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Adebisi took her mother’s counsel as she began to pray fervently again. In just few weeks, Stanley began to miss his wife.
“Shade is out of my life but she still pesters me, She is so obsessed with me, I Don’t know how I got myself into this mess and to make matter worst, Shade claims that Adebisi’s pregnancy is not mine, She kept on insisting that my wife cheated on me with Tony, but when I stylishly asked My wife, she told me that Tony was her child hood friend and that they had lost contact for a while but Shade reconnected their friendship, I Don’t know who to believe anymore, but my wife sounded sincere…. Shade has always been a liar, how can I believe a desperate and deceitful lady like Shade?…. but come to think of it, Adebisi was so hurt when she caught me with another woman, out of anger she even left our son, there’s also a possibility that she cheated on me just to get back at me, I can never know if my wife did cheat, only her and God knows but I love my wife so much, even if it’s true that she cheated I will forgive her just as she forgave me, there’s no need for this silence treatment, I can feel and see the pain in her eyes, I am not a saint either, I even slept with her best friend and I’m still finding it difficult to confess…And she had caught me pants down with Anna, yet she forgave me,
as soon as Bisi gives birth, I will conduct a DNA test on the baby and find out if the child is mine or not, I need to clear this doubt in my heart” Stanley thought.

Stanley changed afterwards and began to act nicely with Adebisi. When Adebisi asked him why the sudden change of behavior, Stanley lied to her that his business was having some issues but it has been rectified and that’s why he was in a better mood. Adebisi believed him and she was grateful to God for asking her prayers.

The 9 months pregnancy journey finally ended as Adebisi delivered a bouncing baby boy who they named David, Stanley secretly took the new baby’s napkin that contains saliva and went ahead to conduct a DNA test, the test was so expensive but Stanley didn’t complain as money was least of his problems.

The DNA results took 8 days to be ready and on the 9th day when he came for the DNA results, he was so nervous and scared.
Stanley was waiting patiently for the DNA results, he was so lost in his thought. Finally he snapped out of his thoughts when his name was mentioned, and he went straight to the doctor’s office. Stanley and the doctor exchanged pleasantries and finally Stanley sat down and the doctor handed the Result to him.

Stanley collected the DNA result and opened it immediately, one good stare and he smiled to himself. The smile filled his face that the doctor didn’t know when he smiled back at him.
“The DNA result came out Positive, Shade is a liar, Adebisi didn’t cheat on me afterall, the child is mine oh thank God”Stanley thought within, he could finally breath properly. it felt as though a huge burden had been lifted from his body.

The thought that his wife ‘Bisi’ had been faithful all along and never cheated made him remember his own sins.
“I hope Shade won’t destroy my marriage, what if she exposes my secrets, that lady is so desperate and shameless, I Don’t blame her, it’s all my fault, I have to look for a way to confess my sins to Bisi before it’s too late, Bisi needs to know that Shade is not her best friend but her worst enemy, but I’m scared, I Don’t want to lose my family” Stanley continued In his thoughts .

As he drove back home, smiles filled his face but also, he felt guilty
The thought of Bisi ever finding out about the DNA test, sent chills down Stanley’s spine. ” I will be done for, if all my secrets comes to light” Stanley thought.

Few weeks later, Shade reappeared in Adebisi’s life, with some cock and bull stories on why she has been unreachable for months and Adebisi believed every word.
Poor Bisi trusted shade so much that she was so happy to see her friend.
“I missed you so much” She told Shade.

Bisi had no idea that Shade had been blackmailing her husband ever since she re appeared and she apparently demanded for a sum of 3million naira and a night with Stanley or else she will reveal the BITTER TRUTH to Bisi.

Stanley was willing to give out 3 million just to save his marriage and spare his wife from heartache but he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Shade, “Shade I can never sleep with you, never again, all I want you is for you to take the three million naira and disappear from my life, I have already transferred the money to your account, please disappear from our lives” Stanley had told her but Shade insisted “if you Don’t sleep with me, the deal will be off, you have 7 days to make up your mind or else, you will have yourself to blame” Shade threatened.

And ever since then Stanley have been contemplating on what to do.
“The only way out of this mess is to confess to my wife, it will be better if Adebisi hears the truth from me but I’m afraid, will Bisi forgive me this time?”He thought sadly.

Two days later, Stanley was ready to do the needful but he was terrified. That morning, he prepared breakfast and even helped around the house.
Later that same day, he gathered some courage and walked up to his wife.
My love, I have something to tell you,” Stanley told Bisi.
Then he fell silent, and Adebisi was like, “I hope there’s no problem.” Adebisi said as she ran her eyes on her husband, with her few months old baby on her laps.

“My love, you know when Shade came over to live with us, then you were pregnant with Isaac” Stanley vomited and Adebisi shook her head as she listened attentively.
Stanley continued “my love, I cheated on you and ever since then I haven’t been myself”
But Adebisi didn’t understand what Stanley really meant. Stanley could see the confusion in her eyes.

“You cheated on me with who?”Adebisi asked calmly
“I slept with Shade, I Don’t know what happened to me, please forgive me” Stanley confessed
Adebisi was heartbroken. “You slept with my friend why? And why are you telling me now?” Adebisi asked with tears falling from her eyes.”
“My love, Shade is not a friend, she is an enemy, you won’t believe she extorted 3 million from me and she wants me to sleep with her again, Shade is not your friend” Stanley concluded.

“You are badmouthing shade, what about you? You are worst, you are my husband, why did you cheat on me with my friend, this is so hurtful, what did I do to deserve such betrayal from the two people that I love so much” Adebisi entered in tears

To Be Continued…. . . .

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