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When the bullet from your father’s gun hit me, I felt excruciating pains at my back ,after which I fell down and lost consciousness, Suddenly, I saw darkness engulfed me as the bullets cut through my back deep into my spinal cord.
Then I saw the angel of darkness emerging behind the thick blanket of darkness with a giant pick-axe in his right hand. He had a very cold face. He wore a black cloak. He held my hand and dived deeper into the darkness. The darkness swallowed us.
I sank into the great abyss of infinite darkness into nothingness.
The black angel took me through a long winding pitch dark channel. It was hard to describe it but I felt a sense of imprisonment.
Suddenly in this vast nothingness a blinding pinprick of light shown.
It moved towards me. As it got closer, what appeared to be a single light resolved into one, then several, then millions upon millions of strange stars of all shapes, sizes, and colours, along with tons of nebulae.“It was the most fearful sight thing I had ever seen.
As I approached the centre, it seemed like I was joining a universal consciousness; a being made up of the thoughts, emotions, and experience of everyone and everything that had ever lived.
The black angel left me at a cross road. One road fork to the left and the other to the right. I chose to follow the left road. Soon I saw a multitude of people in a single file.
I joined the queue. There was a fearsome angel on a throne above us.He looked really scarry, with flashy eyes , piercy teeth, clad in black, all bones. His servant asked me to step forward. I was afraid but I complied.
“Where is your Identity card?” He asked,stretching our his hand.
“I have none , my Lord” I said.
He looked at me in disbelief and asked of my name. I called it to him. He opened a book and searched for my name but my name wasn’t in the book. One of his servants said, “my lord Hadés, his name is not here. Before I realised , I was pushed away from the crowd with the instruction. ” Go back home.You don’t belong here and don’t come here again until your time is due.
I left and trekked on the lonely road. It looked longer to me now than formerly. By the sides of the road, I saw a lot of women and men. They were stripped naked and locked in chains attached to a big wall. They seemed to be in great pain.
I surged forward and decided not to pay attention to them even though they were calling me to help them. Their voices still echoed through my brain, Help me!! ,Help me!! ,
Help me!! , HELLLLPPPP MEEE!!!
Finally I came to the cross road again. This time I saw another angel. He was clothed in all white. He said to me, “Fafa, you are lucky. Don’t try coming here again unless your time is due. Hadés, the king of the underworld doesn’t like intruders.
He took me along a very bright path. I was amazed by his sheer brightness. When we reach the fringes of the bright light, he said,
“Here , follow this track and go back home.
“Thank you for……”
,The Angel disappeared.I followed the track. Suddenly I was engulfed with a very bright light. I could hear voices.Then I heard my mother’s voice and opened my eyes. My mother gazed at me in conster
nation she “Welcome me back.”
I found myself in a hospital, surrounded by a lot of machines. Most of them were attached to my body. It was a very painful
experience. I don’t really know how I found myself in the hospital.”
When I narrated my story to Abena,
she was awestruck. But who took you to the hospital?She asked me.
I was a bit surprised. I thought she knew.
“So you don’t know who took me to the hospital?,” I asked her.
“No, I don’t,” she said.
“How,you were with your father when the incident happened so how come you don’t know what happened to me after your father shot me?”
She said, “I blacked out when my father shot you so I didn’t know what happened. When I regain consciousness I was on my bed.
It was later that I killed my father and stabbed myself. I thought I will die but I later woke up in a hospital.”
I told her what my mother told me after I regain consciousness.
“When I was discharged from the hospital, my mother told me she was called by a certain hospital administrator that her son was in a critical condition. The direction of the hospital was given to her so she came to the central Region
( Cape Coast) from Sogakope. She said when she came to the hospital she saw me in a Coma and I stayed in the Coma for two weeks.”
Abena asked me where I went to after being discharged from the hospital.
When I fully recuperated✳, I realised quite surprisingly that the Scholar
ship given to me to study in London was still pending. Quickly I made arrangements and soon seen myself at the Kotoka International Airport . I was airborne within an hour to the queen’s land.
Upon my arrival, I went to the Scholarship scheme secretariat. I was given an accommodation and all the necessary resources to facilitate my studies in London .
I graduated from the university of Exeter with a Master’s Degree in Forensic Medicine.”
“What is Forensic Medicine?” She asked.
I said, ” It is the application of medical knowledge to the investi
gation of crime.”
She was Impressed with my course. She asked me why I chose Forensic Medicine. I told her I wanted to help the police fight crime which had become very pervasive in our society.
After graduating from the univer
sity, I worked in London for seven years years after which I decided to come back to Africa, Ghana to be precise.
When I returned home, I was assigned to korle Bu Teaching Hospital where you met me.
“Hmm. Your story was awesome and quite adventurous,” she said.
All those years, what kept me alive was you. I heard you were imprisoned for 45 years and I was wiling to wait for you to return. You don’t know my joy when I saw you at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital,”
I said.
Thank God for protecting us from the cold hands of death that had nearly grapped us into her room of sorrow,pain and misery, ” Abena said.
From now on, nothing will separate us again, not even death,”Abena said.
“Well. That’s my wish too but the future is not a human construct. We are just toys in the hands of the master of the cosmos✳, God. Let’s keep praying for the abundance of his mercy. ”
“Yes, Mr. Doctor-Preacher” Abena joked.
Being away from each other for almost one and a half decade, Abena passed the night in my room. “Shhhh. She was sleeping.
Don’t get any ideas. Nothing happened out of the ordinary.

What actually happened after Fafa was shot was that a next door neighbour heard the gunshot and peeped through the window only to see a young man in a pool of blood. He then the dialled Ghana Ambulan
ce service short code 193 and the police service emergency number 18555.
Within minutes, the ambulance came screeching its tires to a halt . The keening wail of its siren, madly barrelling through the streets echoed throughout the neighbor
hood and gave the gathering crowd the shivers. Every head turned to follow the red and blue streak, curious about what had happened.
They came into Joe’s house and carried Fafa into the ambulance. Prior to their coming,Joe carried Abena and placed her in her bedroom.
The paramedics asked,”Who’s related to the boy?” but there was no volunteer.
Nevertheless, they still took him to the hospital. On reaching the hospital,the paramedics quickly parked the truck in front of the hospital and took him out, and hurried him through the double doors. Life was ebbing out of him
Soon the stretcher disappeared into the emergency room and the doctor prepared him for surgery to remove the bullet. Luckily, he didn’t suffer from too much hemorrhage. He survived, missing death by an inch.

To Be Continued….. . . 

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