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The Broken Alpha Episode 4

💥{ The Light In His Darkness }💥

A dark romance 🖤🖤

By; Amara Chy ✍️

Genres: Dark romance, Tragedy, Thriller.

Warning: Do not read if you can't stand forced s3x and brutality!!❌❌
Strictly 🔞🔞


Logan entered the compound in his car and walked out of it completely mad. He stormed into the room with so much anger and nobody dared to stand in his way whenever he was this angry. Damon slowly followed him to his room without uttering a word.

Today was a very bad day. Logan never gets turned down. But today, some business man had the guts to turn his business proposal down because it wasn't resourceful enough?

“Damon! Who the hell does that man think he is to turn down my proposal? Does he even know who he's dealing with?” Logan paced the room in anger but Damon refused to say anything.

Talking to him at this point is like pouring water on a rock. He will still go ahead and do what is on his mind.

“I want information on that man. I want his address right now!” Logan roared.

“Damon! I am talking to you!!” He turned to Damon who was just staring at him.

“I'm sorry for being quiet, I just don't know what to say” Damon answered honestly.

“Just get me that damned man's address!” He ordered.

Damon obeyed and left to get the information he needed.

Logan poured himself a glass of wine and gulped it down in one breath. Then he poured another glass.

“That man! That useless man!” He growled and gulped down the second glass.

He was in a really bad mood, and whenever he was like this, he didn't think before making drastic decisions.

Adam's Residence.

Mr Adam was in his living room, watching the news and sipping his cup of coffee when he heard loud gunshots outside his house.

He flinched and got to his feet immediately. His bodyguards had run outside to find out what was happening but they were all shot dead by Logan's men.

Mr Adam, seeing that he was in trouble, pushed the button on his wall which summons the security agents, then he tried to run upstairs to hide but it was too late as a bullet was fired into his right leg before he could run.

“Arrgghhh!!” He screamed and fell to the ground in pain.

“Useless man” Logan spat. He made himself comfortable on the brown leather sofa and grinned.

“Please.. please don't kill me” Mr Adam pleaded, his leg was bleeding profusely, leaving him weak and unable to move. Logan had a good laugh at his pitiful condition.

“You made the first mistake by declining my business offer, and then you made another mistake by calling the police just now” Logan paused and raised the gun in his hand.

“Do you think I'm afraid of the law?” He asked.

“I am the law” he laughed again and got to his feet. He walked over to where the bald man was standing and pointed the gun at his head.

“Please don't kill me. I will give you the deal.. please” he pleaded, shivering and still bleeding.

The poor man had a family to feed, a wife and two children who were on vacation in Europe. He regretted ever turning down Logan's offer.

“Too bad, I don't want your deal anymore you see, I want the whole company” Logan said, smirking. He had a way of getting whatever he wanted. He was the biggest mafia in the world.. they often referred to him as the alpha.. because he was so powerful.

“Damon!” He called.

Damon appeared from the front door holding some documents. He handed it to Logan.

“These are transfer papers. Sign them” he ordered.

“Please Logan. This company is all I have. Don't do this to me, please” Mr Adam cried, like a little kid.

“Alright then. I'll have to shoot you”

“No.. no please no! I'll.. I'll sign it”

“Good boy” Logan said and gave him a pen, then showed him where to sign. As soon as he was done, he gave the papers back to Damon.

“You b@stard! In your next life, you'll cower in fear when you hear the name, Logan Stoll”

“Please.. please no!”

Logan pulled the trigger and sent a bullet flying into his skull.

Damon shuddered. This wasn't the first time he had witnessed his friend murder someone, but it touched him every single time.

“Let's get out of here” Logan said and walked out. Damon followed and the rest of the men left.

Logan's mansion.

Logan had barely come back to the house when he saw Delaney standing in front of his door. She rushed towards him immediately she saw him coming.

“Where have you been? I've been missing you” she said, buzzing around him. Logan was annoyed.

“What do you want?” He asked with a straight face. He wouldn't even look at her.

“You of course! Logan I need you. It's been ages we sat and talked about us. I want to talk about our relationship” she said. Delaney was desperate to get married to Logan and everyone could see this.

Logan was only 25, and Delaney, she was almost 21.. so why was she in such a hurry? Nobody knew.

“Listen Delaney. I don't want to talk about this. I need to cool off so get out” he said and tried walking away but Delaney stood in his way and swore not to move until he talks to her.

“Just get out..” he said.


“Delaney, I won't repeat myself”

“Just talk to me! Please! Logan you must!”



A loud slap landed on her face. Logan had lost his patience. He was still angry about Mr Adam, and she annoyed him even more.

Delaney could not believe that Logan slapped her. The slap made her unable to hear for a few seconds. She couldn't say anything.

“You” Logan pointed to one of his bodyguards.

“Fetch me my slave” he ordered and entered his room without taking a second look at Delaney.

Adena was sitting on her bed, lost in thoughts as usual when her door flung open and she gasped.

It was Logan's bodyguard, he walked towards her and yanked her down from the bed, then started pulling her along with him. Adena's heart started beating very fast.

She knew what was coming. The pain of the previous encounter was still lingering, she couldn't survive another one.

The bodyguard pushed her into Logan's room and she fell with a thud and cried.

“Strip” that command came. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she got rid of the piece of rags she called clothes, and stood unclad in front of a monster.

Logan walked up to her and grabbed her br3asts in his palms, she shuddered. He squeezed them painfully, until a squeal came out of her.

He dove in, biting her n!pples as he pleased, not caring if it hurt her. Adena cried in pains as he bit her n!pples and pulled her hair too.

He pushed her to the desk and thrust his huge d!ck inside of her. He used one of his hands to choke her, and the other to spank and beat her harshly as he pounded her hard.

Adena could barely breathe, he was choking her so her screams came out as tiny squeaks. The only loud noise that could be heard was his groin crashing against her butt.

He continued slamming into her as fast as he could, groaning at intervals, until he released inside her. He pulled out and released her a bit, but that wasn't the end. Adena wept bitterly, her body was on fire.

Logan brought out a whip from one of his drawers and ordered her to get down and give him a bl0wjob.

“Please..” Adena tried to plead her way out of it but then he raised the whip and hit her so hard that she cried out. She was forced to do what he wanted, but he continued to whip her, still pulling her hair.

When he was satisfied, he entered the bathroom and asked her to leave.

Adena was weeping profusely in her room. She couldn't feel most parts of her body. Her master had once again, inflicted her with pain and shame.

“Adena” Antoinette's soothing voice came. She had let herself in when Adena refused to open the door.

“Come, I will give you a bath” she offered. Adena cried intensely, falling into Antoinette's arms.

“What have I done to deserve this? What? I can't bare it anymore” she cried. Antoinette felt tears running down her own cheeks.

She truly felt for Adena. She couldn't imagine going through what Adena has been going through.

“You are strong, I know you can pull through. I wish master would change. I really wish he would” she sighed.

“But I'm here for you. I can be your friend. I'm not allowed to make friends with the slaves but I can make an exception this one time. Let me be your friend” Antoinette said.

Adena looked up at Antoinette's innocent face and saw true affection. She sobbed and hugged her tighter.

“I want to be your friend” she answered softly.

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