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The Broken Alpha Episode 11

The Broken Alpha Episode 11.

💥{ The Light In His Darkness }💥

A dark romance 🖤🖤

By; Amara Chy ✍️

Genres: Dark romance, Tragedy, Thriller.

Warning: Do not read if you can't stand forced s3x and brutality!!❌❌
Strictly 🔞🔞


“Damon!! Damon!! For f*ck's sake, where's that backstabbing f0ol!!!!” Logan raged, bursting down the doors to every room he came across. He relentlessly searched for Damon, in the whole compound, but couldn't find him.

“Buster!! Go and find Damon and bring him here this instant!!” He roared at his chief guard who took off with a bunch of other bodyguards.. by this time, Tyson and his men had left because they had managed to get Camilla back.

“That ingrate had the guts to betray me! After all I've done for him.. I saved his f*cking a$s from ruin!!” Logan punched the wall in fury.

He didn't want to admit it, but he was very hurt.. the one person he trusted blindly, had ended up betraying him.. Damon took the side of his enemy.

“If I f*cking find that ba$tard, I'm going to blow his f*cking head off!!” He roared and hit the wall one more time.

“Logan” he turned and saw Liliana.

“Ma.. are you alright?” He asked her. Though, he didn't listen to most of her opinions anymore, he still cared a lot about her. He was afraid that a bullet must have touched her.

“I'm so sorry about the guns and everything.. but I had to.. that idiot Tyson.. he made me do it” Logan seemed to be panting very heavily and sweating as much.

Liliana saw fear and hurt in his eyes. He was hurt by Damon's actions.

“I'm fine, all thanks to Adena” Liliana answered.

“Adena?” He asked, wiping off the sweat on his forehead.

“Yes, she saved my life” Liliana answered again.

“I'm grateful she did” Logan was still panting heavily.

“Logan.. please sit down and calm down. Please you don't look so good” Liliana said, leading him to his bed but he gently pushed her hands away.

“No! I won't rest until I find that backstabbing motherf*cker and k!ll him!” Logan thundered and stormed off.

He met Adena in her room with Antoinette. He stopped and they both got to their feet in fear.

“Did any of you see Damon leaving?” He asked.

“No master” Antoinette answered.

“Get out” he ordered her and she left, leaving only Adena. She became scared. She knew he would take out his frustration on her as usual. She was ready for anything.

Logan moved closer to Adena and she stood there, shivering with her neck bent. Tears were already streaming down her cheeks. Logan grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back.. she yelped.

“Trust no one..” he whispered before throwing her across the room.. she fell and cried.

Logan was approaching her in anger again but he stopped and held his head with both his hands.

He had been stressed to the limit.. his head was aching badly. He got a migraine and fell down, groaning.

“Ahhh..” he groaned. His entire body began to shake like it did when he was having the nightmare.

Adena stood and watched in awe, she was afraid he would die but she didn't want to help him either.

At a point, she moved closer to him and tried to help him up.

“Don't.. don't! Don't touch me!” Logan didn't want to be weak in front of his slave. He got up, staggering from one place to another..

“I'm going to k!ll him” he murmured, and staggered out of the room..

Adena couldn't help but follow him. Ordinarily, she didn't care if he died or lived, but she was drawn to follow him.

Logan entered his room and fell into the bed. He screamed and winced in pain. This particular seizure was one of the most painful he had ever had. And it was Damon's fault.

Adena asked Antoinette for some cold water and a rag, she went in to see Logan with it.

“Shall I call my mother to do it?” Antoinette asked.

“No, let her rest. She's not feeling well. You can go and look after her” Adena answered.

He had already passed out by the time she came in. She stared at him for a moment, with tears in her eyes.

“I hate you..” she sniffed.

“But I can't seem to let you d!e” she added.

She dabbed the rag in the cold water and gently wiped his face with it. She continued to do it until his temperature returned to normal.

“What do you think you're doing?” Delaney walked in on Adena with Logan and completely freaked out. She had been in hiding since the gun fight started.

“Get up and get out” she ordered and Adena obeyed. She was disgusted by her own actions. How could she take care of the same man who had put her through so much pain?

Delaney took credit for taking care of Logan.. but she was disturbed by Adena's presence.

💢 Damon's House 💢

“Where are we going uncle?” Zoey asked, watching Damon pack their bags in a haste.

“There's no time to explain dear.. just help me carry these to the car and I'll bring the rest” Damon answered, handling her two bags. Zoey obeyed immediately.

Damon couldn't bear to stay back.. he was ashamed of what he did to his best friend. He had crushed the trust Logan had for him and he regretted it.

He did it because he fell in love, but Logan would never understand.

He hurriedly packed some important stuff and locked his house before driving away with Zoey.

Buster and the other men came to Damon's house but they missed him because he had already driven away.

They searched the entire house and even the neighbors houses but couldn't find him. They had to go back to Logan and inform him.

Damon left for the neighbouring city, where he hoped to start everything afresh. But the guilt of betraying his best friend would haunt him forever. He had lost on both ends.. he lost Camilla, and he lost Logan.

But he was glad that he was able to do something out of love.

💢 Logan's Mansion 💢

Logan was furious when he learnt that Damon had gotten away. But he swore to fish him out wherever he was hiding and make him pay.

He sat on his bed, thinking, when Delaney entered with a hot cup of coffee. She handed it to him and stood beside him.

“How are you feeling now?” She asked, smiling broadly.

“Delaney, I'd like to be alone” was Logan's reply.

“Oh.. okay. But I'm here if you need anything” she said before walking out.

She was on her way to her room when she caught a glimpse of Adena in her own room. Adena was combing her long red hair in front of the small mirror, with her door slightly open.

Delaney went in to talk to her.

“What was the meaning of what you did earlier?” She asked, startling Adena.

“My lady.. I'm sorry I didn't see you come in” Adena said, getting to her feet.

“I asked you a question slave! What were you doing in Logan's room? You were attending to him, what gives you the right to do that?” Delaney asked.

She was extremely jealous, she knew there was something going on between those two, something she can't explain.

“I am his fiancee, we are getting soon and I am the only one who has the right to go close to him like that!” She continued.

“I'm sorry my lady” Adena was pissed off. She thought Delaney was a desperate b*tch. Adena has always been a rebel, if you step on her toes too much.

The only reason she hasn't done anything to Logan, was because he was rightfully her master.

“Sorry for your sorry self! Stay away from my man.. you filthy slave” Delaney said. Adena couldn't take it anymore.

“And why would I want anything to do with your man? Oh.. sorry” she paused and chuckled.

“I meant, your m0nster! Because that's all he is. Why are you so insecure? Is it because I'm prettier than you? Is it because Logan enjoys banging me more that he'll ever fancy your rotten p∆ssy?” She smirked.

Delaney raised her hand to slap Adena but she held her hand sharply.

“As far as I'm concerned, you're not better off than me, you're also an object of pleasure to Logan because he only uses you to satisfy his urge. So before you come in here and threaten me, make sure of your worth!” Adena said in anger and threw Delaney's hand away.

Delaney was shocked.. Adena wasn't wrong at all.

“I'm going to tell Logan what you just did, and you'll regret it” she said.

“I dare you.. he wouldn't even listen to you” Adena laughed. Delaney walked out with tears in her eyes.

Adena was right, Logan won't listen, he never listens to her. She had to become his wife at all costs, and do away with the little witch.. Adena.

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