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Tust as Stanley was about to confess his Bitter Truth, Adebisi’s phone rang instantly, it was her mother, Adebisi took the call and spoke with her mother at a length.
when Adebisi finally dropped the call, Stanley had lost his courage to confess his sins.

“Honey, I’m sorry, I had to take that call, my mom called and she sends her regards to you too” Adebisi said while Stanley nodded without uttering a word…. “Honey, you said you have a confession, what is it?” Adebisi added
Stanley was mute for a while and when he finally spoke, he uttered calmly

“My love, you have no idea of how much I love you and I will continue to love you but one thing I’ll promise is that I will never put myself in the position of losing you again, I promise to be faithful and to remain faithful to you alone. I promise to put you and our children first before every other thing. I promise to have eyes for only you and do everything within my power to protect and provide for our family. I promise that I will never disappoint you ever again. I love you baby, thank you for giving me a second chance even though I Don’t deserve it and I promise you will never regret it, I will always be transparency and honest with you “Stanley soberly said.

Adebisi was greatly touched by her husband’s vows. She held his hand tightly and said; “I love you so much my husband, is that your confession?” Stanley smiled nervously. Adebisi came closer and hugged him. ” you are the love of my life. I renew my trust for you this moment and promise to believe in you at all times, I promise to respect, cherish and love you all the days of my life. I trust that you will never hurt me again, I trust that you will be 100 percent honest with me and that you will be mine forever by the grace of God” Adebisi entered and they kissed again.
The love they feel for each other was rekindled but for how long?.

Stanley felt so awful. He wished he was able to confess his sins to his wife.
“I guess God doesn’t want me to confess just yet, because I Don’t understand why I suddenly lost the courage to confess, I guess, I have to let the sleeping dog lie”
Stanley had thought

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and Adebisi’s delivery date drew nearer. Adebisi, usually went for Antenatal, Stanley was so supportive and loving but not untill Shade planted a seed of discord again. This time Shade did the worst.

Stanley was sighted on bed, he laid in bed and was reminiscing on the text he had received from Shade few days back.
The text reads ” That child your wife is expecting is not yours, Something abominable happened, many months ago, when your wife caught you pants down with Anna, she was so devastated and vengeful, she had an affair, if you think that I’m lying ask her; who is Tony?”

Ever since Stanley got that message from Shade, he had changed, he grew cold and became very distant from his wife. Adebisi had observed Stanley’s odd behavior and she wondered what was happening to her husband. Stanley had refused to open up to his wife, he felt that Shade was telling the truth because when he stylishly inquired about Tony from his wife, Adebisi had admitted that Tony was her friend.

Adebisi who was unaware of what was going on, began to assume the worst. “Shade my friend was right, Stanley can never change, I believe he is cheating on me again, that’s why he is so distant and so cold towards me, he is definitely cheating on me, if I find that my assumptions are right, that means our marriage is over, oh God, I was such a Fool to believe Stanley’s lies” Adebisi thought to herself.

By the day, Stanley’s odd behavior grew worst and Adebisi got tired of the situation, she was so frustrated and needed some one to confide in. One-day, she put a call to Shade but her phone was unreachable. Adebisi was so frustrated, all through that day She kept trying hard to reach Shade, who she thought was her friend. Finally Shade’s phone became reachable but Shade wasn’t answering her calls or her texts.
“This is weird”Adebisi thought but unknown to her, Shade was just tired of pretending to be her best friend.

Adebisi decided to confide in her mother, when she called her mother, the woman picked up immediately,
“My daughter, how are you and your family? I hope my grand baby is kicking?” Adebisi’s mother asked at once.

” Mom, What can I say, I’m alive but frustrated, I Don’t know what is going on in my marriage, my husband’s behavior these days has been very weird, the last time I checked we were so cool but all of a sudden, I Don’t know what came over him” Adebisi said almost in tears.

“My child what is it? Slow down, relax take a deep breath and tell me slowly what had happened? What has Stanley done this time? Did he cheat on you again?, I thought he promised to be faithful to you” Adebisi’s mother entered.

“Mom, I Don’t know if he is still cheating, but he is acting very weird, he barely talks to me, he doesn’t sleep in our room, he doesn’t eat the food I prepare, he leaves the house without saying anything to me, I Don’t know what is going on with him, mom, I’m so frustrated and restless, I know something is wrong somewhere” Adebisi narrated, this time she was already in tears.

“My daughter, please calm down, if not for anything but for your unborn child, if you are worried and agitated, your baby will be restless too, give yourself peace, why worry when you can pray? Is there any thing that is too hard for God, Tell God to reveal every hidden agenda of the devil in your home, go to God in prayers and I will be praying for you too” Adebisi’s mother concluded.
The old woman consoled her daughter before she finally hanged up.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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