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The Broken Alpha Episode 2

💥{ The Light In His Darkness }💥

A dark romance 🖤🖤

By; Amara Chy ✍️

Genres: Dark romance, Tragedy, Thriller.

Warning: Do not read if you can't stand forced s3x and brutality!!❌❌
Strictly 🔞🔞


“Gentlemen, we are going to begin shortly. Please let there be decorum” the mistress announced with a wide grin, her eyes scanning the powerful men in the room.

She was going to make a whole lot of money from this group of men, and she was pleased. After they settled down, she left to get the girls.

The room was filled with eight men of caliber. Some were politicians, some were drug lords.. but one in particular was feared by them all. He was a fearless leader of a dangerous dynasty. A dynasty that produced gold and diamond. A dynasty that had the government in its palm.

Logan Stoll.

He was as charming as he was deadly. Perfectly chiseled chin, brown eyes that would make any woman fall at his feet, a physique that made people compare him to a god and a dangerous attitude.

He was cold-hearted, and killed humans like they were flies.

Today, he wanted to get himself a puppet, a s3x toy that he could use as he pleased, anytime he was aroused.

This wasn't his first time getting a slave from this school, he had come almost three times and none of the girls he picked lasted a year in his arms. He either got tired and killed them off, or they died from the numerous rape encounters.

Logan sat by the corner of the bar, with a cigar in his mouth. He watched the other men talk and laugh while he puffed out smoke.

He was a man of few words and no friends. No one dared to walk up to him to say anything.

The front door flung open and the mistress entered, followed by eight girls, all tied up and blindfolded. They were only permitted to wear a bikini in front of the masters, to make them appealing.

The girls staggered in, trotting behind each other in fear. Hannah was behind them, pushing them in like bags of rubbish.

“These are the finest girls we produced this year. I believe they'll serve you well” the head mistress introduced the girls.

“Please sir” she turned to where Logan was sitting.

“Would you do the honor, of making the first choice” she said stepped away, going to stand beside Hannah who smiled at her.

The girls whimpered and shivered, unable to tell what was going on. Adena was at the extreme, standing very still, trying to make sense of everything.

Logan removed his cigar and put it in the ash tray on the desk. Then he stood up, his mighty aura, made the room go cold.

He walked slowly, every step he took was fearful, until he got to where the girls were standing. His hands were in his pocket as he walked from girl to girl, examining them closely.

He got to where Adena was standing and stopped. What caught his attention was the way she stood still. Others were scared and some were crying, but she showed no atom of fear.

“You're not scared? Do you even know the kind of men before you right now?” Logan's voice came out husky. It was the first time he spoke since he got here.

“There's no point in being scared. Whatever is going to happen, will happen. Why should I stress over what I can't control?” Adena said, rather boldly, and to the surprise of everyone. Logan smirked.

“This girl is going to get us into trouble. Does she even know who she's talking to?” Hannah hissed.

“Quiet. Sir might get angry” the head mistress hushed her.

“You think you're smart and clever?” Logan asked.

“I can't wait to clip those wings of yours and make you crawl at my feet” he added, grabbing her by the hair very harshly. She winced.

“Get her ready to leave with me” he ordered and without another word, he left the place with his bodyguards scurrying behind him.

Two of his men carried Adena out with them while the other masters rushed to pick their own slaves.

Hannah and the mistress were happy that they had gotten Adena out of their hair.

“Stop! You're hurting me!!” Adena's cries could be heard for miles as the cruel man dragged her along by her hair. He was one of Logan's men, and he was just as brutal.

“Quiet!” He barked at her. He dropped her harshly on a cold floor and slapped her hard across the face.

“Sit here quietly and don't make another sound!” He yelled and shut the iron door loudly. That was when Adena realized that she was inside a truck. She was still blindfolded, and bleeding slightly on her forehead.

The truck started to move and she fell down on the cold, aluminum floor. She remained there for the rest of the journey, wondering what her new master would do to her and where they were taking her.

After six long hours, Adena felt the truck finally coming to a halt.

“We must have arrived at my master's place” she thought.

She flinched when she heard the door snap open. Immediately, a large hand grabbed her by the arm very tightly and pulled her out forcefully, making her fall to the ground. She panted fearfully.

The hand grabbed her up again and started pulling her along with him. She didn't try to say anything because the slap she received earlier was still ringing in her ear.

They entered the main gates, which revealed a very beautiful mansion. It was gigantic, but had a dark feeling hovering over it.

There was a fountain in the middle of the compound, which further spread out into a quadrangle. Each passage of the quadrangle led to different parts of the mansion. But the huge man holding Adena, took the path that led into the main house.

The extremely tall, wooden door pushed open, revealing one of the fanciest living rooms you'd ever see. The floor was tiled with pure silver, with little details of gold. The sofas were made only of the finest silk material and expensive foam. The colour was dark black with gold encrusted on the armrests. The very big gold chandelier hanging from the middle of the room was absolutely beautiful to behold.

Adena was still blindfolded, but she could sense that she was surrounded by wealth.

The man still dragged her up the beautiful array of stairs and into a long hallway. Until they came to a halt in front of a wooden door. It was Logan's room.

The man knocked three times before opening the door, he threw Adena in and shut the door. She fell on the hard surface and winced painfully. She had already been through a lot on the journey here, but what was coming, was worse.

“Well, well, well. If it isn't.. miss clever” Adena recognized the voice. The same husky voice she heard back at the boarding school. She shivered.

Adena felt his cold hands run through her hair and then, he tore the blindfold off forcefully.

“Arrgh!” She yelled, shutting her eyes. She hadn't seen light in a long while and it hurt her eyes. She blinked rapidly for a few seconds before getting used to the light.

She had earlier been untied by the huge man.

Adena slowly lifted her face to look at her master. She was shocked to see the sexy god staring down at her. She wasn't expecting to see such a young and handsome man.

She looked away immediately because his eyes pierced her.

“Strip” the command came. Yes, Logan was a man of few words.

“I don't understand” Adena was clueless about what her job was.

A defeaning slap landed on her right ear and she screamed. She had never been slapped that hard before.

“When I give you an order, you do it without questions. You're not allowed to speak unless I permit you! This isn't some fairytale, you're my slave! My s3x toy!!” Logan thundered and she cried.

That was when it dawned on her, the reason she was being trained all these years. Is to serve as a s3x slave.

“Strip.. now!!” He ordered again.

Hesitantly, Adena got up on her feet and began to pull off her clothes. With tears in her eyes, she was beginning to accept her life and situation.

Logan smirked, with lust in his eyes, staring at the beautiful n4ked woman in front of him. Her perky b0obs were very inviting and he couldn't wait to eat her up.

He pushed her to his desk and made her lie on it with her butt facing him. Adena wept bitterly, awaiting the pain.

Without sympathy, Logan slammed his mighty manhood into her with so much force that she squealed in pain. She tried to get up but he grabbed her hands and crossed them at her back. Then he continued slamming recklessly into her while she wailed.

Adena felt a warm liquid flow down her legs, she had been defiled, but the monster didn't seem to care. He thrust harder and harder, faster and faster until he came inside of her.

He threw her aside like a piece of rag.

“Get your clothes and get out” he ordered coldly and entered the bathroom.

Adena laid there, in a pool of her own tears. She felt pain in her private part and her shoulders. She wished for death, it would be better than going through this for the rest of her life.

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