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The Broken Alpha Episode 12


💥{ The Light In His Darkness }💥

A dark romance 🖤🖤

By; Amara Chy ✍️

Genres: Dark romance, Tragedy, Thriller.

Warning: Do not read if you can't stand forced s3x and brutality!!❌❌
Strictly 🔞🔞


Logan stared at the blank pistol in his hand and fumed. He never thought for once, that he would use it on the very person he trusted the most. He groaned and tucked it inside the pocket in his jacket.

He left immediately with Buster and some other men. Logan had made it a mission to track down and kill two of his enemies, Damon and Tyson. He wasn't going to spare any of them. They had each hurt him in different ways, and they would pay for it.

Logan arrived in New Jersey with his men and they searched tirelessly for Damon. Logan knew that Damon had no other place to run to, he would only come to New Jersey where Damon's father had a penthouse.

But he had no idea where the penthouse was, so he resorted to searching every nook and cranny.

“Master.. the search has been unsuccessful, I'm afraid. It's already mid day” Buster reported after hours of fruitless searching.

“I don't care how long it will take, whether days or weeks. I just want that backstabber to be found and brought to me” Logan growled.

They were lodged at a hotel, Logan made up his mind to stay there until he finds Damon.

“Yes master” Buster gave a little bow before leaving.

Logan decided to go into the mall to get some wine. He was addicted to drunk wine and he was craving it. So he went into the mall and bought a few bottles for himself.

On his way to the parking lot, he caught glimpse of the man he has been looking for. Damon was with Zoey, it looked like they had also come to get a few stuff for themselves.

Logan was even angrier.. he dumped the wine bottles in his car and walked up to them. Damon was shocked to see him.

“You..” Logan growled dangerously.

“Logan.. I.. please hear me out” Damon shivered. He was surprised that Logan had come all this way just to look for him.

“I trusted you.. I shared things with you, things I could never share with anyone else, yet you betrayed me” Logan continue to seethe.

Damon was short of words.. how could he explain to Logan that he did all that because of love? Logan has never understood what it meant to be in love, he would never listen to him.

“I'm sorry.. I am” was all Damon managed to say.

“Sorry?” Logan scoffed.

“You'll be sorry, after I blow your head off” Logan said and pulled out his gun, pointing it at his head.

“No!” Zoey screamed, Damon froze at the spot. He couldn't believe it was his best friend.. doing that to him.

“Uncle Logan.. please.. please don't kill my uncle” Zoey began to cry.

“No Zoey, let him shoot me” Damon said to Zoey.

He looked Logan right in his eyes, very intensely.

“Go ahead and shoot me Logan. Because I saved a woman I love” he said.

“You betrayed me” Logan said.

“Camilla was innocent. She wasn't aware of her brother's plans! I had to save her life, I was in love with her.. I still am” Damon fought back his tears.. he was a man afterall.

“Shoot me then! If you can! I'm tired of running from you. I knew you would find me sooner or later. You always have your ways. You came all the way from New York to find me and k!ll me. So go ahead and do it” Damon was challenging Logan.

“If you can raise a gun at your best friend, then you're really the monster they say you are”.

Logan groaned and was forced to bring down his gun. He tried.. he tried to shoot him, but he couldn't.

“You're the bad friend here Damon! Don't make it look as if I did you any wrong. You helped my enemy and now they mock me” Logan said.

“Then why didn't you shoot me?” Damon asked.

“You have feelings don't you?”

“Shut the f*ck up! I don't have feelings and I don't have a f*cking heart!!” Logan yelled.

“I never pity anybody. You will pay for what you did” he said. He lifted the gun again and this time, he did pull the trigger.

“Uncle Damon!!!” Zoey screamed when the shot was fired. There was chaos in the parking lot, everyone began to run when they heard the gun shot. Logan stared at Damon who was bleeding on the floor. He was shot on the shoulder.

“You shouldn't have betrayed me” he said and walked to his car. He drove off without looking back.

“Uncle..” Zoey sobbed.

Damon groaned in pains, he couldn't believe Logan actually shot him.

💢 Tyson's Residence 💢

“Where are you off to in such a hurry?” Tyson asked his sister who looked very perturbed. She was rushing out of the living room when Tyson caught her.

“I just heard on the news that Damon had been rushed to the hospital after getting shot.” Camilla narrated.

“So? Tyson asked.

“Brother, Damon saved me.. I could at least pay him a visit at the hospital and..” Camilla didn't finish her statement when Tyson interrupted.

“And what!? Camilla!! Damon is still our enemy. Listen very carefully, you are never to step out of this house to see that man” Tyson warned sternly.

“But Tyson!”

“Camilla! That is an order.. don't dare me” he glared at her before going back upstairs.

Camilla didn't know when she started shedding tears. She really wanted to see Damon, he was in this whole mess because of her. He risked everything to save her. She was attracted to him as well.

Camilla waited until it was night, when everyone had gone to sleep, including Tyson. Then she snuck out of the house, wrapped in a blanket. She took some clothes with her, she wasn't planning to return to her brother anytime soon.

Camilla boarded a night train that took her to New Jersey. Then she went to the hospital to look for Damon.

💢 At the hospital 💢

“Damon” Camilla called as she opened the door to Damon's ward. A nurse had directed her to the ward from the reception and she rushed there as fast as she could.

“Camilla?” Damon lifted his head to behold the beauty standing in front of him. He thought he was dreaming, he never believed he would see her again.

“Damon!” She rushed to him with tears in her eyes and embraced him warmly. Damon winced when she touched his wounded shoulder.

“Oh I'm sorry” Camilla broke the hug.

“It's okay. Please talk softly.. I don't want Zoey to wake” he said, pointing to Zoey who was sleeping on the couch.

“How are you? What are you doing here? Your brother let you come?” Damon asked, excited.

“No, I had to sneak out. I owe you for saving me. I had to come and see you” Camilla answered, tearing up. Damon smiled softly.

“You don't owe me anything Camilla” he said, tucking a strand of falling hair behind her ear, she blushed.

“But I'm glad you are here”.

“I hope your shoulder is healing well?” She asked.

“Yes.. and even better now that you're here” he was still flirting and Camilla giggled.

“You'll never change, will you?” She hit him playfully.

“I did the challenge.. I stayed one week without sleeping with any b*tch” Damon smirked.

“Can we talk now?”

“You're still doing that?” Camilla was surprised.

“That's how much I lo..” he paused.. he didn't want to be too direct. He didn't want to rush things.


“It's nothing”

Camilla smiled.. she already knew.

💢 Logan's Mansion 💢

“He betrayed me because he was in love” Logan scoffed.

Liliana stood there and glared angrily at him. Antoinette and Adena were eavesdropping from outside the room.

“I never raised you to be so heartless Logan. I don't know what you have turned into. You shot Damon!” Liliana yelled.

“Damon is the only one who can stand your attitude, he's the only one who supports you, he loved you despite your ruthlessness, but you shot him!”

“No ma! He is the one at fault!”

“You have to accept your faults Logan! I have never told you this before but, you're heartless! For what you did to Damon, you're heartless!!” Liliana said in disgust.

Logan was moved.. his ‘ma' had never called him names before.. never.


“Don't call me. You're going to be all alone very soon, if you don't change your ways. Even I will leave you” she said and left immediately. Antoinette and Adena quickly followed her.

“I wonder what he'll do to me now. He'll probably release all his aggression on me” Adena thought as shivers ran down her spine.

Anastasia was also there when Logan said that Damon was in love. She was furious. She decided to go to New Jersey and make sure she destroys that love.

Damon would always belong to her- she thought. He had no right to love another woman.

⏹️ TBC ⏹️

Anastasia should pack one side oo🙄🙄

Logan went too far.. ah!🙅🙅

Wondering what Tyson will do if he finds out that Camilla snuck out 🤧

Lovelies! Thanks for your good wishes yesterday, I'm feeling much better today. I'll update again by tonight. I love you all❤️

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