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The Billionaire Doctor Episode 4

The Billionaire Doctor Episode 4

🔱The Billionaire's
(He hates women😱)

Episode 4

(Her first night🌝)

💕Kira's pov💕
I helped little Brandon brush his teeth and got him ready for bed.

It's almost feels like his my son now.
There's this bond I really I can't understand where it came from.
Well…I don't hate any bit of it.

“Alright…go to bed” I said when we stepped into the bedroom.

He smiled and looked around like he was looking for something.

“Brandon…are you okay? What are you looking for?” I asked and he glanced at me.

“My teddy bear” he replied.
“I can't sleep without it”.

I breathed out an ‘oh'.

“Can you remember where you left it?” I asked also looking around for it.

“Oh no..! I think I left it at dad's room” he gasped.

“What? When?” I asked and he scratched his head.

“I was jumping on his bed cause it's bouncy and soft just like a trampoline before you arrived and I had to go meet you” he replied.

“Dad's going to yell at me when he finds it his room” he said looking gloomy.

“Don't worry, we'll go get it. Just be careful and smart” I said and ruffled his hair.

He giggled.
I took his arm and we left the room. We walked through the long hallway before going through another.
Brandon pointed at mr Adam's door and I bit my lower lip.

That guy is scary and he doesn't want me anywhere near him.
But I have to be brave and strong for little Brandon.

We walked to the door and I leaned close. I heard showers.
He's taking a shower.

I pushed the door open and we walked in.

“Alright Brandon. Where did you leave the teddy?” I whispered knowing very well if mr Adam catches us here, we'd be dead.

“I can't remember, let's look around” he said and I nodded.

We walked into the large spacious bedroom. It's so beautiful and elegant looking.

The bed was two times the size of mine. The floor was well designed and spotless.

“Aunt Kira…” Brandon called waking me from my admiration of his father's bedroom.

I quickly began looking around the place.
Brandon lifted his arm and pushed a white vase. I ran and held the vase stopping it from falling and probably smashing into pieces.

“Oops” he said looking sorry.

I sighed and finally saw the teddy. It was close to the bed lying on the floor.

Brandon ran to it and took it. Just as I stood beside him.

The shower stopped running…
Oh ow…

The door opened and Brandon and I squat down next to the bed.

We're in so much trouble.

Brandon closed his mouth with both his hands while I sighed.
I lifted my head a little and saw him.

Good lord!

A towel was around his body right from his waist and water droplets down his beautiful chest. His great abs got me drooling.

He's so good looking.
Drop dead s*xy.
Why's he so mean though?

He brushed his fingers into his black shimmering wet hair.

I gulped.
This guy doesn't know he's making someone go crazy right now.

“Why are you staring at my dad?” Brandon whispered and I quickly looked down at him.

“Nothing..” I whispered back.

He nodded.

Mr Adam slid his legs into his flip flops and walked to a long broad wardrobe. He opened it thereby backing us but he wasn't close.

I covered Brandon's eyes as he removed his towel and wore his pants.
Oh God!..
Now he's just shirtless.

But a huge frown appeared on my face the moment he turned and his eyes dropped on us.

We're so dead…


☺We have a goner😂

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