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💞🗣️👸 THE BITTER TRUTH Episode 6 💞🗣️👸

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👸🗣️💞 Episode 6 💞🗣️👸


The news of Adebisi’s 7 weeks pregnancy was a mind blowing one for the couple whose marriage almost hit rock bottom. The fact that they had reconciled that day and got the good news that same day almost made them drop dead due to the shock they felt at that moment. They were so crazily excited, Stanley was at the verge of going crazy, It was such a day to remember!

“Doctor please tell me you are joking, are you?” Stanley nervously inquired. The doctor smiled faintly and repeated himself for the second time; just in case they didn’t hear the news properly the first time. “Mr Stanley, Your wife is 7 weeks pregnant, Congratulations!” The Doctor repeated happily. It was at this point that Stanley fully digested the goodnews and reacted with pure happiness in his heart. The excited young man jumped up numerously and hugged his wife, he kept chanting ” Thank you God” and he will then turn to his wife and would say
“Bisi, I love you. Thank you, I promise that I will never hurt you again”

At that same happy moment, Adebisi’s mother walked into the hospital room and she was surprised to see Adebisi and Stanley together and they both had a big pretty smile on their faces.
“Oh thank you Lord, thank you so much Lord. Thank you so much Lord, this two Love birds had put their differences aside,it’s so obvious that they had reconciled” The excited old woman quietly said as tears gently fell off her eyes.

Adebisi’s mother stared at the smiling couple, The scene was beautiful to behold and the doctor who happened to be their family doctor, also shared in their happy moment before he alerted them that Adebisi’s mother was standing at the entrance of the hospital room.
“Come in ma” the Doctor had told the woman
The old woman danced for joy when Stanley announced that they were expecting another baby.

Few days later, Adebisi was discharged from the hospital and it offended Shade that Adebisi had finally returned to her matrimonial home.

Few days after, Adebisi picked up her phone and called Shade and when Shade saw Adebisi’s phone call, her heart lost a beat but she comported herself and took the call.
“Shade, I have been trying your number for days now, but your phones are off, Shade where have you been? You didn’t come back to the hospital to check upon me” Adebisi threw in but Shade couldn’t utter a word, instead she listened nervously.

“Anyway, Shade my friend, I call to appreciate you, You are a wonderful person and I thank you for being there for me, when I needed you the most, you have a good heart and my God will bless you, you and Tony were so good to me, please send my regards to him, Bisi, I know you won’t like the fact that I forgave Stanley, just like that but I think that’s the best thing to do, Shade I’m home, my son needs me and you know what? I’m pregnant” Adebisi added.

Shade who pretended to be happy for her friend, screamed on top of her voice in excitement,
“Bisi, congratulations, remember I told you in the hospital that everything will be okay, now you see, everything is fine again, I’m so happy for you Bisi, I love you so much” Shade said as she laughed at the other end of the phone. The laugh was fake and so was everything about Shade even the love she claimed to have for Adebisi.

Just as Adebisi was rejoicing as she shared her good news with her so called best friend, Shade was boiling in anger and in envy, her plans had failed, Everything was just too much for her to digest, as Adebisi dropped the good news back-to-back. Shade almost died of envy
Adebisi’s good news left Shade shattered, Shade will never forget the twinge of pain she felt that day,

Shade was a bad fellow. After that phone conversation with Adebisi, Shade came up with a new evil plan to tear up Adebisi’s marriage. She smiled suddenly to herself as she thought of the plan. And she promised herself that she will start executing the new plan as soon as possible.

Three months later, Adebisi and her husband Stanley had really worked things out as Everything was just perfect and back to normal. Yes it’s true that Every relationship goes through challenges every now and then but the way Adebisi and Stanley handled everything was so commendable. Stanley had become alot transparent and more loving, Adebisi didn’t only forgive her husband, she was trying everything possible to forget her husband’s betrayal.

Their bond grew stronger every passing day. No one will believe that their marriage had hit a major rock that could have crushed their union, even with all Shade’s evil plan to make their differences irreconcilable but it’s quite commendable how they scaled through with no permanent damages. To top everything, their marriage reconciliation was sealed and blessed with a new baby on the way or so we thought.

Stanley had become a changed man and His wife Adebisi have become the center of his world but still it felt like they were both keeping a dirty secret from each other.
On the other hand, Stanley had not forgotten that he once had an affair with Shade and he wondered if Shade will expose that secret just to get back at him.

Manytimes, Stanley had decided to confess to his wife but couldn’t.
“I Don’t think Adebisi will remain in this marriage, if she finds out that I had cheated on her with her best friend… I Don’t want her to ever find out because Bisi will be so hurt and disappointed in me, I can’t drop off this BITTER TRUTH on her because this truth will not only break her heart, it will break our marriage completely, moreover there’s no need to confess, that was in my past, I have nothing to do with Shade any more, that lady is evil, I still can’t believe that I had an affair with my wife’s best friend, I feel so awful and I Don’t know how long I will continue to conceal this secret, well I have to learn to forget everything that happened between Shade and I, because it will never happen again” Stanley had thought sadly.

As Stanley tried everything to forget his sins, his conscience kept dealing with him. Stanley who had lost his peace of mind, decided to confess his sins to his wife. He had rehearsed his confession and apology speech for many days and one evening he decided to confess.

That very evening, Adebisi and Stanley were cuddled up in bed. At that time, Adebisi was already six months gone. Adebisi laid in bed and she was reminiscing on everything that had happened in her marriage, Adebisi suddenly smiled when she thought on how much their marriage had improved and how their bond had grew stronger even in few months.
Adebisi kissed her husband passionately and Stanley kissed back.

The atmosphere was ignited with love and happiness as the couple kissed each other passionately. “I love you” they told each other. After a little while, Stanley sat up and held his wife’s hand; “my love, I have a confession to make” he finally said. Without wasting time, Adebisi sat up too. “Confession? What is it?” she inquired.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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