(Her Tender Heart…)

EPISODE 37 & 38

By; Succie.







“Finish her off”.

“Alright ma’am I’ll…”

“Hold a second Skype”. Emilia said cutting him short.

“Don’t end her life yet”. Emilia added.

“Why ma’am”. Skype asked.

“If Alex is dead, someone has to be frame for it, make everyone believe that whosoever that girl is, is responsible for Alex being murdered”. Emilia said with an evil smirks.


The siren of the police van wakes up Naomi who has been conscious for a while now.

She yelped in pain, and looks at Alex who was already half dead.

“Sir Alex, sir Alex”. She calls him, crying.

Before she realized there was a gun in her hand, the police men already gathered around her, aiming their guns at her.

“What the heck did you do to him”. One of the police man asked.

And Naomi threw the gun out of her hand immediately.

“I…I…didn’t do anything to him officer”. Naomi said shaking in fear.

She doesn’t even know how the gun came to her possession in the first place.

“Wait a minute, I remember you”. One of the police man said taking a closer look at Naomi.

And Naomi quickly recognize him, as the police man, who she lied to that Alex was an abductor.

“You were the same girl who accused this young man of being an abductor right”.

And Naomi hiccups in tears, so many things were happenings to her right now, that she wished it was just a dream.

“Yes I’m”. She managed to answer hiccuping in tears.

“What wrong did he ever to to you for you to end his life”. The police Man asked.

“I didn’t shoot him, I didn’t use the gun on him, I didn’t shoot sir Alex”. Naomi said crying.

The fact the gun was found in her hand, made it hard to believe.

“You once accused him of being an abductor, what makes you think I’ll believe you’ve nothing to do with what happened to him”.

And more balls of tears falls down her eyes.

The police man who goes by the name Morris, Checked on Alex.

“His slowly breathing, get the Ambulance quickly, and have her handcuffed, she’s needs to be locked up”. Morris orders.

“No, no, I didn’t used the gun on him, I wasn’t the one who shot sir Alex, please, let go off me, I didn’t shoot him, am Innocent, I didn’t do anything”.

“Sir Alex, please wake up and tell them I wasn’t the one who shot you, please wake up and tell them am Innocent, please wake up, sir Alex, please wake up, please!”

Naomi said crying as she was being handcuffed and taken inside the police Van.

And Ambulance was brought in immediately, and Alex was rushed to the hospital.

Skype who has been watching the whole senerio, dials Emilia’s number.

“Coast cleared”. He said.

And Emilia smirks.



“Brielle, did Naomi tell you she’ll be going out”. Susan asked worriedly.

“No she didn’t Mom”. Brielle answers.

“Have you forget Naomi works in an hotel, she’ll be there working”. Dante said.

“But she told me she wasn’t on the night shifts, so it means she’ll have being home by now”. Susan said worriedly.

Something doesn’t seem right, and she has this feeling Naomi wasn’t safe.

“Brielle, call your sister”. Dante said.

And Brielle quickly did as she was told, she called Naomi serveral times, it was ringing, but no one was picking.

“Mom, Dad, she’s not picking up”.

“Then call Bre she works in the same hotel with Naomi”. Susan rushly said.

“Okay mom”.

Brielle dials Bre’s number, and she picked immediately it rang.

“Hello Bre have you…”.

“Have you seen the news”. Bre said, and Brielle could hear her panicking over the phone.

“What news Bre”. She asked.

“Naomi was arrested for the attempted murder of….”

“Naomi was arrested!!!!”. Brielle exclaims.

And Susan quickly took the phone from Brielle, placing it on loud speaker.

“What’re you talking about Bre, what do you mean Naomi was arrested”.

“I was about calling you before Brielle did Aunt, Naomi was arrested for the attempted murder of sir Alex, is trending in the whole news stations of Texas”.

Susan quickly ended the call, and turns on the TV, and the Newscaster appears on TV.

“Bringing the trending news of today, Alex Melendez the younger son of Julio Melendez was almost Killed by a certain girl named Naomi Salvador, whose in her early 20s”.

“Alex Melendez who’s now in Coma, who has a chance of 50-50 of survival is in National University hospital Texas, and Naomi Salvador whose still denying the charges laid against her is in Texas City jail for more questioning and investigations”.

And a video on how Naomi’s being taken inside the police station was shown life on TV.

“I didn’t shoot sir Alex, I have nothing to do with what your accusing me of, am innocent”. Naomi cries in the screen as she was being taken Inside the station.

“Naomi”. Susan said and runs of the house.

Brielle and Dante follows her.


“Mom”. Naomi whines crying hugging Susan so tightly.

Susan broke the hug, cleaning Naomi’s unstopping tears.

“What Happened Naomi, why’re they accusing you of attempted murder”.

“I dunno mom, someone suddenly shot at sir Alex, and before I could see the person’s face, I was hit with a baton, and when…I..I..woke up, a gun was seen in my hand, I didn’t do anything mom, I didn’t know anything”. Naomi said crying.

Susan hugs her, while Brielle was already crying for her sister.

Finn and Bre came in immediately.

“Naomi”. Both called her at once, and Naomi hicups in tears.

“What happened, what’s the news trending everywhere”. Finn asked looking so concerned.

Susan will have asked about how Finn knew Naomi but this was the time to do so.

“I didn’t do anything Finn, am Innocent”. Naomi said crying and Finn hugs her crying.

Dante was just out of words to say.

Emilia, Julio and Kingston came in too, and Emilia immediately bounce on Naomi, pulling her hair so roughly.

“How could you do that to my son, how you could shoot my son, you good for nothing bitch!!”. She yells slapping and hitting the crying Naomi.

Susan pushed Emilia off from Naomi, and she falls on her butt.

“Who gave you the right to touch my daughter!”. Susan yells.

“She’s has everything right to woman, thanks to your murderer daughter, my son is in coma!”. Julio yells.

“You don’t have any prove that my daughter is responsible for what happened to your son!”. Dante fires back.

“The gun was found on her hand, so what other prove do you want!”. Emilia yells.

Kingston didn’t say a word, because he already knew Emilia was the brain behind everything happening.

“Just because the gun was found on her doesn’t mean she’s really the one who shot sir Alex”. Finn defended her, while Naomi hicups in tears.

Morris came to them.

“The result of the DNA test in the gun is already out”. He said showing them the brown envelope.

“So what does it says”. Bre asked curiously.

“Her fingerprint matches with the fingerprint on the gun”. Morris said.

“That’s not true, my daughter is not a murderer!”. Susan yells.

“I’ll shut my mouth if I were you, officer make sure she gets locked up and tortured for what she did to my son”. Julio orders.

Morris signals some police men, and they got hold of Naomi.

“Mom”. Naomi cries.

“I won’t allow you to take my daughter, she’s Innocent”. Susan said trying to take Naomi from them.

“I’ll try not to interfere if I was you ma’am”. Morris said.

And Susan looks at Naomi with misty eyes.

“Take her away”. Morris ordered.

“Mom, mom, I didn’t do anything, I didn’t shoot sir Alex, am Innocent, am Innocent, I know nothing about what happened to sir Alex, mom, dad, Brielle, please help me, am Innocent, am Innocent”. Naomi cries, as she was being dragged Inside the cell.

“This is not right, you can’t do this to my daughter, she’s not capable of murder!”. Dante yells, his eyes were red, indicating he was so hurt seeing his daughter being accused.

“My son is in coma, and you dare say she’s not capable of murder”. Julio said.

“I know my sister so well, she’s not even capable of killing a fly, talk more of attempting to kill someone, set my sister free, set her free!!, she has no reason of wanting to kill your son!!”. Brielle yells as balls of tears falls down her eyes.

“I think she has every reason to”. Morris said.

“And what do you mean by that officer”. Finn asked.

“She once accused him of being an abductor, Alex was almost jailed, thanks to her”. Morris said.

“See, I dunno what transpired between that evil girl and my son but make sure she gets tortured until she agrees to the crime she committed, she has to pay for doing that to my son”.

“You can’t do that to my daughter, I won’t allow you to torture my Naomi for something she didn’t do!!”. Susan yells.

“You’ll never be able to go against us poor wretched people”. Emilia said.

And the Salvadors looks at the Melendezs with eyes filled with tears.


“I can’t leave my daughter to face that alone, those monsters are going to kill her for something she won’t and will never do”. Susan said sniffing back her tears.

“We have to find a way to prove Naomi is Innocent, I dunno how her fingerprints matched with the fingerprints on the gun, but will have to prove her Innocence”. Bre said.

“But how, there’s wasn’t any CCTVS around”. Dante said.

“The only person who can save Naomi from all this is sir Alex”. Finn said.

“But his in coma, and we don’t know when his going to wake up from coma”. Brielle said crying.

And Susan hits her hand in the table.

“This is what I have been feeling from the very start when Naomi talked about working in that hotel that belongs to the son of the Melendezs, Naomi is framed from something she didn’t do”.

“We’ve to find a way to prove Naomi’s innocent on our own”. Finn said.

“Then how are we going to do it”.

“We’ll go back to the place where it all started”. Finn answers.


“Arrghhhhhh”. Naomi screams in pain as she was being electrified.

Her whole body was filled with trace of wounded marks as a result of the endless wiping.

“Are you still going to denied the fact that you ain’t responsible for Alex being in coma”. Julio asked.

“I didn’t pull the trigger on sir Alex, I didn’t do it!!”. Naomi yells in tears.

And Julio slaps her so hard, making blood gush out from Naomi’s mouth.

“All evidences was found on you, and your still going to the fact that you weren’t the murderer”. Morris said.

“I have no intentions of killing sir Alex, I have intention of murdering him, when he has been so good to me, am Innocent, please believe me”. Naomi said crying.

“Don’t believe her, she’s telling lies, she’s has every reason to kill Alex, since she once called him an abductor, keep on torturing her, still she agrees to her crime”. Emilia said.

And Kingston looks at his mom.

Naomi hicups in tears.

“Please believe me, I’ve nothing to do with what happened to sir Alex, we may have started off on a rough patch, but the few times we got to know each other, he was the best person to be with, please am Innocent”. Naomi said crying.

“Liar!”. Emilia screams and slaps her so hard, and the ring she was wearing, wounded Naomi so badly on the lips.

“So are you still going to denied it”. Morris asked.

“I didn’t do it, I didn’t do anything, am Innocent”. Naomi said crying.

“Continue the electric shock torture on her “. Julio orders.

More water was poured on Naomi’s body, and they inserted the electric shock torture on her.

Naomi’s body vibrated, and she screams in pains.

“Sir Alex” she muttered weakly, before passing out.


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