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The Billionaire Doctor Episode 8

The Billionaire Doctor Episode 8

🔱The Billionaire's
(He hates women😱)

Episode 8

💕Kira's pov💕
I was at the back seat in the car while Brandon was at the front seat with his father.

Brandon increased the volume of the song playing. Mr Adam turned the song off completely and continued driving.

I rolled my eyes at him.
He's the main kill joy.
He glanced at me through the front mirror and I stuck out my tongue and shook my head doing a childish act.

He glared at me before taking his eyes back to the road. We got to the park and stepped down from the car.

Brandon and I followed his father who was heading straight to an ice cream vendor. He bought us ice cream and we sat on a table.

Brandon began licking his ice cream immediately while I licked mine slowly.

Mr Adam just sat on his seat away from me operating his phone.

“Dad, can I have your ice cream too?” Brandon asked and his father glared at him.

He carried his plate of ice cream and shifted it closer to himself on the table.

“I rather pour it away than give you more. When did you become greedy Brandon?” He asked sternly and Brandon lowered his eyes looking sad.

“Can I go and play, dad?” He asked and mr Adam shot him a stare that made him stay put.

The grumpy man went back to pressing his phone.

I tapped Brandon and raised my brows at him.

“Oh my God! Look at that!” I yelled pointing and mr Adam looked back.
I scooped a spoonful from his ice cream and dropped it in Brandon's plate.

“What was that?” Mr Adam asked glaring at me.

I smirked.
“My fellow witches flying by” I grinned and he rolled his eyes at me.

At least am happy Brandon got to lick more ice cream.
I marched mr Adam from under the table with my leg.

He cringed and looked down under the table.

I took another spoon of ice cream and this time, I licked it.

“Stella!!!!” Mr Adam yelled looking up at me extremely angry.

“Am sorry sir” I said pouting.

He sprang up on his feet.
“Let's go home!” He grouse angrily.
Brandon took his ice cream plate.

“Dad, can I have this?” He asked giving him puppy eyes.
Mr Adam snatched the plate from him and dumped it at a trash can nearby.

Brandon hugged me almost crying as we followed his dad out of the park.

“Cheer up Brandon, it's for your health” I said hoping it would make him smile again but he didn't. We got to the car and mr Adam surprisingly opened the car for us.

Brandon jumped in but he slipt.
I rushed and helped him before his dad also held onto him too.
It happened so fast that my heart began beating fast.

Our hands touched!😱😱😱
He removed his hand from mine immediately and left Brandon for me to carry.

I pushed Brandon's heavy body into the car and he sat well. I entered the back seat and mr grumpy drove off.

This time, he didn't allow Brandon to turn a song at all.

The ride was boring and I was glad we were home.

We alit from the car went into the house.
The outing was boring!
Mr Adam is a bitter person 😒

Brandon turned on the TV and stood up on the couch.

“It's time for you to sleep Brandon!” He said sternly and turned off the TV.

A maid walked in and took Brandon's hand and they went upstairs.

I glanced at mr Adam since it was just us in the living room.

He scoffed looking away.
I sighed and left going up the stairs to my bedroom.
I went into the room sat on the bed.

Where's the cat though?
I got up and left the room.

I looked around.
Did it leave through the window??

I went to Brandon's room and met him sleeping. No cat!
I thought of going to Brandon's room but I don't think the cat would be there.

I went ahead though and went in. The room was a mess!
His clothes were trashed and the things on his table were on the floor.

Am in so much trouble.
The cat was by the window just there doing nothing.

I went into the room fully and carried the cat. Immediately, Adam walked in.
My heart raced as he looked around his room.

Oh!. This cat is silly, it had to destroy mr Adam's room not mine.

The cat jumped out of my hands and jumped on mr Adam.
Oh no!.

They began struggling and mr Adam tried to remove the cat off his face.

I ran to help him but he yelled at me.

“Don't touch me you devil!”.

I stepped back and stood there watching him drag with the cat.

I wish the cat designs his face.
I almost yelled ‘go cat'!
They continued there hilarious fight.

Couldn't keep up to my promise😢
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