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The Broken Alpha Episode 15


💥{ The Light In His Darkness }💥

A dark romance 🖤🖤

By; Amara Chy ✍️

Genres: Dark romance, Tragedy, Thriller.

Warning: Do not read if you can't stand forced s3x and brutality!!❌❌
Strictly 🔞🔞


“Zoey!! Hurry up!” Damon yelled from the door and looked at his wristwatch again. He sighed. They had a long journey ahead and needed to set off on time.

Zoey raced down the staircase holding a fluff teddy bear and smiling broadly.

“Sorry uncle, I went to get Bobby” she said, Damon lifted his brow.

“Who's Bobby?” He asked.

Zoey waved the teddy bear in his face.

“That's Bobby”

“Whatever, go to the car, let me lock up” he said and Zoey skipped outside happily.

Damon had decided to go back to New York and fix things with Logan. He had earlier dropped Camilla at the train station, it wasn't easy for him to let her go but he had to do the right thing.

“Time to go” Damon sighed as he entered the car. He looked at Zoey through the rear mirror and she was playing with her teddy. He smiled and drove off towards the big city.

Within hours, Damon had arrived in New York City, he was nervous about meeting with Logan again. He dropped Zoey at their house with a babysitter before going to Logan's mansion. He summoned up enough courage to face Logan, he was prepared for the worst.

The guards arrested Damon as soon as they saw him. They bundled him to Logan's room like some sort of criminal. He struggled to get loose from their grip but they were too powerful for him.

“Master, look who we found sneaking around” Buster reported as they threw Damon at Logan's feet.

Logan was standing with his hands behind him, wearing his black robe. His hair was in a mess as he had just stepped out of the shower. He stared down at Damon and back at the guards.

“Get out” he ordered them and they left immediately.

Damon knelt there, his heart thumping. He knew it would take nothing for Logan to blow his brains off, he started to regret his decision.

“C'mon Damon. Get off the floor” Logan asked, surprisingly calm. He walked over to his desk and took his cigar.

Damon was surprised, he didn't expect Logan to be this calm. He slowly got of the floor and stared at the intimidating man in front of him.

“What are you doing here?” Logan asked.

“I want to ask for your forgiveness Logan. I'm sorry I betrayed you, I.. I was just blinded by.. love” Damon sighed. Logan stood there, smoking and glaring at him. Logan's eyes were on Damon's injured shoulder, he felt bad for that.

“Please forgive me” he added.

“Damon, even after I shot you, you still had the guts to walk in here and talk to me?” Logan asked. Damon was unable to figure out what he meant by the statement. Logan showed no expression, his face was stern as usual.

“I'm.. I'm sorry?” Damon said, more like a question.

Logan chuckled.

“Damon..” he called out and dropped his cigar in the ash tray. He moved closer to the confused man and placed both hands on his shoulders. Damon was scared but maintained a straight face.

“You're a good friend. I never thought you would come back after I tried to kill you” Logan confessed, Damon was shocked.

“I'm happy to have you back on my side. I'm sorry for what I did, your absence was torture” he admitted and pulled his best friend into a hug. Damon was still shocked, he couldn't believe that those words will come out from Logan.

“You're not going to see that girl again, right?” Logan still had strong hatred for Tyson and his sister.

“No..” Damon replied, sadly.

He was heartbroken that he might never see Camilla again, but he was thankful he didn't lose his best friend. He had to accept things the way they were. Maybe, Camilla was never meant to be with him.

Anastasia was very happy when she learnt that Damon would no longer be seeing Camilla. She no longer has to carry out her bad plots, she can now comfortably make Damon hers… Or so she thought.

Damon got to his house late that night, after helping Logan with some work and was surprised to see Anastasia playing with Zoey in the living room. He was not pleased with this at all.

“Anastasia? What are you doing here? And where is the babysitter?” Damon asked, his eyes searching the house.

“Welcome home darling! You should take a bath and come for dinner. I made your favorite” Anastasia winked, taking Damon's coat off as Zoey watched.

“I asked you a question! Where is the damned babysitter!?” Damon was angry.

“Calm down okay?” Anastasia shrugged. She met Damon's angry glare and rolled her eyes.

“I told her to leave. I'm capable of taking care of Zoey” she answered, placing her hands on her waist.

“This babysitting agency must be so incompetent! How could they let a stranger in to take care of my child? I'm going to sue them” Damon said, exasperated and frankly disgusted by the act.

“Excuse me! Who are you calling a stranger? Damon! I once aborted a baby for you!” Anastasia blurted out. Revealing something that they had both agreed to keep hidden.

“Anastasia!!” He yelled and turned to Zoey.

“Go upstairs to your room Zoey” he ordered and the little girl ran up without looking back.

“How could you say that out loud in front of a child!?” He queried.

“Because you're trying to deny me Damon”

“I was just 19 when that happened! It was youthful exuberance” Damon waved it off but Anastasia was insistent.

“I'm not going to take that Damon. You're not going to throw me away just like that. You belong to me” she snapped.

“Anastasia, just get out of my house and don't you ever come back here without my permission” he commanded, pointing towards the door.

Anastasia growled at him before walking hastily out of the house with her bag, pushing him out of her way.

This wasn't the last time Damon would be seeing her. She would keep coming back, until he accepts her as his one and only.

💢 9:28am 💢

“Damon, get the files on my desk and take them to my car. We're already late for the meeting with our Chinese friends” Logan said, hastily putting on his white shirt.

“Yes, it's almost nine thirty, we have to hurry” Damon mumbled as he packed the files into his right hand. He quickly took them to the car and on his way back to Logan's room, he met Adena.

She was carrying a tray of empty plates downstairs when they coincided.

“I'm sorry my lady” he said, like a gentleman. Adena had never really spent time or talked to Damon before. But she admired how calm, respectful and friendly he was, unlike Logan.

“I'm sorry master” she bowed her head.

“It's okay” he was about to walk away when Adena couldn't stop herself from talking to him.

“So you're just going to abandon her because of a friend who tried to shoot you?” She asked and he stopped, turning back to her.

“Excuse me?”

“I heard that you left her, the pretty woman you saved the other day from master. Obviously you're in love with her, you shouldn't have let her go just like that, for a heartless man like master” Adena explained, looking straight into Damon's eyes.

Damon was surprised at the young girl's courage. She wasn't timid at all. She had a very fierce aura.

“What do you know about love? You look, um, 17 or so” Damon said, scanning her from head to toe. Her red hair was in a total mess, her body was full of bruises and the oversized clothes she wore made her look so little.

“I'm 18, sir” she replied cockily.

“Oh, I see. What would you know about love then?” He asked.

“I may not know much, I have never received true love from anyone. My parents didn't live long enough to shower me with love. But I do know that if you love something, or someone, you have to fight for them” Adena explained, her green eyes not leaving Damon.

“You're.. different” he said.

“I know. You should have fought for her, master Logan isn't worth anybody's love or affection” Adena said, hatred burning in her heart.

“You don't know him, you don't judge someone you don't know” Damon corrected.

“Whatever it is that happened to him, isn't enough for him to kill and torture everyone he comes across” Adena pouted.

“He's not worth loving” she added and turned to leave.

“What's your name?” Damon asked.

She turned to look at him with her mesmerizing green eyes. Even Damon admitted that she was beautiful, extraordinarily beautiful.

“Adena, sir” she said and walked away.

Damon watched her for a couple of seconds, until she disappeared out his sight, then he went upstairs. He met Logan at the top staircase, he was listening to everything.

“That's some slave you got there!” Damon chuckled and went past him.

Logan overheard everything, and it left him wondering what kind of human being he had as a slave. She was full of surprises, and her courage was out of this world.

“She said, I don't deserve love” he mumbled to himself. He doesn't know why that statement hurt him a lot. Why is he being affected by her words these days?

Logan hated feeling this way, it was weakening.

⏹️ TBC ⏹️

Adena can talk oo, her mouth doesn't seem to stay one place, but I love the way she speaks!

Logan should wait, she's not done talking yet😂

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