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Tales Of Naomi – Episode 65 & 66


2nd December 2023

(Her Tender Heart…)

EPISODE 65 & 66

By; Succie.






β˜…( AM BACK ) β˜…

Their lips sucks and nipples, turning their heads left and right, practicalizing each other’s lips.

After what seems like a year, Brielle broke the kiss panting.

She hits his chest.

Jason smiles and pulls her into a tight hug.

“I love you so much Elle”. He said kissing her hair.

Brielle smiles locking her hands around his waist.

“Since when”. She asked.

“Since the day you were born, I was practically a year old I guess, that’s means have only looked at you for 17 years”.

Brielle smiles.

“Am sorry, sorry I took so long to feel the same way”. She said.

“Is fine Elle, your worth the long wait”.

Brielle blishily smiles, but her smile subsided when she remembered her dad’s words.

She slowly broke the hug and looks at him.

“Jason we’ve a problem”. She said in a low voice.

“What could that be Elle”.

“Is my dad, he told me not to have a boyfriend until am through with highschool, am he said it because Naomi never got to have one during her schooling days, she got a boyfriend recently and it’ll be asif am….”

“Am going to wait Elle”.

And Brielle looks at him.

“You’ll wait for me”.

And Jason nods, caressing her chin.

“I waited for 17 years just for you to say you love me, waiting for another one year won’t take anything from me, all that matters is that you’ll keep loving me and only me”.

Brielle smiles and hugs him.

“I love you so much Jason”.

“I love you more”. He said caressing her hair.

The school bell rang and they broke the hug.

“Leisure time is over, we should go to class now”. He said.

Brielle nods smiling.

They went back to the class holding hands, Mia looked surprised to see them like that together, since it was awkward to see them like that together.

Giselle’s face grew sad.

“What with the both of you”. She asked.

Jason sits beside her and smiles, he drew his head closer to her ear.

“She’s in love with me”.

Mia gasps and looks at Brielle.

“So does that mean you both are a couple now”. She asked smiling.

“Not really”. Brielle said.

“But why not, you love him, and he loves you, so what’s stopping you both from dating”.

“My dad….he wants me to be through with High school before having a boyfriend, and his a very nice man, the best dad one will ever ask for, I don’t want to go against him”. Brielle said.

“So does that mean…..”

“Am going to wait for her Mia”. Jason said cutting her short.

Both look at each other and smile.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to wait for her, what about Giselle”. Mia said using her head to point at Giselle, who was obviously looking at them.

“Giselle and I are nothing but friends, she’s a sickler, and that’s why am a bit close to her, Elle is my forever”. He said with a wink.

Brielle blush.

“Can you stop blushing, we don’t need a tomato”. Mia said.

Brielle hits her, and the three of them laugh.

Giselle almost cried seeing how Jason was looking at Brielle, it was so different from the way he looks at her.

The teacher came in few minutes later, and every students settled down, the class being quiet like it was some kind of a grave yard.

“The school will be going for an outside camping trip”. The teacher said.

And the students all Muttered a Whoa.

“Yeah is a two days and a night camping trip, and all day will be beach day and a lot of fun too, to ease your nerves before your exams”.

“That’s so sweet, when are we going for the camping trip”. A girl excitedly ask.

“Since your exams are starting in a week time, is definitely going to be this weekend, and the school have decided to sponsor everything including your trip fees”.

And the students murmurs in excitement.

“So all you have to do is to inform your parents, and if they approve you can tag alongside with those going….have a nice day”. She said murmuring.

And the students began chitchating with each other about the camp Trip.

“Are you going”. Jason asked Brielle.

“I’ll just have to ask Naomi”.

“Why Naomi, she’s not your Mom or Dad”.

“But if I talk to her, and she talks with my parents, they’re going to agree to it”.

“I hope you come to the trip Elle, I want to spend time with you”. Jason said and Brielle smiles.

“I thought you both ain’t a couple yet”. Mia chipped in, Jason and Brielle glared at her.

“Jason”. Giselle calls him approaching him.

Brielle frowns on seeing her.

“Can you please take me to the clinic, am feeling feverish”. She said in a weak voice.

Jason tries to stand up, but Brielle sits him down on the chair.

“You want to go to the clinic, I’ll take you there”. Brielle said.


“Your so desperate in going to the clinic right, I won’t mind helping you with that….come with me”. Brielle said and takes her out of the class.

Mia shakes her head.

“Your furture girlfriend is one heck of a jealous girl, becareful of the furture Jason”.

Jason chuckles smiling.


“Let go of me Brielle”. Giselle whines.

Brielle let go of Giselle and she staggered.

“What with you Brielle”.

“I should be asking you that Gisela”.

“Is Giselle”

“I don’t care, stop with your act, yes your a sickler, but stop trying to use your health issues to get close to Jason”.

“And what does it got to do with you, do you like him”.

“No I don’t, I Love him, and do you know the sweetest part of it, he loves me too, he has always love me ever since the day I was born, yes your beautiful, but your no match compare to me, yes I’m not that strong, but I don’t joke with what mine, so better back off and don’t come anywhere close to Jason, cos you won’t only use just glasses to see but also use a clutch to walk too”. Brielle said.

She hits shoulders with Giselle, before walking away.

Giselle staggered and squats to the floor, sniffing back her tears.



“Thanks for honouring my invitation of having dinner with us”. Dante said.

“I should be the one thanking you for accepting me into this family Dad”. Alex said.

“Naomi is so precious to me, and her happiness matters to me, she’s happy with you, so I have no reason to stop you from being together, but don’t hurt my daughter, she may look strong, but she’s a weakling and she’s quick to get hurt”.

“I won’t dad, is a promise”.

Dante smiles and Pat his shoulder.

“I know is not the kind of food your use to, but I hope you love it”. Susan said.

“Yes I do, I grew up eating this”. Alex said smiling.

Both Dante and Susan, including Brielle looks at him.

“His not actually the youngest son of the Melendezs, his adopted”. Naomi said after reading her family’s face expression.

“Now I know why your so different from them, your not only kind-hearted but cute too”. Brielle said.

And Alex chuckles.

“If that’s the case, then continue eating son, I was thinking you were just forcing yourself to eat our kind of food”. Susan said.

“I’ll mom, now I see Naomi got her cooking talent from you”.

“Of course she did, am the best when it comes to cooking”.

Dante coughs.

“And what’re you trying to imply”. She asked.

Brielle, Naomi and Alex laughs.


“Thanks for having dinner with us Love”.

Alex smiles and caress her ear.

“Is nothing love, am the happiest person on earth right now, because the parents of the girl I love so much accepted me whole heatedly”.

“Am glad they did to”.

“I have a surprise for you tomorrow”.

“What surprised”.

“If am going to tell you, why will I call it a surprise”.

Naomi frowns.

“Bring your family too”.

“Even my family are including in this too, are you going to propose to me, isn’t that so fast”. Naomi said with eyes wide opened.

Alex laughs.

“That’s not it”.

“Then tell me already”.

“Just wait still Tomorrow okay”. He said and pecks her lips.


Naomi and her family eyes wide opened in shock when they saw the huge mansion in front of them.

“Son, who owns this mansion”. Dante asked.

“Is for you all”.

And Naomi’s eyes wide opened the more.

“For us…..you mean this mansion that can contains seven different families is for us”. Susan asked.

And Alex nods.

“I feel it will be more convenient if you get to live in a quiet residence like this, here is the keys to the mansion and the cars inside are all yours”. Alex said giving the keys to Susan.

And when she was hesitating, Brielle stood the keys.

“Thanks in a million ways Alex, ya the best”. She said happily, entering the mansion.

Susan and Dante surprisingly enters the mansion.

“Was this the surprise your talking about”.

And Alex nods smiling.

“Do you like it”.

“Why’re you doing too much Alex”.

“Cos I love you, and your my girlfriend”.

“But still Alex, I don’t want your family to think am leaching you off your money, they’re going to think am only dating you because your rich”. Naomi complained.

Alex held her cheeks.

“My family isn’t going to say a word about it, cos it’s not their money and am doing this because I want you to live comfortably”.

“But is getting too much love”.

“No is not, am just starting”.

“What’re you planning on doing next time huh”. she asked adjusting her glasses.

“Why don’t we go in first so you can take a look around the house, cos once we get married, you won’t be living with in this mansion but with me”. Alex said and kiss her.

Naomi smiles.

She reluctantly went inside the mansion, which was like heaven on Earth.

And judging from how the whole place were perfectly designed, you could tell billions was spent on it.


“You live in a new house now”. Jason asked looking at her from the screen.

Both were on video call.

“Yes, Alex got the mansion for us ealier today, and it Asif his really destined to be my brother-in-law, he knows what I like without even confirming from me”.

Jason smiles.

“Don’t worry Elle, once I grow older, am going to give you a good life too”.

“Then I can’t wait”. She said and giggles.

“Have you talked to Naomi about the school trip”.

“No I haven’t, but am planning on doing so”.

“I hope you come Elle….I love you”.

Brielle smiles.

“I love you too Jason”. Brielle said and ends the call smiling.


Brielle screams in startled.

“Naomi…..how long have you been there”.

Naomi walks away from the door and sits with her on the bed.

“Ever since you started the video call, so Jason is your boyfriend”.

Brielle takes in her lips.


“So what was the I love you reciprocation for”.

“Okay fine, Jason and I love each other, but we ain’t dating yet, cos Dad wants me to be through with high school before having a boyfriend”.

“Oh I see”.

“Yeah….will you help me talk to Dad and Mom about the camping trip”.

“Why, so you can be with Jason”.

Brielle buries her head on the bed surface.

“Fine, I’ll talk to Dad and Mom for you”.

Brielle smiles.

“Thank you so much Naomi”.

“Anything for you Brielle, is not a bad thing being inlove, but don’t go into a relationship too quickly, your still young”.

“I won’t, thanks Naomi”.

Naomi smiles and spread her arms wide opened.

“Come here”. She said.

And Brielle happily hugs Naomi.


Angelika came out from the airport and took off the shade she was wearing.

She’s looking so classy and s*xy as always.

She took in Texan’s air and smiles.

“Am back”. She Muttered and a huge smile appears on her face.

Her driver stops the car in front of her.

“Are you going home ma’am”. He asked.

“Not yet, take me to Rk Nobel Hotel”. She said smiling.

“Why Rk Nobel Hotel ma’am”.

“I want to see my heartthrob again”.



“You didn’t have to make me the assistant CEO of your hotel love, I was a mere caterer here before remember”.

“That was then, but your my girlfriend now”. He said caressing her hair.

“But Alex…..”

Alex place his index finger on her lips shutting her up with it.

“I insisted on doing all of this, so don’t ever get the idea that your leaching me off my money ok”.

Naomi reluctantly nod.

“That’s my baby, should we eat out”. He asked.

Naomi was almost answering, but was cut short by Angelika’s voice.

“Heartthrob!!!”. She screams excitedly.

“An….ge……li….ka”. He stuttered, while Naomi looks at the classy girl in front of her.

“I miss you so much heartthrob”.

Angelika said and kiss him right on that point, shocking ten years life out of Naomi.


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Artist Name; Tales Of Naomi

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