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The Cutie Waitress Episode 26

The Cutie Waitress Episode 26.

(She’s a loner _He’s a playboy
But they don’t believe in
Love 🥀)

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By authoress Mercy ✍️

Episode 26

“We’re gonna go shopping together she said…am gonna help you she said ” Nadia scoffed loudly dropping the shopping bags on the couch

“Why didn’t she come !?!”she muttered to herself wanting to call her and give her a piece of her mind but seeing the time she dropped her phone back

She and Marsha we’re ought to go shopping together but Marsha never showed up

She found it extremely strange but will get to the root of it next time for now…she’s got a date


With a bright smile on her face, Nadia felt kinda nervous seeing Asher step down from the car

It’s been long she went on a date and with a hot dude

“Hey … you look breathtaking” Asher couldn’t take his eyes off her. Wearing a black singlet and a blazzer, accompanied by a high-waist jean she looked extremely beautiful

“Thanks” she blushed tucking the loss strand of her behind her ears

“You…you don’t look so bad yourself” she chipped taking her lips In…

He smiled genuinely making her drool…

“Let’s go” opening the door for her he kept admiring her beauty

Lover’s  Delight……..

“With the way you’re staring at me you’re gonna bore holes into my body” Nadia said making Asher stop staring at her

Since they stepped into the restaurant he’s been staring and getting lost looking at her

“Sorry…I can’t help it…you’re just so beautiful” he inhaled lightly

“You’ve said that a million times already” she rolled her eyes

“And I’ll say it a million more “. She tried her best not to blush again but her cheeks turned red immediately

“So let’s get to know each other more…you said you’re the deputy CEO of the Carols Empire ?…but I hardly know about you…unlike your brother”

“Yep… Blake is a casanova but am kinda reserved”

“Why?.. cos you don’t wanna blind every being with your beauty”

“C’mon Asher” she couldn’t help but chuckle

“What ?… saying the truth” he replied quickly

He looked dreamily as she took her lips In…she does that often and it’s really cute

“Why do I feel like locking lips with you!?” he blurted making her almost choke on her meal

“Sorry” he apologized smiling a bit

She calmed down at looked away shyly…. with a smile playing endlessly on his lips he dung into his meal


“Asher what are we doing here?” Nadia couldn’t help but ask as they sat on bench in the park. It’s already late In the night and they we’re the only ones there

The chipping of crickets could be heared from a distance…a gentle breeze blew giving them a more calm atmosphere

He made her seat next to him

“Have you ever been here when it’s night time?” he questioned staring keenly at her face

“No I haven’t” she replied lowly

“Look up at the sky .”

A huge smile crept up her face as she stared at the beautiful stars dancing softly in the sky…as absurd as it may sound…she’s falling helplessly for him already

“It’s beautiful” she muttered sliently…. Asher looked at her..

“Yeah just like you” he whispered staring at her with deep affection


“No Nadia don’t say anything…”he slipped his hands in hers

Slience crept In slowly as Asher leaned closer….her lips we’re slightly opened as they’re noses brushed against each other

“A…”he locked lips with her stopping her from saying anything again

Taken a back by the kiss,she remained num….he made to withdraw when she held him back tightly by the neck

They’re tongues fought for dominance as he wrapped his arms lovely around her waist

Sucking on her lower lips…Nadia found herself playing with his blonde hair

“Oh my gawd….”she breathed heavily as they separated

“Nadia am….”

“Not another word” she whispered crashing lips again


Touching her upper lips slowly Blake leaned closer wanting so much to kiss her hungrily

“What have you done to me Marsha?”he tucked the loss strand of hair behind her hair slowly

Her red lips we’re slightly opened making her look …. cupping her small round face ,he trailed his index finger round her flawless face

Brushing his lips against hers….he locked lips with her… not kissing her but his lips we’re just there

Snapping her eyes opened Marsha eyes beamed with shock seeing Blake lips on hers

She reminded wide eyes watching him like a movie

What’s he doing!??

“Uh… Blake” she called softly…

“Damn!… Marsha!?…”he spranged up immediately

“Wh…what we’re you doing?” she touched her lips

“U…uh….you had a stain on your lips…”he felt sweaty all of sudden

She curved her brows staring at him In confusion

“I…I….was h..helping you clean it” he smiled nervously as she adjusted her seating position

“Seriously?”….she scoffed…he nodded quickly

“That’s why you we’re kissing me”


Good morning 🌄 y’all 🙃

Omo… Blake’s a bad liar😂😂😂😂

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