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Tales Of Naomi – Episode 35 & 36

(Her Tender Heart…)

EPISODE 35 & 36

By; Succie.








“Jason are you alright”. Mrs Barlow, Jason’s mom asked.

Jason looks at her and sighs.

“Is late already, so why you not sleeping”. She asked again.

“I couldn’t get a glimpse of sleep, no matter how hard I try”. Jason muttered sadly.

Mrs Barlow sighs and sits with him.

“What’s the problem son”.

“Mom, when a girl kiss you out of the blue, what does that mean”. He asked.

And Mrs Barlow looks at him.

“I wasn’t the one kissed by the girl…is em…is a friend of mine in school, he has been crushing on this girl in his class, but she’s unaware of his feelings for her, then one day all of a sudden, the girl kissed him, and starts keeping his distance from him, what does that mean”.

“Are you sure this friend of yours is not you, you’ve been crushing on Brielle right”.

And Jason’s jaw dropped.

“How did you know”. He asked.

“Is already obvious you like her, even your sister Bre knows about it, from the way you’ve always been looking at for her, since you both were kids, am not that draft not to notice you like her, and beside Brielle is very beautiful”.

Jason takes in his lips, looking at his mom.

“Was she did one that kissed you”.

Jason looks at her, and slowly nods.

“She likes you too Jason”.

And Jason’s eyes went wide open.

“She does….then why is she avoiding me”.

“She doesn’t know it yet, you see when a guy and a girl grows up together as best friend, it always takes time for the one to know she’s or his inlove with his or her best friend, it’s always a one sided love at first”.

“I don’t understand mom”.

“What am trying to say is that you should give Brielle sometime, let her think on her own, and knows what she really feels, distance yourself from her a little”.

“I can’t do that mom, I might die”.

And Mrs Barlow laughs.

“Do you love her that much”.

And Jason nods.

“Yes I do mom, and her avoiding me, is killing me slowly”. Jason muttered sadly.

Mrs Barlow smiles and caress his hair.

“Your just like your late Dad you know, he loves too much….I’ll advise you to take it slowly, your just 17 Jason, and sometimes feelings do change”.

“I doubt that mom, I love Brielle a lot, am just too scared to tell her”.

“Scared of being rejected”. Mrs Barlow asked and Jason nods.

“But life is full of risk Jason, you just have to go through with it, no matter how hard it turns out to be….but am definitely sure Brielle loves you, she’s just being confused, don’t worry son, she’ll come around”.

“Thanks mom”. Jason said and hugs her smiling, Mrs Barlow Pat’s him softly.



“Huh, you’re resigning from being the CCO of McKesson cooperation”. Julio asked Lawrence.

And Lawrence nods.

“But why Lawrence, the company has been doing greatly well, and Alexi’s idea is bringing income into the company”. Julio said.

“I know that Julio, but I just want to start my own firm, you’re the founder of McKesson cooperation, and you had to make the CCO of the company because we’re friends, believe am grateful for that, but now I want to have a company with my name”.

Julio sighs.

“Fine, I’ll talk to the other board members about it, but whose going to replace your position here in the company”.

“You can give the position to Alex, his more capable and reliable than Kingston, Kingston will just abuse his power as a CCO, and treat everyone like trash, if by chance he replaced me”.

And Emilia enters furiously.

“If you want to resign from this company, why can’t you do it without discriminating my son!!”. Emilia yells at Lawrence.

“What’re you doing here Emilia”. Julio asked.

Emilia Scoffs.

“So I no longer have the right to be here anymore, is that it!!!”.

“Don’t put words in my mouth Emilia, you’re making a scene here”. Julio said.

“And why won’t I make a scene when you’re ditching Kingston off like his some kind of trash, his your son Julio, and you’re just going to handle the position of a CCO to your adoptive son!!!”. Emilia yells.

“Yes I’ll Emilia, if that will keep the company from falling apart, do you possibly think Kingston will be able to handle the company if his given that position”.

“You always look down on Kingston, that’s why you’ve never seen what his capable of”. Emilia said angrily.

“I don’t understand you Emilia, right now you’re confusing me, you accepted Alex as your son right, the boy thinks you love him like a son, so why all this jabbing shouldn’t you be happy am giving him the position if truly you love him….or are you just pretending to love and care for him, when you don’t actually love him as a son”. Julio asked.

Lawrence looks at Emilia curiously.

“Whatever Julio!”. She spats and storms out of the office like a mad woman, which indeed she is.

She went to Kingston’s office, he didn’t have have any specific role to play in the Company, he was just given an office, due to the fact that his the son of the founder of McKesson cooperation.

On getting to his office, Emilia could hear soft moans coming from inside his office.

Emilia sighs, and dashed inside, and sees Kingston and Vivi making out almost stripping off their clothes.

“Mom”. Kingston said taking off his fingers from her already wet p*ssy.

“This why your dad keeps discriminating you Kingston, how can you bring your s*x affairs to work!”. Emilia halfyells at him.

“Good afternoon Aunt”. Vivi greeted.

“Keep your greetings to yourself Vivi”. Emilia said rudely.

“Mom, that’s Vivian”.

“I know that Kingston, am not blind…..Vivi do you know your dad keeps…no, his adding more fuel into the burning frames”.

“I don’t understand Aunt”.

“That dad of yours wants to resign as the CCO of McKesson cooperation, but instead of him to leave quietly, his suggesting Alex replace him, and to think that Julio bought the idea, makes it so exasperating.”.

“Dad wants to give Alex the position of a CCO”. Kingston said folding his fists.

“You heard me right Kingston…and as for you Vivi, if you want to continuing being on my good side, talk to that annoying father of yours to shut his gutters…understand”.

“I’ll Aunt”. Vivi said and angrily leaves.

“Mom, Alex can’t be CCO, what about me mom, if he gets that position I will be regarded as nothing, every living creature here will see me as nothing”. Kingston said.

“And do you possibly think am going to let that happen”.

“What do mean mom”. Kingston asked.

“Leave everything to me”.



“Oh Vivi your back, let’s eat together”. Lawrence said smiling.

But Vivi angrily throws her bag at him.

“What’s the meaning of this Vivi”.

“Why’re you Verge on destroying my happiness!!”. She yells.

“What do you mean Vivian”.

“Don’t give me that pretends look like you don’t know the heck am talking about, you want to resign at McKesson cooperation right, why can’t you just do it codely, must you suggest Alex’s replace you, for the love of crystal, Kingston is my boyfriend, shouldn’t you atleast for once be on his side, must you always discriminate him”.

“Are you done, if you’re done jabbing, you can get out of my sight”. Lawrence said.

“No matter what you try to do Dad, your plan of me ending up with that adoptive son that calls himself Alex will never work, so better take back the trash you puked out”. Vivi said and storms out of the house.

Lawrence who didn’t care about a damn word, his daughter just said, continues eating, like they was no one in the world but him.



“What’re we doing here sir Alex”. Naomi asked looking around the boutique.

“We’re going to Calvin’s girlfriend party tonight, I just want to get you something to wear”.

“You didn’t have to sir Alex”. She muttered.

“I insist on doing so Naomi, that way you’ll fit in in the party, you may not know this, but Calvin’s dad’s is the governor”.

“What, Calvin is the governor’s son”. Naomi asked looking surprised.

“Shocked right, I was shocked too when I found out, the way he behaves you’d think his the son of a lunatic…but his still my best friend”. Alex said.

Naomi looks at him and smiles.

“But why’re we the only ones in this boutique”. Naomi asked looking around again.

“That’s because I rented it for today”.


“You said you get nervous anytime your being crowded by people, so that’s why I rented the whole place , cos I know you’ll get nervous too, when you go to the party”. Alex said.

Naomi looks at him smiling, taking her time to admire how handsome he was.

Alex looks at her, and she quickly looked somewhere else coughing.

“Are you alright Naomi” he asked.

“Yes….I’m”. She said swollowing hard.

A lady attendance approach them, smiling like her life depends on it.

“Good evening to you sir Alex”. She greeted.

And Naomi looks at him.

“Of course she knows me, am a regular here”. Alex said and winks at her, and Naomi could feel butterflies circulating in her Tommy.

“Evening Mitchell, I and this cuties here are going for a party in less than an hour, make her feel she’s the most beautiful queen on the planets”. Alex said.

And Naomi secretly blushed.

“Alright sir Alex, come with me Ms”. Mitchell said.

But Naomi looks at Alex, and Alex patted her shoulder.

“Don’t worry Naomi, she’s not a vulture, so she won’t prey on you okay”. He said caressing her soft and tender face.

Naomi nods and reluctantly followed Mitchell, while Alex sitted in one of the empty chairs waiting for her.

Few minutes later, Naomi came out with Mitchell, dressed so elegantly.

Alex’s mouth went wide opened as he continues staring at her, he didn’t even know when his phone flipped out from his hand.

Naomi was wearing a spaghetti strap bodycon gown, that stop right on her thighs, bringing out the curvy shape she has been hiding under the bogus clothes she was always wearing.

Her long dark hair was curled, giving more fittings to her, she had light makeups on her face, but still she was breath taking.

And the glasses she was wearing made her look like a cute baby doll, that’s she.

“Do I look awful”. Naomi asked bringing Alex back from the world beyond.

Alex blinks trice before answering.

“No you look amazing very beautiful”

And Naomi blushed, she bends down and picked up his phone.

“Here you go, where you enchanted by my new look that it made your phone flipped out from your hand”.

“I guess so”.

And Naomi chuckles smiling.

“Thanks alot Mitchell, for the job well done”. Alex said.

“Thanks alot for the compliment”. She answers.

Both Alex and Naomi later leaves the boutique, and Mitchell who was waiting for them to completely leave the boutique premises, quickly dial a number.

“Hello Mrs Emilia, sir Alex already left the boutique, his heading for a party”.


Naomi keeps crimping her hands together, looking so nervous.

She has gotten to the party and yet she was so nevous like f*ck.

Imagining the number of people that’ll be at the party intensifies her so badly, and if she knew Calvin was the governor’s son, she’ll have declined going to the party.

She thought it was just a simple party, judging from the fact that Calvin acts crazy, but who the heck will have the slightest idea, that Calvin was the governor’s son.

“Are you alright Naomi”. He asked driving

“I…I…just need some fresh, is it okay if we rest for a while before going to the party”.

And Alex pulls the car to a halt.

“Are you nervous”.

And Naomi quickly nods.

“I thought I can do this, but am wrong, I might just faint when I get there, right now I just need some fresh air”. Naomi said.

Alex smiles, and caress her hair.

“Alright then get as many fresh air you want, I’ll get you some cold soda to drink ok”.

And Naomi nods.

Both came down from the car and Naomi quickly embrace the cold breeze that came to her, despite the oozing AC from inside the car.

“I’ll be right back Naomi, just stay here ok”.

And Naomi nods her head, and Alex headed for a nearby convenience store.

Naomi keeps sighing anytime she remembered she was still going to the party.

“Should I just back out”. She muttered, and looks at the beautiful dress she was wearing.

“But he spent a lot of money on this, it’ll be a waste not to push through with it, and I already told Calvin I’ll be there…. just put yourself together Naomi, you can do this”. She said assuring herself.

She smiles when she saw Alex coming towards her with cans of soda in his hand.

*His cute*. She muttered smiling.

But her smiles subsided, when she saw red point on his shirt.

And before she could react to it, Alex was shot three times in the chest.

Naomi screams, falling to the ground on hearing the Gun shots, agitating in fear.

The soda cans he was holding fall from his hand, and thick blood float out from his mouth.

Alex falls on his knees, before finally falling to the ground completely.

Naomi slowly looks at Alex, and he was already laying flat in the road in a pool of blood.

“Sir Alex”. She said in a voice that wasn’t audible.

She walks up to him staggering, and falls the ground, the moment she got to him.

“sir Alex”. She said tapping him, as thick balls of tears were already falling down her eyes.

“sir Alex”. She muttered again tapping him, but Alex has already gone to the world beyond.

“Somebody please help us, help!!!”. She finally screams in tears, when Alex didn’t move an inch from where he was laying.

“Please somebody help us, someone is dieing please!!”. Naomi yells crying and hicupping in tears.

Seeing Alex getting pale, with his blood spreading all over the ground, made the pace of her hicupping and crying increase.

She heard footsteps approaching her, she turns to see the person, but before she could his face, he hits her a baton on the head.

And Naomi loss conscious immediately.

The man dials a number, and the person from the other end, picked up at first ring.

“Mission accomplished ma’am”.

“His he still breathing”. Emilia asked.

The man check Alex’s neck pulsed and smirks.

“No ma’am”.

“Good job Skype”.

“What should I do with the girl his with”. Skype asked, looking at the unconscious Naomi.

“What girl”.

“I dunno, but she’s still breathing”.

“Finish her off too”.


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