(Her Tender Heart…)

EPISODE 45 & 46

By; Succie.








Calvin’s joy knew no bounce, when Natasha called him, and told him, Alex has woken up from coma.

After he fainted a week ago, he fell back into coma, with no sign of waking up, which brought sadness to everyone.

Well except for the witch herself EMILIA, Kingston was a bit worried about him, but he didn’t show it.

Prayers were always made for Alex to come back to life.

There was a time his heart even stopped beating, and Natasha and the other higher doctors, had to do their absolute best in retraining him back to life.

“Am glad your back in the world of the living best friend, I was so scared of lossing you”. Calvin said.

And Alex smiles lightly, looking around the ward.

“She didn’t come here Alex”.

“I didn’t ask”. He muttered.

“Yes you didn’t, but I can tell your hoping she did, did you have to go to her in that state of yours, is a good thing I and Natasha found you on time, else you’ll have being dead, maybe it’s your funeral we’ll be talking about, you got all of us worried”.

“Am sorry about that Calvin am sorry for making you worry about me”. he muttered sadly.

“Is fine Alex, all that matters now is that your okay, and back to your feet again, the heavens gave you a second chance to live again so don’t mess with it okay”.

And Alex only nods.

“Are you hungry”.

“I just want to be alone Calvin”.

“I won’t leave you on your own Alex, the last time I did, it brought you back to coma, am going to stay here with you wheather you like it or not”.

Alex sighs.

“Fine….when will I be discharged”.

“It depends on how fast you recover….just take your time in getting well ok”.

And Alex nods sadly.

It hurts him to core, that Naomi didn’t even bother to visit him at the hospital.



Naomi just slowly watch the dirty dishes one after the other, with no smiles forming in her face.

Luckily Finn was able to get a job for her in one of the popular restaurants in Texas, although he and Bre still works in Rk Nobel Hotel.

“Are you forbidden to smile, will you die if by chance you do”. Carly asked.

She’s also a waitress in the restaurant and ever since Naomi started working here, she has always wanted to befriend her, but Naomi isn’t giving her the chance.

Naomi only looks at her with sad eyes.

“Why’re you always sad Naomi, you’ve been working here for a week now, and I haven’t seen the slightest smile on your face, have you always been like this, then how come you are this pretty if you have never smile, I thought they said smiling makes one beautiful”. She said.

But no world form out from Naomi’s mouth.

“Do you want to eat out, I know we’re working in a restaurant, but let’s go out, we can just ditch eating, and go to the Cinema, how about that Naomi”. Carly asked smiling.

Naomi looks at her.

“I want to be alone Carly”.

Carly frowns.

“Fine suit yourself”. Carly said and angrily leaves.

Naomi sighs, adjusting her glasses.

“I hope he wakes up soon”. She muttered worriedly.

She hasn’t stopped blaming herself for what has happened to Alex.

The day he fainted, Naomi was about going back to him, but was stopped by her mom’s voice, which called her back.

And it took away ten years of her life, before she reluctantly followed her mom, leaving Alex in his dilemma.

She has secretly gone to hospital serveral times, but it was always guided, all she knows that Alex was in coma, and she couldn’t stop blaming herself for what happened to him.

Tears forms in her eyes, and she freely let it to fall down her cheeks.

Her phone rang, and when she saw the caller, she quickly picked.

“Hello Lanie”. She said sniffing back her tears.

“Hello Naomi, is Alex”.

“What about him, any improvement on him”. She asked.

Since she couldn’t get a glimpse of Alex because of the tight security, she befriended the intern Lanie, and collide with her to always tell her any information about Alex, but also to keep it a secret from everyone.

“His finally awake”. Lanie said.

“Really, he has woken up”. Naomi asked as thousands of smiles, appears on her face.

“Yes Naomi, he woke up earlier today”.

“So how is he, is he doing okay, has he eaten”. Naomi asked curiously.

“Yes he has, and his doing perfectly fine, he even wants to go home tomorrow”.

Naomi smiles.

“Thanks alot Lanie”.

“No probs Naomi”. Lanie said and ends the call.

*His finally awake*. Lanie’s voice echoes in Naomi’s ear, and she screams loudly jumping.

Carly rushed to her.

“What’s wrong Naomi”. She asked.

And Naomi Hugs her.

“Carly”. She said laughing, and jumping, making Carly arch her eyebrows.

“Are you alright Naomi, what’s with the mood swings”.

“Am fine carly, am definitely fine, how about we go for the movie together, is going to be my treat, am sure is going to be lots and lots of fun”. Naomi said laughing.

Carly looks at her speechlessly.

“I’ll be back Carly, lemme verify on the best cinema in Texas to go to”. Naomi said singing as she leaves.

“Is she a psychopath”. Carly stuttered.



Alex was discharged the following day, and Julio assured that a lot of dishes were prepared just to celebrate his arrival from the land of the dead.

“Am so happy your finally back home with us Alex”. Julio said smiling.

“Thanks Dad”. Alex muttered.

Kingston only looked at him, the fact that he knew his mom was the brain behind everything that has happened to him, makes him feel guilty.

But his mom wasn’t even being remorseful, she’s just playing the lies of being a good mother like she has always done.

And Vivi, she was out of the statement.

“Alex, now that your back to your feet, I’ll like you to take over the position of the CCO”.

Emilia angrily folds her fists under the table, while Kingston just looks at them.

“What about Uncle Lawrence dad, isn’t he in charge of that position”.

“Well before you went into coma, he resigned from that position, and during those times you were in coma, he did a grand opening for his new firm, that’s why I want you to have that position”.

Alexe drops his cutleries.

“Am sorry Dad, but I can’t accept it”.

Kingston and Emilia looks at him.

“Why son”.

“Because I have my own business to run, and am not interested in being a part of McKesson cooperation, the least I can do is to help out”.

Julio sighs.

“You can give that position to Kingston, am sure if his put through, he’ll be able to handle that position massively”.

Guit fell on Kingston immediately.

“But Alex….”

“Just have faith in him dad, if you can give him your trust, and handle the position of the CCO to him, am sure his going to do a good job…right Kingston”. Alex asked.

And Kingston only nods, he couldn’t just bring himself to look at Alex straight in the eyes.

“See dad, just give him a try”. Alex said.

And Julio sighs.


“You shouldn’t have done that to Alex’s mom I feel guilty right now”.

“Why’re you feeling guilty, you aren’t even the master mind”.

“But the fact that I know the person who wants him dead, makes me restless mom….you should tell Alex, confess what you did to him, and am sure his going to forgive you, just say the truth mom”. Kingston said.

Emilia looks at Kingston, before landing a slap on his face.

“Are you an idiot, I should tell Alex, Maybe you’ve forgotten that am not his mom, the girl he loves is in crisis with him, and even has to go through hell, thanks to what I did, and you want me to confess my wrong doings to Alex, did you sell off your brains in exchange for that huge thing beneath you”.

“Am just being protocol here mom, maybe you have forgotten that the assassin’s face was captured, once his found, your done for mom”.

“That’s never going to happen son”.

“And how sure are you mom”.

“Cos as long as Skype is not in Houston, even his shadow won’t be found by the police, so you should do the business of shutting up your gutters, and think more about doing your best, now that Alex wants you to have the position of the CCO of McKesson cooperation”.

Kingston looks at his mom.


Alex stands a little far from Naomi’s house, he knows he shouldn’t be here after what transpired between them, but he couldn’t help it, he miss her like crazy.

From where he was standing, he could see her entire house, and he was just hoping he could see her face, even if is just for a seconds.

A smile appears on his face when he sees her coming out from the house.

“Naomi”. He muttered smiling.

But his smile subsided when he saw Finn coming out from the house too, and Susan handles a coolbox to him, caressing his cheek before going back to the house.

“You don’t have to come here often Finn”. Alex could hear Naomi say.

“I just want to be here Naomi, it makes me part of the family”.

Naomi smiles, shattering Alex’s heart.

“You should go home Finn”.

“How’s your new work”.

“Is okay, a bit tiring, but I can handle myself and Carly is really a talkative, but she’s a good company to keep”.

And Finn nods.

“You seem lively this past few days, did you hit a jackpot”. Finn asked.

And Naomi laughs.

“No I didn’t….it’s a good thing you always come by, goodnight Finn”. Naomi said and tries to leave, but Finn held her hand.

Alex almost staggered, when he saw that.

“Naomi, there’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you”.

And Naomi looks at him.

“I love you Naomi”.

Alex’s eyes wide open in shock, anxiously waiting for what Naomi will do.

“I love you so much Naomi, I dunno how it happened, but I just see myself loving you more with very single day that goes by, I don’t want us to remain friends, I want to be your boyfriend”. Finn said taking Naomi’s hand.

He lend forward to kiss her, and when Alex saw that, he turns his back, and leaves to the place he has parked his car.

Finn’s lips were just an inch away from Naomi’s lip, when Naomi turns her face away.

Finn looks at her with misty eyes.


“Am sorry Finn, I don’t want to hurt you, but I only see you as a friend, I feel nothing for you, the only thing I can give to you is…my friendship, am sorry”. Naomi said feeling guilty.

And Finn let out a sad smile.

“Is fine Naomi, I understand”.

“Are we still friends”. Naomi asked.

And Finn nods his head.


Alex keeps sniffing back his tears, as he drives back home, and he regrets ever going to see her.

“I guess is Finn she really loves, is Finn she loves”. He said crying like a baby.

And he kept imagining their kissing scene in his head.

He almost got into an accident, but he was quick to pull his car into a halt.

“Arrghhhhhh!!!”. He screams, hitting the car steering crying massively.



“How’s the search for that man going”. Alex asked.

“There’s still no lead about him Alex, but we found some information about him”. Morris said.

“Which is”.

“We found out that his name is Lorenzo Barrington, but he goes by the name Skype, he has work for a lot of people in terms of carrying out illegal and criminal jobs, his into hiding now, but we know his house address”.

“That’s good to know then, when you finally caught him, keep Calvin posted”.

“Why Calvin Alex”. Morris asked.

“Cos am leaving the country”.



“Are you really sure about this Alex….what about your hotel”. Calvin asked.

“Mrs Ivy will take care it, and I know with you around, it won’t go bankrupt”. Alex said with a smile.

“Alex, you can’t just leave, what about Naomi, are you just going to leave without fighting for your love for her”. Calvin said, hoping he will reconsider.

“You can only fight for your love, when the other party loves you back Calvin, have been through a lot, I just want to take a break”.

“I think is best if you leave, just because you’re back to your feets, doesn’t mean you’ve recovered fully, leaving Texas is the best idea”. Natasha said.

And Alex smiles.

“Is there nothing I can do to make you stay”. Calvin pouting.

“Nothing at all Calvin, the plane to Europe is leaving in less than an hour, I have to be there”.

Calvin hugs Alex.

“Stay safe Best friend”.

Alex smiles sadly.



Naomi arch her eyebrows when she sees the unknown caller in her phone and she took some time before answering.

“Hello”. She stuttered.

“Hello Naomi, is me Calvin”.

“How did you get my new number”.

“I persuaded Bre to give it to me, Naomi your the only one who can stop Alex”.

“What do you mean Calvin”.

“His leaving Texas for good, and going to Europe to start a new”. Calvin said.

And the plate Naomi was holding fell from her.

“Wh…wh..what do you by his leaving”. Naomi asked as her eyes formed tears.

“He said he has no reason to keep staying in Texas cos you don’t love him Naomi, and his leaving for good to forget about you”.

“No, that’s not true, is not true, I….I…. love him, I love him so much”. Naomi said crying.

“Then you’ve to stop him Naomi, once he leaves, his never coming back”. Calvin said.

And Naomi ends the call hicupping in tears.

Without even bothering to take off the apron she was wearing, she ran out of the restaurant.

“Naomi where’re you going”. Carly asked.

But Naomi ignores and dashed to the road, running towards the national airport of Texas

“Don’t go…Please”. Naomi said inwardly as she keeps running towards the hospital

She quickly entered the airport and rush to one the attendance.

“Has the plane leaving for Europe take off”. She asked, hicupping in tears, and at the same time breathing loudly.

“Are you alright ms”. She asked.

“Just f*cking answer the question!!!”. Naomi yells at her.

And the attendance quickly check her computer.

“Yes it has, it took off some minutes ago”. She answers.

And Naomi’s world crumples immediately.

“No, no, he can’t possibly leaves, no!!!”. Naomi screams crying.

And she began running around the airport, in search of Alex.

“Don’t go please, don’t go, sir Alex please come back to me!!”. She yells crying.

And the security men had to get hold of her.

“Let go off me, let me go, sir Alex don’t go please!!”. She yells crying struggling to break free from the men’s grip.


Naomi hiccupily raise her head up, and sees Alex standing few distance from her, holding his luggage box.

“Sir Alex”. She muttered, and speedily went to him, hugging him so tightly.

“Don’t go….Please”. She said hicupping in tears.

“Naomi”. Alex muttered, breaking the hug.

“I love you Alex, I love you so much”. Naomi said and smashed her lips on his, not caring about the people watching.


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