There was this beautiful damsel πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°, who was very fervently, committed and serious with the things of God. She is popular and well known in the church as an Evangelist.

When Sister Agnes repented newly, she was on fire πŸ”₯…she has a great zeal to serve the LORD, that even people in the neighborhood recognize the change in her life.

In fact she became well known sister in Christ. When she standπŸ§β€β™€οΈto pray, she blast in tongues πŸ”₯ , revival all around her even in her working place… …They know her as a fervent child of God that you can’t toil with.

She doesn’t take her spiritual life for granted, she is Holy Ghost filled and fireπŸ”₯ branded.

One certain day, she was in a bus as usual doing her public evangelism….Though she was embarking on a Journey to somewhere.

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So she cease the opportunity to evangelise before she get to her destination. So during the period of her evangelism, she met a brother in the bus 🚌 and they started talking after her ministration.

The guy was a handsome, caring and charming young man…..The brother bought her some stuff 🍦🍟 along the road side still in the same bus going to their respective destination.

Now while on their way, night caught up with them, so the guy convinced her that it’s
bad for a lady to travel alone at night. He then suggested that they should Lodge in a 🏨 hotel. Then the following morning she can continue her journey.

…..But our beloved sister insisted that she won’t stay in the same room with him, so the brother had to paid for two rooms which they lodged in.

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So in the middle of the night, The guy started calling ☎ the sister on phone weeping 😒 , pleading and calling the sister’s name like someone that wants to kick the bucket.

…..and the sister, out of curiosity asked the brother what is happening to him and he replied as someone grasping for breath ”

“…..Please come and pray for me, I’m under attack, I’m dying”

The sister with the aim to help a dying brother that was good to her….ran πŸƒβ€β™€οΈto the Brother’s hotel room to pray for him.

On getting there, she saw the man, panicking and shivering and also the sister.

That was how our beloved Holy Ghost filled sister started blasting in tongues of prayer….from praying for him, the brother too started praying for her too….. caressing the sister private body parts and at last succeeded in seducing the Holy Ghost filled and fire πŸ”₯branded sister. 😭

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The sister was eventually seduced and couldn’t resist the temptation and she fell for the trap and in the next 10β€”20, she began to feel very bitter and hated herself for what she did because she knows that The Glory has departed…. Heaven is weeping because of the careless One Night Stand she portrayed.

That was how the whole chapter of her great destinies and glory came crashing like a whirlwind.

Friends, I Hope You Still Reading….. ✍️

This is a true life Story and after a while the lady was tested of HIV POSITIVE, and after some years , she died and that was how he glorious ministry was cut off suddenly and prematurely 😭

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