiles when he sees a picture of Naomi, he has secretly took a picture of her without her knowing.

He zoomed the picture to look at her properly, and he smiles widely.

“She’s really cute”. He muttered still zooming the picture like he was searching for something Inside.

*Somebody please help me, anyone please help me, someone is trying to take me hostage, am the only child of my parents, help*.

Naomi’s voice back then echoes in his ear.

And what seems to be annoying to him then, became amusing to him now.

“She’s so funny”. He muttered laughing.

*The next time you show that face of yours to me again, it’ll be your funeral, ancient great grandmother my foot*

And Alex laughs out loud, that one will think his going mentally unstable.



Kingston enters the hotel, walking around the hotel areas like his some kind of Detective.

“His hotel is really growing so well, no wonder his so full of himself”. Kingston said with a scoff.

He turns to leave and bumped into Naomi, their heads hits, and Naomi falls to the floor.

“Watch were your going!!”. Kingston yells at her.

“Am sorry sir, am so sorry”. Naomi apologize sincerely, after getting back to her feet.

Kingston scans her whole body, and even if she wasn’t wearing a body fitted clothes, he could tell from his scanning that she’s well package.

“Who’re you”. He asked.

“Huh”. Naomi muttered.

“Am Alex’s brother, Kingston Melendez, who’re you”.

“Am Naomi”. She said with a bow.

“Naomi”. He asked moving closer to her, and Naomi quickly shifts backwards.

“You know your beautiful right”. He said, and Naomi arch her eyebrows.

“And beautiful girls like you, needs to be taken to the moon and back”. Kingston said.

“If your looking for sir Alex, he’s in his office, I’ll take my leave now”. Naomi said and tries to leave but Kingston draws her back and pins her to the wall, shocking the innocent her.

“Wha…..what’re you doing sir”. Naomi muttered looking scared.

“Are you that slow-witted, can’t you tell a handsome guy like me wants you”. Kingston said trying touch her b**bs, but Naomi slaps his hand off.

“Am not that kind of person sir, if you want to satisfy your inner self that badly, go to the clubhouse”. Naomi said and made to leave again, but Kingston forcefully pins her to the wall, and Naomi yelped in pain as a result of the force.

“Do you possibly think I take no for an answer”. Kingston said trying to kiss her.

Naomi screams turning her head left and right.

She was in the lobby area, and since it was late already, there was no single creature there.

And just when she thought it was over for her, Alex pulls Kingston away from her, and gave him a heavy punch that sends him flying down to the ground.

“Naomi, are you alright”. He asked worriedly, but Naomi could only hiccups in tears.

Kingston spits out the blood in his mouth and face Alex.

“Did you just punch me”.

“Yes I did, and I’ll do that again and again if you ever try to repeat what you just did to Naomi!!”. Alex yells at him.

“She’s just a worker here right, atleast lemme have a taste of her, to pay for everything my dad did for you, give her to me”. Kingston said trying to go near Naomi, Naomi hides behind Alex.

And Alex angrily punch Kingston again.

“Just get out of here Kinston, I might have hold back anytime you treat me like trash, but I won’t hold back if you try to touch her again”. Alex said and face Naomi.

“Are you alright Naomi”. He asked worried wiping her tears.

Kingston scoffs and storms out of the lobby area.

“Am sorry for what my brother did to you Naomi”. Alex said huging her.

Naomi just stayed put in his arms, this was the very first time someone tries to rape her, and the shock took almost half of her life.



“What happened to you Kingston, why is your face burised up”. Emilia said worriedly.

“Alex did this to me”.

“Alex…..that’s unlike him to raise his fist on you, no matter how hard you fist on him”.

“He did it because of a girl Mom”.

“A girl, what girl”.

“Her name is Naomi and she works for him”.

“Alex fisted on you because of a mere worker”. Emilia asked.

“She’s not just a worker there mom, Alex has feelings for her”.

“And how can you tell”.

“Am not a slow-witted mom, I can easily tell when someone is inlove, and judging from Alex’s case, his head over heels in love with that Naomi girl”.

And Emilia smiles.

“Do you find it amusing”. Kingston asked when he saw the smile on her face.

“Yes I do, we finally found a way to get into Alex”.

“What do you mean mom”. Kingston asked looking a bit out of the world.

“If Alex is really in love with this Naomi as you claim, then we can always used her as a bait, and judging from the fact that she’s poor, we can easily endanger her life to the deepest, just to get Alex”. Emilia said with a wicked smile.



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