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Maame Serwaa screamed loudly when she saw her husband and Abena lying in a pool of blood. Her scream was so agonising that some of her neighbours woke up from their sleep. They rushed to her house and were shocked to see father and daughter lying in a pool of blood. Quickly, they called an ambulance.
Soon, the flashing red and blue light of the ambulance signalled the coming of the emergency car.
Father and daughter were transported into the ambulance. The screeching✳tires and the keening wails of the siren, madly barreling through the streets with the hope of saving a precious life, showed how quickly misfortunes can befall us unexpectedly.
The ambulance entered the SAMJ Specialist Hospital in Haatso with
It is noteworthy to say the speed at which the paramedics dealt with the situation showed the mark of true professionalism .
Father and daughter were placed on stretchers and wheeled him into the emergency unit for a surgery to be done on them.They were fast loosing blood.Tears trickled down Maame Serwaa’s cheek, her head burning with questions. She looked suffocated with emotion.

~In the Emergency ward~

Doctor Afriyie assessed Joe’s pulse. He realised Joe was dead five minutes ago. His body was developing rigor mortis.He was thus taken to the the hospital Morgue.

–Meanwhile —

A lot of machines were fixed on Abena. She was in a life threaten
ing situation. Dr. Acheampong tried to stabilize and reduce Abena’s wound’s bleeding before treating the injury. A nurse rinsed the wound with a sterile solution before cleaning it.Dr. Acheam
pong explored the wound after administering a localized anesthesia to remove foreign bodies. He determined the extent of the injury and realized it was more serious than he initially anticipated it to be. He performed an emergency surgery to repair her damaged tissues and organs.
He then closed the wound using sutures, skin adhesives, and staples.
He kept monitoring Abena’s heart using an electrocardiogram.
A sensor pulse oximeter was painlessly attached to her finger
tips to measure her pulse.
Her blood pressure was stabilised.
Dr.Acheampong administered intravenous ✳(IV) fluids into her system. She didn’t experience
significant blood loss, so blood transfusion was cancelled.
Abena’s wounds were sealed with stitches, glue and staples. The doctor knew that deeper stab wounds require long term treatment and follow-up care outside of the emergency room.
A stab wound to a sensitive area, such as the abdomen or back, the injury may cause additional complications or infections that require other treatments.



~3 weeks later ~

When I opened my eyes, I thought I was dreaming. “Am I still on Earth?”
“Yes, you are,” a certain man in all white looked at me and smiled, ” I am Dr. Akyeampong Livingstone.
Me: How did I come here?

Dr. Akyeampong: You were brought as an emergency case. Our paramedics picked you after Someone called called us.

Me: hmm. How long am I here?

Dr. Akyeampong: Three weeks.

Me: I never thought I will live again.

Dr. Akyeampong: Me too. It’s a miracle you survive that knife stab.
In fact,you narrowly survived that knife wound. It’s very fatal.

Me: Hmmm.

Dr. Akyeampong : You were rushed in in the nick of time. Two minutes late and you would have been history.

Me: That will have been better. I don’t feel like living. Life is meaningless.

Dr. Akyeampong : That’s false. Life is meaningful. It depends on how you plan it. From what I heard , they say you stabbed yourselve and your Father because of a boy. I don’t know why you chose to move along that line but keep this in mind, revenge is for the weak. It takes strength not to retaliate a wrong done to you. You should leave the rest in the hands of the Almighty God.

Me: That sounded like a cliché. It’s easy for you to say.

Dr. Akyeampong: Maybe , maybe not. The ultimate choice is yours. You are free to make choices but you can’t be free from the consequences of those choices. Now , I have other patience to attend to so we will continue this little conversation some other time.
I saw a huge bandages wrapped round my abdomen. I tried to move but it was very painful.

~Two weeks later ~

“I think you have feel quite well. It’s time to discharge you, Dr.Akyeam
pong Livingstone said, but you need to follow the instructions I’m about to give you regarding your knife injury. Keep the wound dry and clean.Clean and re-bandage the wound. Don’t stress yourselve too much. Contact me immediately if you observe redness or swelling in or around the wound or wound tissue that appears yellow, white, or black in colour.
“Thank you Doc,”I said.
Welcome Abena. I have already told your mother all that I told you about how to take care of the wound. In case you forgot an instruction, contact me on phone immediately. ”
“Thank you, Doc,” I said and walk with difficulty towards the waiting hall. My mother was there. She rushed towards me. She was trying hard not to accuse me of killing my father. The truth was, I felt no regret for what I did.
“Let’s go home Abena,”she said.
“Yes, Maame.”
“Your doctor told me a lot of things about how to care for your wound.
I pray it helps.
She looked at me sadly but said nothing more. When we reach home , my siblings Yaba and kweku
didn’t welcome me. To them I have killed their father. Of course, they don’t know what actually happened.
One week after being discharge from hospital, I had a complication.
My motor function( Walking and moving of arms) were impaired.
Dr. Akyeampong prescribed physical therapy for me. He also said the injury affected a major organ in my system so I need to visit Dr.Hoffmann, a specialist for further testing. I did and Doctor Hoffmann perform a subsequent operation on me, monitored me for a week before being discharge.
I stayed at home for extra three weeks.
Then morning, I heard a knock on my door. Opening opening the door,
I saw a police officer. He said he was Sergeant Attipoe from the Central Regional Police Division.
“Miss Abena Yeboah, you are under arrest for the murder of your friend Afua and your Father Mr. Joe, you have a right to remain silence. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you can’t afford one , the state will give you one.”
My mother and siblings were around when I was handcuffed and pushed into a police van. My siblings smiled.
“VROOOOOMMMM,” The car moved away. In the faint distance? I could hear my mother’s cry.

~In court ~

I was sent to court, Sandwiched✳
by two police men and charged with murder. The charges didn’t bother me much. I knew it will come to that.
Since my case was a criminal one, a state prosecutor was assigned on it. I was represented by an attorney.The state prosecutor wanted to know why I decided to kill my Father and friend. I told the court they didn’t deserve to live since one is a traitor and the other a murderer himself.
The State Prosecutor said the state operate on laws and I didn’t have any legal right to do what I did.
My Attorney said I did it out of anger,and not deliberate.
After so much legal battle, I was found guilty of first degree murder and sentence to 45 years imprisonment with hard labour and taken away to start my prison sentence in Ankaful Maximum Security Prison at Cape coast.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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