(Her Tender Heart…)

EPISODE 69 & 70

By; Succie.






“No one messes with what mine, Alex belongs to me, his mine, got that!!!”.

Naomi yells angrily, dragging her hair roughly.

Angelika screams in pain.

Alex enters the office and sees Naomi descending on Angelika.

He rubbed his eyes trice inorder to confirm if it was the Naomi he knows beating up someone.

And when he finally confirm it was her, his eyes wide opened in shock.

“Na…o..mi”. He stuttered.

Naomi let go of Angelika the moment she heard his voice.

“What’s going on here”. He asked.

Naomi glared at Angelika who was still on the floor.

“What Happened Love”. He asked trying to touch her, but Naomi jerks his hand off before he could touch her.

She galred hatefully at Angelika before storming out of the office.

“Heartthrob”. Angelika whines in pain.

“How many times will I tell you not to call me that, I don’t know why your here, but get your useless self out of my sight”.

“Alex can’t you see what she did to me”. She snobs.

Alex looks at her face which was in a decorative of different slaps and smirks.

“That’s serves you right”.

“Alex is me, Angelika”.

“And does it look like I care, get your ass out of this hotel, cos what Naomi did to you will be nothing compared to what I’ll do to you”. Alex said and leaves.

Angelika screams angrily.


Alex went outside and sees Naomi sitting in the garden, crimping her lips.


Naomi looks at him sniffing back her tears.

Alex sits beside her.

“Why’re you crying Love”.

“I know what I did was wrong, I dunno what came over me love, the moment she said I was a replacement in your life, I descended on her, I didn’t know where I got the courage or the power to treat her the way I did ealier, is unlike me to do such”. Naomi said sniffing back her tears.

Alex sighs and cleans her tears.

“Stop crying already Nomi, am so happy you did that to Angelika”.

“Your happy about what I did”. She muttered.

And Alex nods with a smile.

“Yes am very happy, you don’t have to feel guilty about it, Angelika deserves it”.

“Am not a replacement right”.

“Of course not Nomi, you ain’t a replacement in my life, and I wish you were the one I meant back then and not Angelika”.

“I love you so much Alex, please don’t ever leave me for Angelika, I know am not as s*xy or classy as she is but I love you so much and is going to shatter me into pieces if you leave me for her, my tender heart won’t be able to take it”. Naomi said freely letting her tears flow down her cheeks.

“That’s never going to happen Nomi I love you, and your the only girl am going to love, no one but you Nomi..ok”.

Naomi nods, sniffing back her tears.

Alex kiss her lightly before locking his arms around her.

Naomi stayed put in his arms, letting her tears do the talking for her.

She was still shock herself that she was able to hit someone.

She was too fragile to kill an ant, talk more of hurting someone, and it only shows that she really loves Alex.

“Angelika told me you gave her a necklace”.she asked few minutes after she has stopped crying.

“That was when we were still in college”.

Naomi nods crimping her hands.

“You must have love her to customize a necklace for her”.

Alex made her face him.

“Is you I love now Nomi, whatever I and Angelika had is in the past, she and I are through, and your the one I love now, the necklace I gave to Angelika is nothing compared to my love for you, I love you so much Nomi, always remember that ok”.

Naomi looks at him and slowly nods her head.



“Bre are you alright”. Mrs Barlow asked sitting beside her.

“If I say am not, will you be able to mend my broken heart”.

“Your broken heart, I thought you were the heart breaker not the other way round”.

Bre looks at her.

“Don’t even look at me like that Bre, I remembered back then when you were still in highschool a lot of guys come here crying because of you”.

Bre chuckles.

“That’s because I was dating them to have fun, and I that I got to love someone sincerely, is not working out for me, first it was Finn and now Lucas”.she said.

“Lucas…who’s Lucas”.

“The foolish thing of the whole story is that I don’t know him, I don’t know what he looks like, but my silly self keeps thinking of him crazily”.

“Your so weird Bre”.

Bre giggles.

“I know that, but don’t worry am going to be fine, there’s nothing I can’t handle….anyways where is that silly kid brother of mine”.

“His getting his things ready for tomorrow, and he so excited about it”.

“Of course he’ll be, since beautiful Brielle will be there”.

“I know right….he just loves her so much”.

Bre looks at Jason’s room door and smile.



“You got lots of things for the trip Brielle”. Mia as she helps her arrange her things Inside the bus storage.

“That’s the advantage of having a nice brother in-law”. Brielle said smiling.

“You mean he got you all of this”.

“Yes he does, the moment I told him I was going for a two days and a night camping trip, he was like let’s go get you some camping trip wears”. Brielle said adjusting the elegant designer hat she was wearing.

She was just looking extraordinary beautiful in the expensive clothes she was wearing.

Jason wrapped her hand around her from behind.

“Are you ready”. He asked.

And Brielle nods smiling.

Mia clears her throat and they both look at her.

“I thought you both ain’t dating, but your doing more than those that are officially dating, stop deceiving yourself cos you already went against your dad”. Mia said.

“Are you jealous”. Jason asked with his hand still wrapped around Brielle.

Mia Scoffs.

“Jealous my foot”.

Brielle and Jason laughs.

“Is everyone ready”. One of the teachers asked.

And the students all chorus a YES.

The students entered the bus ready to go for their camping trip.

Brielle sits with Jason, and she rested her head on his shoulder, locking hands with him.

While Mia joined the rest of the students to sing and dance.

Giselle sits alone she doesn’t have any friends apart from Jason, but he was no longer close to her like he used to when she first came to Nova Highschool.

Her tears wet her face as she watch Jason and Brielle engaging themselves in a lovey dovey.

“Are you alright Giselle”. A girl who notice her tears from where she was sitting asked.

Giselle quickly cleans her tears.

“Am fine Priyanka, my eyes just came in contact with the air that’s why”. Giselle answer.

Priyanka nods.

And Giselle’s eyes were all on Brielle and Jason still dey arrived in their destination.

The entire students were just so happy to be Free from school works, even if it just for two days.

Since it was an out door camping trip, every students began making their tents.

“Wow your so good at this Mia”. Brielle said smiling.

“Of course I’m Brielle, am a lover of hiking so making tents is a piece of cake”.

Brielle smiles.

Her eyes search for Jason and she sees Giselle taking him towards her tent.

And she doesn’t need anyone to interpret it for her, before she will know Giselle wants Jason to help her make her tent.

Brielle frowns and kick their tent, making it fall.

“Brielle what was that for”.

“Don’t try rebuilding it Mia, I’ll back”. She said leaving.

Mia looks at the direction she was going and sighs.

“She’s was hell of a jealous girl”.

“Thanks for wanting to help me Jason, am not used to outdoor recreation like this”. Giselle said.

“Is fine Giselle, I hope you brought your medicines”.

And Giselle nods smiling.

“Jason”. Brielle calls his name so sweetly.

Giselle smiles disappeared when she sees Brielle.

Brielle wrapped her hand around Jason’s arm.

“What’s going on here sweetheart”. She asked.

Giselle scoffs secretly.

“I…I just want to help Giselle make her tent”.

“But I haven’t make mine yet, can you help me instead”. She said so cutely.

Jason smiles.

“What about me”. Giselle muttered sadly.

“Keith”. Brielle Waves at him.

Keith smiles and quickly rush to her.

“Are you busy”. Brielle asked.

“No am not, do you need help”. He asked smiling.

Brielle smiles and flirt with her hair.

“No I don’t, but this Thailand girl here needs help, she can’t make her own tent help her out”. Brielle said.

And Keith nods.

“I’ll Brielle”. Keith said.

“See now Gisela, you got someone to help you….let’s go Jason”. Brielle said leaving with Jason.

She turns back to look at Giselle, and when their eyes met, Brielle smirks at her.

“All done Giselle”. Keith said.

And Giselle fakes a smile.

When the students were done making their tents, just like the teacher said, they all went to the beach to have fun.

Some students played inside the beach, pouring each other water, Mia was among those playing Inside the beach.

While the other students ride on big tyres motorbike around the Sandy Beach.

Jason and Brielle were among those riding big tyres motorbike.

Jason was the one riding it, while Brielle wrapped her hands around him, enjoying the ride.

While everyone was having fun, Giselle was Inside her tent soaking in tears.

She came all the way from Thailand just so she and Jason could be together, but it’s seems her whole effort were fruital.

“Should I just give up and go back to Thailand”. She said between tears.


Naomi came out from the hotel making a phone call with Alex.

“Am sorry am not there yet love, I’ll be there before you know it”. Naomi said.

They were supposed to go on date together tonight.

“Alright love, am waiting for you”.

Naomi smiles and ends the call.

She was about entering the car Alex recently brought for her, although it took a lot of convincing before Naomi finally accepted the car.

Thanks to Alex, their average life is slowly climbing up to the higher class of living.


Someone calls her preventing her from entering the car.

She looks at the person and it was no other person but Angelika.

“What’re you doing here”. Naomi asked.

“Naomi I didn’t come here for a fight”. Angelika said.

“Then what do you want”.

“Can we please talk”. Angelika said with misty eyes.

Naomi looks at her.


“What do you want”. Naomi asked sitting four seat away from her.

They were sitted in the arena of the hotel.

Angelika sighs and brought out a white envelope from her bag and gives it to Naomi.

Naomi looks at the white envelope and back to her.

“Why’re you giving this to me”. She asked.

“Because is the Genesis of why I want to talk to you”.

Naomi looks at her for a while, before taking the envelope from her.

She opens the envelope and her eyes wide open in shock as its glance through the lines of the paper.

“Last stage cancer”.

And Angelika nods as tears flows down her eyes.

“Yes, and I have just few weeks to live”.

Naomi looks at her with pity eyes.

“The reason why I came back to Texas is because I want to die here in my home country….I was also hoping Alex will be able to take care of me still I finally passed away….but I guess he can’t do that, he has finally forgotten about me….he loves you now”.


“Am sorry for being rude to you Naomi, I was just desperate, but I want to stop now, I’ve finally accepted the fact that I can’t have Alex anymore….since I have no parents am just going to live the last minutes of my life waiting for my death”. Angelika said and stood up.

“Am sorry for trying to pry back into Alex’s Life”. She said and turns to leave.

Angelika felt dizzy and falls to the floor passing out.

“Angelika, Angelika!!”.



Alex quickly rushed inside the ward, but his panting stop when he saw Naomi alive and sound.

He has ealier gotten a call from her saying she was in the hospital and he thought the worst has happened.

He looks at Angelika.

“What happened to her”. He asked.

“She’s sick love, she’s in the last stage o cancer”.

“And so….let’s just go home Naomi”. He said trying to leave with her, but Naomi objected.

“Why Naomi”.

“We can’t just leave her alone love”.

“Why not, her life isn’t any of our business, karma is doing it’s work, for what she did to me”.

“But we can’t pay evil with evil”. Naomi said.

“So what do you want us to do, you said it yourself she’s in her last stage of cancer, we can’t do anything about it”.

“Yes we can, I feel so bad for her love”. Naomi said looking at the sleeping Angelika.

“Let’s take care of her still her final dealth”. she said.


Back in the camping trip, Brielle sits near the beach, welcoming it’s own definition of breeze.

Everyone was already inside the tent, but she choose to stay outside for a little while.

“Ain’t you going to sleep”. Giselle asked sitting beside her.

Brielle looks at her and scoffs.

“And what’re you doing here, from what I recall, we aren’t friends”.

“I know, I just want to settle our difference before I go back to Thailand”.

“Your going back to Thailand”. Brielle asked and Giselle nods.

“Jason was the reason I came to Texas, but now I know that I’ve no place in his heart, cos is already being copied by you”.

Brielle smiles.

“That’s why I’ve decided to go back to Thailand, my parents will be so happy since they never wanted me to come here in the first place, I had to cry for days before they agreed for me to come here”.

“Then I wish you a safe journey back home”.

Giselle smiles.

“Can you come me, while walking around the woods, I saw some fascinating treasures”.


And Giselle nods smiling.

“Then let’s take them, before someone else sees it”. Brielle said excitedly.


“Aren’t we there yet”. Brielle said as they walked into the woods.

“Just a little while Brielle, and we’ll have lots of it”. Giselle said smiling cutely.

They continue waking, and it got to a point, Brielle stops and face her.

“Are we there yet”. She asked.

Giselle smiles.

“Yes we’re”. She said and push Brielle.

Brielle staggered and falls and as she did, her Tommy penetrate Inside a wooden stick that looks like Sharp needle.

Blood gush out if Brielle’s mouth immediately.

“Gi….se…elle”. Brielle muttered with bloody mouth.

Giselle smirks devilishly.

“I thought you were smart, but your just a dummy, once you die, Jason will be mine”.


Giselle smirks and leaves Brielle to bleed in her own blood.

“Giselle have you seen Elle”. Jason asked her when she came back to the tent area.

She adjust her glasses innocently.

“No I didn’t”. She answers.

“Where did she wander off to”. Jason muttered worriedly.

“Have you seen her”. Mia asked Jason.

And he shakes his head.

“She said she was just going to look at the beach, so where did she go”.

Jason eyes met with the path that leads to the woods.

“Let’s just look around the woods, maybe she just wanted to look around”.

Mia nods and both went to the woods.

Giselle let out a wicked smile.



Both Mia and Jason called pointing around with their flashlights.

Jason stops on his track when he saw traces of blood on the ground.

And he trace his eyes to where the blood was coming from, and sees Brielle in a pool of blood.


He quickly rushed to her touching her face.

“Elle, Elle, can you hear me”. He said crying already.


The siren of the ambulance was held as its puts into a halt in the hospital premises.

Some nurses quickly came out from the hospital with a Stretcher.

Unconscious Brielle was placed on it as she was taking inside the hospital.

Jason is dripping hot and Painful tears, while Mia is trying to console him.

The teachers and few students were there too, including the devil herself Giselle.

The defibrillator was used to shock Brielle back to life, since she was no longer breathing.

Jason was hicupping in tears looking at Brielle from the glass Wall, as she being shock back to life.

“She’s not coming back to life”. The nurse said looking at the heart monitor.

The doctor shocks her for the last time, but still Brielle lay lifeless on the bed.

“Time of dealth 8:58 pm”. The doctor announced.

“Elle”. Jason screams out crying.


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