(Her Tender Heart…)

EPISODE 39 & 40

By; Succie.







“Ain’t you being heartless Mom”. Kingston asked and Emilia looks at him.

“And what are you trying to imply son”.

“Your pretends is not going to work on me mom, you and I know that poor girl is Innocent of everything laid against her”.

“You were the one who did that to Alex right, so why’re you making the poor girl pay for something she didn’t do”. Kingston added.

“Where you expecting to own up to the crime, I did what I did to Alex because of you Kingston”. Emilia said.

“I didn’t ask you to kill him mom, Yes I want the company, but that doesn’t mean I’ll want someone to die, before achieving what I want, what you did to Alex was wrong, his in coma thanks to you”.

“His lucky he fell into coma, I wanted him to die right away”.

“Mom!!, are you even human”. Kingston asked with multiples of surprises.

“Yes I am, and don’t get me wrong Kingston, am doing everything in power so you will be the sole owner of McKesson cooperation”.

Kingston sighs.

“But you didn’t have to drag that poor girl into this, she didn’t do anything wrong”.

“She did wrong by being a part of Alex’s life, and you don’t have to say a word about it”.

“What if Alex wakes up”.

“By there she’ll have been sent to jail for attempted murder”.

Kingston looks at his mom.


“Are you sure we’re going to find anything around here”. Bre asked looking around the corners of the street the incident happened.

“Let’s keeping looking around Bre, we might find something”. Finn said.

Bre nods, with her eyes scanning around, and she sees a convenience store.

“There’s a convenience store over there”. Bre said pointing at the convenience store.

Both look at each other and quickly went to the convenience store.

“Welcome to ray convenience store”. The guy said.

“Were you here on last night shift”. Finn asked.

“Why”. The boy asked.

“We just want to clarify something, so please tell us kid, were you here on last night shift”. Bre asked.

The boy looks at them before nodding his head.

“Yes I was”.

And Bre quickly brought out her phone.

“Did you by chance see this guy here”. She asked showing him a picture of Alex.

The boy looks at the picture, and he remembered Alex came to the convenience store to get two cans of soda last night.

“Did you see him last night”. Bre asked again

“No I didn’t”. He muttered.

“How about this girl”. Finn asked showing him a picture of Naomi.

“I didn’t see her”.

“Rethink again, maybe you must have seen her around here”. Finn said.

“I already told you I didn’t see neither of them, am too busy working here, and I won’t have the time to check out the people passing by”.

Both Finn and Bre Sighs.

“How about the CCTVS of this convenience store, we need to help our friend who is wrongly accused”. Bre said.

“The CCTVS broke down months ago, and it hasn’t been repaired since then, and even if it was still working, I won’t have shown it to you both, you aren’t cops”.

“We just needed it to prove our friend’s Innocence, you must’ve head the trending news right, but she’s Innocent and she’s suffering for what she didn’t do”. Finn said.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t be of help to you both”. The boy said, and continues arranging some groceries Inside it’s specific shelves.

“Let’s go Finn”. Bre said taking him by the hand, and both left the convenience store.

The boy looks at them, and the CCTVS which were perfectly working and sighs.

Emilia came out from her hidden place, and the boy looks at her.

“Did you do as I’ve instructed you to do”.

And the boy nods.

“Yes I did ma’am, I told them I never saw Alex here, and I didn’t give the CCTVS footage to them”.

Emilia smirks.

“Good job kid, you did a really good job”. She said handling an envelope to him.

“Thanks ma’am”. The boy said looking at the money smiling.

“No one should know about this understand”.

And He nods.


“Stop crying Elle”. Jason said patting her.

With the things going on to her sister, Brielle has forgotten about the fact she was avoiding Jason cos of the kiss.

“I can’t control it Jason, my Innocent sister will be taken to court for a crime she didn’t commit, and the fact that we can’t get a good lawyer to defend her, makes it more disheartening”. Brielle said crying.


“Those officers and the Melendezs are cruel people, how could they beat up my sister like that, she may act crazy, but she’s nothing but a weakling, my poor sister is suffering and I can’t do anything to help, am useless, am useless!”. Brielle said slapping herself.

And Jason held her hands, preventing her from hurting herself further.

“Stop hurting yourself Brielle, you’ve to put yourself together for the sake of your mom, who might loose it seeing her daughter in jail, we’re going to find a way to prove Naomi is Innocent”.

Brielle looks at him and broke into tears, while Jason pulls her closer to himself and hugs her, consoling her the best way he can.



“How’s he Natasha”. Calvin asked looking at Alex with sad eyes as his monitor keep beeping.

“His still in critical condition Calvin, and we can’t tell when his going to wake up”. Natasha replies.

She happens to be his girlfriend who works as one of the higher doctors in the hospital.

Calvin sighs sadly.

“And what about Naomi”.

“I’ll drop by the station to see her”. Calvin said.

“Do you think she’s capa….”

“She didn’t do it Natasha”.

“And how sure are you, you just met her right, and didn’t you say Alex always have a hard times, thanks to her”.

“Yes he did, but they already put that behind them, and they’re friends now, Alex is head over heels for her”.

“What if is just a one sided love”.

“Even so Natasha, Naomi won’t do that to Alex, she’s too tender to do such, I wish I can help her out from her dilemma, but Alex is the only one to help her, since his the one who got shot, it hurts seeing my best friend this way”. Calvin said and quickly cleans his tears.

Both met at thesame elementary school, after he got adopted by the Melendezs and since then, both have been so close to each other.

And being the weaker one, Alex has always defended him, that’s why it stings seeing him in a state between life and dealth.

“Don’t worry Calvin, Alex is going to wake up”. Natasha said, patting him softly.

Calvin looks at her and sighs.



Calvin’s eyes wide opened in shock, when he saw the states Naomi was in.

The beautiful face he finds admiring was all reddish with blood stains, her eyes were swollen, and traces of red marks surrounded her whole body.

Even her glasses where also cracked.

“What the heck is this officer, why did you beat her up to this point!!”. Calvin yells at Morris angrily.

Naomi was just hicupping in tears, ever since she was locked up, all she ever does was to cry.

“She got to that state because she’s still denying the fact that she’s not responsible for what happened to Alex”. Morris answers.

“Even so, this is uncalled for, she’s a woman for crying out loud, if she was the daughter of the president, will you’ve beaten up like this, are you officers or monsters!!!”. Calvin yells at them.

“We were only following orders given by the Melendezs, since Alex is their son”.

“You all are surly going to get it from Alex for doing this to the girl he lo…..”. Calvin stops halfway, he can’t be the one to tell Naomi that Alex loves her.

He takes in his lips and looks at Naomi, he glared at Morris and Morris Leaves.

“Are you alright Naomi”. Calvin asked worriedly.

“I didn’t do it Calvin, I didn’t shoot sir Alex, I didn’t put him in coma, am Innocent”. Naomi said hicupping in tears.

Calvin slowly cleans her tears.

“I know that Naomi, I know you didn’t do it, am sorry I came so late, I didn’t know they were going to do this to you Naomi”.

And Naomi hicups in tears.

“They’re going to take me to court three days from now, am going to go to jail for a crime I didn’t do, am going to become a criminal for something I’ll never do”. She said crying.

“I won’t allow you to go to jail Naomi, you won’t go to jail”.

And Naomi looks at him with eyes filled with multiple tears.

“Am going to get you a lawyer, his going to defend you in court”.

“You’ll help me”. She asked between tears.

And Calvin nods, cleaning her unstoppable tears.

*For my best friend who loves you so much*. Calvin said inwardly, as he kept on cleaning Naomi’s tears, that were dropping like rain.



“Are you sure Alex won’t be able to wake up”. Emilia asked over the phone.

“Is a 50-50 chance he’ll ma’am”. One of the doctors from the hospital answers.

“Then there’s no need waiting, after the trial tomorrow, let’s make his dealth easy for him…. Finish him off”. Emilia said and ended the call.

“Mom, you can’t do that to Alex”. Kingston said.

“And Why not, am paving ways for you to be the only one to acquire everything your dad owns”.

“But this is getting too much mom, Alex is in coma thanks to you, and someone is paying for a crime she didn’t commit in the first place, and now, you want to end Alex’s life completely”.

“Now I know why your dad doesn’t think highly of you, if Alex perhaps wakes up from coma, do you possibly think he won’t know what really happened that day, his going to clear Naomi’s name, and find the person who tried to kill him, think with your brain Kingston, and not with your d*ck”. Emilia said.

“So it was all your doings”.

And both Emilia and Kingston turns behind them.

“Vivi”. Both said at once.

“I knew it, I knew there was no way a tender girl like her will be responsible for what happened to Alex”. Vivi said.

“So are you going to tell on us”. Emilia asked while Kingston looks at her.

Vivi looks at them and smiles.

“Of course not Aunt, am always on your side, let whosever this Naomi is, bear the consequences of your action”.

Emilia smiles.



“What were you doing with Alex Melendez on the night he was shot”. The lawyer hired by the Melendezs asked.

“We were going for a party”. Naomi replied cleaning her tears.

While the Salvadors, Finn, Bre, Mia and Jason looked at her with pity eyes.

“Does anyone know you were going to the party with him”.

Naomi looks at Calvin and he gave her a go ahead sigh.

“Yes, Calvin Klein knew about it, he was the one who invited me to the party”.

“So does that mean you were waiting for the perfect time to kill him, was that why you agree to go to the party”.

And Naomi shakes her head.

“Then why did you insist on stopping for a while, instead of going straight to the party”.

Naomi hicups.

“I was a bit nervous that’s why”. She answers.

“Nervous, or you just wanted to use that also as an excuse, why don’t you admit to your crime that you really shot Alex”.

“I didn’t, I didn’t pull the trigger on him, am Innocent, why can’t you just believe me”. Naomi cries.

And seeing her this way made Susan soaked herself in her own tears.

Naomi’s family and friends were also interrogated by both lawyers of the different parties, but it seems like the Melendezs were at the winning team.

“Your honour, I also have another witness you can testify that Naomi Salvador is really the attempted murderer of Alex Melendez”. The Melendez’s lawyer said.

And the Guy from the convenience store was brought in, shocking the life out of Bre and Finn.

“What’s your name”. Naomi’s lawyer asked.

“My name is Oliver Santos”.

“Bre and Finn who happens to be the friends of Naomi, came to you a few days ago, and both asked you if you saw either Alex and Naomi that very night but you said you didn’t, so how come you’re here to testify as a witness to the fact that Naomi really shot Alex”. Naomi’s lawyer asked.

“I hid the truth from them, because I want justice for what happened to the Innocent Man who came to the convenience store before he was shot”. Olivia answers.

“Or where you just paid by the Melendezs to hide the truth”.

“Objection Your honour, his badgering my witness”. The Melendez’s lawyer defended.

“Objection sustained”. The judge said, and Emilia smiles, while Naomi had nothing else to do but cry.

“What were you doing on the night Alex was shot”. The Melendez’s lawyer asked.

“I came out to throws some cabbages away, when I saw Alex and Naomi coming down from the car, and I wondered why they had to stop, Alex came to the convenience store and bought some cans of soda, on his way back to meet her, I saw Naomi pulled the trigger on Alex”. Olivia said.

“That’s not true, my daughter is not a murderer, she’s not a murderer!!!”. Susan yells in tears, while Dante calmed her down.

“Your honour, this is also a DNA results that proves that Naomi Salvador was really the one who pulled the trigger”. The Melendez’s lawyer said giving the judge the result.

And the Judge goes through the DNA results.

“This really showed that she was the one who really shot Alex, from Morris’s statement, he said both were never in good terms, and she once accused him of being an abductor, that shows she’s capable of killing him”.

And tremendous tears falls down Naomi’s eyes, if she knew this was going to happen to her, she won’t have dare accused Alex of being an abductor.

“Do you’ve any more witness to prove that Naomi Salvador is Innocent of the crime, charged against her”.

“No…your honour”. He muttered

Emilia smiles, including Julio and Vivi, the only person who was feeling guilty was Kingston.

“According to article 235 of the criminal law, Naomi Salvador, whose guity for the attempted murder of Alex Melendez will be sentence to…..”

The court room’s huge door cracked opened.

“Wait a second your honour, I have a witness who can prove that Naomi is Innocent”. Natasha said.

And everyone turns to look at her, and they all gasps in shock when they saw Alex on a wheelchair.

Natasha was behind him, holding the edges of the wheelchair.

More balls of tears falls down Naomi’s swollen and reddish eyes, on seeing Alex.

Emilia’s world crumble a million and one times, on seeing Alex.

“Am here to testify as a witness, that Naomi is Innocent of the crimes laid against her”. Alex said.


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