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The Broken Alpha Episode 14


💥{ The Light In His Darkness }💥

A dark romance 🖤🖤

By; Amara Chy ✍️

Genres: Dark romance, Tragedy, Thriller.

Warning: Do not read if you can't stand forced s3x and brutality!!❌❌
Strictly 🔞🔞


Adena wasn't expecting Logan to call for her so soon after what happened between them the previous night. But he did, it was a cold and windy night, and he needed her to subdue his urges.

Adena reluctantly entered his room and found him by the glass window, looking down at the city. She fumed with hatred, wishing she could strangle the beast.

Knowing there wasn't much she could do, she started to undress. She was almost n@ked when Logan groaned loudly and held his head in his palms. Adena was shocked. She watched as he staggered to his bed and continued to grown in pains.. it looked intense.

“Goddamit! Don't just stand there, open the damned cupboard and get my medicine case!!” Logan shrieked.

Adena had two choices, leave him to suffer and die, or help him with his medicine so that he can maltreat her all over again.

The choice was very clear, but she couldn't do it. She bit her lip in spite as her conscience kept pushing her to help the very same man she hated with passion.

Her legs seemed to move faster than her, she found herself digging around the cupboard until she found the medicine case. Logan stretched his hand for it, and she hesitantly have it to him.

Logan poured two tablets into his mouth and sipped some water. His breathing was heavy and he was shivering.

“Another seizure..” Adena whispered. She watched him get into his bed and drift off to sleep in the twinkle of an eye.

She was relieved that he didn't touch her that night, but she was left wondering what the f*ck was going on with the fiercest man she ever knew.

Adena turned to leave, disappointed in herself for helping Logan, when she heard groans coming from Logan again. She turned to him and found him struggling on the bed, he was having yet another nightmare.

“What should I do now?” She bit her lip. She found a small bowl by his cupboard and used it to get some water from the bathroom. Then she took his towel.

Standing by his bed, she watched him twist and turn, like he was going to die any minute. She couldn't resist the urge to help him, but she still wanted him dead. What was wrong with her?

“Humanity” her subconscious whispered.

She sighed and sat on his bed, it was soft and comfortable. She had never had the pleasure to touch his bed, let alone sit on it. He would be angry if he found out she sat on it.

She dabbed the towel in the water and carefully massaged his head and face with it. He placed the wet towel over his forehead and he calmed down after a few minutes. She stood up to leave but his hand gripped her finger tightly.

Adena tried to pull her hand out but Logan was very strong. She sat back and sighed. She didn't even know when she fell asleep, by his side, with him holding her finger tightly.

💢 6:11am 💢

Logan stretched on the bed and blinked his eyes open. He lay there for a few seconds before turning to see Adena on his bed. He flinched, making her jerk from her sleep.

“Good.. good morning master” she shivered, expecting a slap or something worse.

“What the f*ck do you think you're doing? Who told you that you were permitted to sleep on by bed, you dirty slave!?” He fired, she stood there like a wet chicken, her gaze fixed to the floor.

“I don't let dirty slaves sleep on my bed! You have no f*cking right!! Now get out!” He screamed, outraged.

Adena rushed towards the door, but stopped and turned to him.

“Your life was in my hands last night, I could have let you die, but I gave you back your life. Be rest assured that next time, you won't be waking up to see the light of day. Ungrateful monster” she said in anger and ran out before he could say anything to her.

Logan sat there, shocked. None of his slaves ever summoned up the courage to talk to him the way she did.. she was different. He smirked when he thought about her.

“You're doing something to me.. slave” he smirked again and entered the bathroom.

“Good morning Adena” Antoinette beamed when Adena entered the kitchen.

“Good morning Antoinette, good morning ma” Adena greeted, frowning.

“Good morning dear, why do you look so upset?” Liliana asked.

“Ma! You won't believe how ungrateful that son of a b*tch is! He had a seizure, and another nightmare, but I saved his life. This morning, he simply yelled at me instead of thanking me” Adena narrated bitterly.

“Logan will never learn.. I'm afraid he's scarred for life” Liliana shook her head.

“Scarred for life? What do you mean by that?” Adena asked.

“Tell us ma, why is Logan always having nightmares?” Antoinette added.

“It was the tragic incident that happened in these very walls when he was just 9” Liliana sighed. She looked up to see two pairs of eyes staring at her with enthusiasm.

“He was only 9 when his father's arch enemy invaded this house, he took everything from him.. I had to run away with him and return months later!” Liliana refused to tell the full story.

“What was taken away from him? His money?” Adena asked.

“Money?” Liliana chuckled.

“Money was the least of his problems! I can't say what it was, I hate remembering that incident, it makes me cringe” Liliana shuddered.

“But ma” Antoinette protested.

“Enough. Get back to work. Adena, please take your breakfast to your room. You know Logan doesn't like you being out of your room” Liliana changed the topic and returned to her cooking.

Adena was disappointed that she couldn't get all the information she wanted, she took her food in a tray and went upstairs.

💢 New Jersey 💢

Damon had been discharged from the hospital and he went back home with Zoey and Camilla. He was surprised that Camilla stayed with him this long, but he liked it.

“No Tyson! I'm not coming back!” Camilla yelled on the phone and dropped it with force on the table, then groaned.

Damon, who was sitting on the couch with Zoey turned instantly.

“That was your brother, what do you mean you're not going back?” He questioned.

Camilla was about to speak when she looked at Zoey, she couldn't say anything with Zoey sitting there. Damon noticed and asked Zoey to go to her room, giving them some privacy.

“I told you I had to sneak out to come here. My brother is on my neck right now, he forbade me from seeing you and now he wants me back home” Camilla explained and sighed, folding her arms.

“Oh” Damon said. He knew he had to do the right thing. He loved Camilla, more than anything, but he had no rights over her.

“I think you should go back to your brother Camilla” he said. She glared at him with widened eyes.

“Do you realize what you're saying? If I go.. we might never see each other again” Camilla said, sounding somewhat scared.

She had started to like Damon a lot, possibly, she was in love with him and couldn't bear to be away from him.

“I'm sorry Cam..” he said lovingly and called her to sit next to him. He caressed her cheek and smiled at her.

“You have to go. Your brother wants the best for you, he's just protecting you. I would act the same way if it was Zoey. Do you want him to come here with a fleet of men to get you and possibly kill me? You know he's powerful” he paused and Camilla shook her head, fighting the tears from falling.

“You should go. I also have unfinished business. I have to go back and apologise to Logan” Damon said, Camilla was shocked to her bones.

“Apologize? But he tried to murder you” she reminded, Damon chuckled.

“I betrayed him, he trusted me. I miss my best friend and I want us to sort out our issues. He could have killed me, but he shot my shoulder instead, knowing I would survive” Damon explained.

“No Damon, don't try to make excuses for him. He obviously doesn't love you” Camilla was surprised at his good heart.

“I'm not, honestly. I want to go back home, to my best friend and make things right. He'll apologize too, you'll see it. Logan can't get anything done without me” he bragged. Camilla smiled, the tears she had been holding back, fell freely down her cheeks.

Damon wiped her tears.

“You should go. Tyson is worried about you. I don't know if I'll see you again but..” he paused and pulled her gently into a warm hug. She wept on his shoulder.

“I lo..” he paused again, he couldn't say it, not now.

Camilla wished he would say it, but he didn't. She hugged him tighter.

⏹️ TBC ⏹️

Awwwwnn 🥺🥺 tears in my eyes. Damon has a pure heart, Logan is so lucky but he doesn't realize.

I wonder what was taken away from Logan when he was 9🤔

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