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The Billionaire Doctor Episode 7

The Billionaire Doctor Episode 7

🔱The Billionaire's
(He hates women😱)

Episode 7

💕Kira's pov💕
I was almost way into dreamland when I heard a faint cry outside.

My eyes flared open and I sat up on the bed looking around. Brandon was fast asleep beside me.

I glanced at the window.
A white cat!
Oh my…

It was raining outside and it looked drenched. I rushed to it and opened the window. It couldn't even move.

I carried the cutie inside the room and dropped it on the table as it shivered.

Where did this white angel come from??

I took a towel and wrapped him up drying him with it.
I carried it into my arms and patted it's nice white fur.

“Me…ow” it said softly and I couldn't help but giggle.

Its so adorable and awfully cute!

I dropped him on the table and took some blankets from Brandon's wardrobe. I made a little bed for him. Comfy and warm before dropping him inside it.

He curled and slept off.

I returned to the bed and slept off.


💕Mr Adam's pov💕
I was already dressed up for work before I glanced at the calender and discovered there are no meetings today.

I pulled off the clothes and wore something casual for the day. What do I do to keep myself busy today?

I laid on the bed staring at the ceiling.
I already had breakfast.


I climbed down from the bed and wore my flip flops before going to the door, I left the room.

I walked past Kira's room.
That witch gave me nightmares.

I got to the sitting room and sat down turning on the TV. I'll just watch the television till I get sleepy and I'll sleep some more.

💕Kira's pov💕
I woke up before Brandon and carried the sleeping cat to my room.

It looked like he had cold and I wondered if human cold relieving drugs would work on him or worsen it.

I covered him up before going to have a bath.
I wore something hot and pretty good.

There's no law that said a doctor had to cover up all day.
I might need a boyfriend sooner or later.

I've been chasing my career that I pushed all the boys away. And right now, I regret doing that.

I feel lonely knowing there's no one that care about me or I have to think about.

I sighed as I stared at the blue jumpsuit I was wearing which looked good on me.
I left the room and closed the door cause of the cat.

I left the window open incase it wants to leave.

I walked past the sitting room and paused when I saw Mr Adam alone watching television. He put his whole focus on whatever movie that was going on.

He bit his lower lips and licked it.
I couldn't take my eyes off his pink yummy looking lips.

Oh my God!..
I've never seen someone so good looking and is also endowed with a great slim body.
I remember seeing that chest for the first time last night. I could have stared at him till the next morning if not for Brandon.

“Why are you staring at my dad?” I heard and flinched remembering I was hiding from mr Adam.

Oh mercies!.
This boy is such a kill joy.

“Oh…nothing” I replied him rubbing the back of my hair…

“Okay, good morning auntie Kira” he said before running to his father.

He jumped on him but mr Adam's once quiet mood changed to that off anger and disgust.

“Get off me Brandon!” He yelled at him and he jerked up sitting beside him instead.

“You're not going to work today daddy?” He asked playing with a gold chain in mr Adam's trouser.

“No, I ain't going anywhere” he replied and changed the channel to a cartoon network.

He stood up probably not wanting to spend more time with his son…

“Dad…let's go out. Maybe shopping” little Brandon said pouting and looking moody.

I watched mr Adam's expression – yea…anger.

He bit his lower lip and sighed.

“Fine, let's just go around the park and get ice cream then we're coming home” he grouse.

Brandon jumped up happily.
“Yey! Thanks dad, I'll go call aunt Ki…”

“Will you shut the hell up?!!” Mr Adam barked at Brandon and he stuttered back looking frightened.

This man is hurting the little boy.
I felt so sad for him.

“Please dad…she won't get you mad, I promise” Brandon said giving his dad puppy eyes…

He must really want me to come with them.

Mr Adam scoffed and looked away like he was in deep thought.

“Fine…go and call the witch” he said rolling his eyes.

You got to be kidding me😅


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