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“Parents are the living gods in front of our eyes but this truth dawns on the child only when the child has grown up and become a parent.

Elbert Hubbard said, “Where parents do too much for their children, the children will not do much for themselves.”
~One month later ~
Abena had never seen my mother before. I was contemplating on taking her to my hometown to see my mother and at the same time tell my mother of my intention to marry her.
I pre-informed my mother about our coming. She wanted to know about the girl I was bringing home but I told her she will know the details soon.
It was a Saturday morning and mother had been expectant since I told her I was bringing a my fiancée. She showed it through the number of calls she made to me that morning asking series of questions, ” when will you set off?
Are you on the way?”
Where have you reach “….
Her joy knew no bound when I told her we will soon be in Sogakope.
I described Abena to my mother and this had increased her curiosity. My mother fell in love with Abena even before she met her due to all I told her about Abena.
The preparations for Abena’s visit was like a man expecting a lady for the first time.
Which mother won’t be happy when her son is bringing a woman of his choice to her . My Mother ensured she stocked the fridge and freezer with all manner of food and drinks just in preparation for Abena’s visit. She told me herself on phone.
I was jealous because I thought the preparation was just too much.
When we reached my Hometown, Sogakope , Abena was quite apprehensive about my mother’s reaction. I assured her everything was going to be alright. When we reached the gate, I whispered into her ear “Just relax and smile when you see her “.
I was impressed with her outfit and I knew that will also impress my mother sitsofe because she was wearing a white lace. White was my mother’s favourite colour.
I bought many gifts for my mother. The moment I entered the house, my siblings welcome me with great joy. They then headed towards my car boot to pick the items while Abena and I joined my mother in the sitting room.
The hall was adorned with a large bunch of flowers and a sign reading,”Miasrɔ̃,woe zɔ kakaka!”
Translated “You are highly welcome, Our wife.”
“Mum, here is Abena, my fiancée , I introduced my awaited lover to my mum.
“You are welcome, our wife,” my mother greeted Abena. I have been waiting for you since my son told me he would be coming with you.
I have prepared all manner of food and I want you to be free because this is your house. Please have your seat, My mother, sitsofe offered Abena a seat.
“My Daughter , what is your name? Mama asked her.
“Abena Yeboah,” my fiancée answered.
My name is Sitsofe , my mother tried to introduce herself to Abena.
Then my mother remembered the name “Abena.” Did you say your name is Abena Yeboah?
“And you want to marry my son?”
“Yes ma”, Abena replied with a smile. I love your son, and I will like to marry him, she added.
Who are your parents?” my mum asked. Abena told my mum about her parents and showed her a picture of them. My mum asked ” is this man your Father?”
Abena hesitated, then said “Yes.”
Immediately my mother’s counte
nance changed. She became worried.
She called one of my siblings , Ablavi to offer Abena something to drink. Then my mother asked me to join her at the inner room for a private discussion. She headed into the inner room. I was very happy that my mother was flowing with Abena. Abena was offered orange juice by senyo and I left her to join my mother. When I met my mother in the inner room, her countenance was not as good as it was when she left the sitting room. I was shocked seeing her with a frowned face. Anything the matter, mum? I asked.
I was shocked with what my mother did and said. She held a newspaper and put it in front of her. She pointed to Abena’s photograph in the newspaper and asked me,” is this girl in the newspaper not
Abena, the same ABENA you brought here?
Nervously I answered “Yes”
My mother: Fafa, is that not the same girl whose father shot you with a gun sending you to the fringes of death?
Me : Yes.
My mother: The newspaper said she killed her father because of love or is she not the same Abena who killed her father?
Me: Yes.
My mother: If so, why are you still dating her?
Me: Mum, is it about her tribal origin or the circumstances surrounding her.
My mother:( smiling) Fafa, I’m not tribalistic. I don’t have any problem with you marrying from any tribe but this girl in particular is NOT good for you. She will bring you bad luck and death.
Me: Wish me well, mum.
My mother: Hmmmm. I’m your mother. I cannot see you moving into danger and allow you to enter it.
Me: Which danger?
My mother: If that girl kill her father because of love, do you think she will spare you if you break her heart? Do you want to share in her father’s curse. Any child who kills his or her parents is cursed forever.
Me: uhmm. I guessed she had gone to the extreme there but I’m sure it was due to her limitless love for me.
There is a thin line between love and folly. Make sure you don’t cross the line. I know you are an intelligent boy but love even make most Intelligent people foolish.
Me: So Mum, What exactly is your point?
My mother: You cannot marry that ABENA girl, not when I’m alive.I won’t open my eyes wide and allowed you to marry this bad luck girl. Go and tell her to go away. I don’t want her as my future daughter-in -law.
Me: Mum, I love her and I can’t live without her.
My mother: love alone is not sufficient in marriage. Ask all those whose marriages ended in divorce today if they didn’t love their spouses at the time of marriage and you will realised they all did but it couldn’t sustain their relation
ship.You need to use your head.
You have live for 21 years without her. How come you can’t live without her now? I’m warning you. Don’t take this step, Fafa. It is a road of death.
Me: I’m sorry Mum, I can’t leave her.
My mother’s voice began to go up.She was angry. I left her in the imner room to join Abena in the sitting room. The most difficult thing to do was how to convey my mother’s message to Abena.
In-between the inner room and the sitting room, there was another room. I wept bitterly there. When I rejoined Abena at the sitting room, she was agitated, knowing something was wrong. She looked at my face and held me tightly, “what is the matter Fafa? Oh, I can guess, maame doesn’t like me right? It was a difficult question to answer. My tears became the answer to Abena’s question.
“Where can I urinate ?” Abena asked me. I showed her the urinal. It was close to the entrance.
While I watched Abena headed towards the urinal, my mother called me.
I went inside to attend to my mum’s call. I was crying. My tears moved my mother to tears too. “Fafa sit down ,” my mother ordered me to sit at her bed side. I believe you know I love you and I will never allowed you enter into a marriage that will make you unhappy all your life. That girl’s father nearly killed you. It’s obvious her family is tribalistic. They won’t accept you whole-heartedly.
In addition to that, Abena killed her own father because of you. Do you think her family will forget the fact that you are the reason he killed her father?
Heaven will not forgive me if I allow you marry this girl.”
I looked at my mother, anger boiling in me. “I have to go now Mum, I told her and left her room towards the sitting room. When I reached the sitting room, Abena was not there. She was gone. I called her, “Abena!!
Abena!!!, Abena,!!!Abena!!!”
My anger was boiling. I combed the whole house and even outside but alas!! Abena is gone.
I called her on my mobile phone but the phone was switched off.
After searching frantically for Abena, I became very hot with anger with my mother.
My mother said , “She’s gone.Allow her to go, ” as she fetched water from a well. I got closer to her at the well.
“You will get another girl to marry, my son” my mother tried to console me. Her words fail to console me. They made even more angry.
I became intransigent and told her,
My siblings Senyo, Ganyo and Ablavi were sitting on the veranda watching the argument between us.
My mother angrily said, ” you will have a bitter marriage if you don’t stay away from that relationship.
I was quiet taking in my mother’s words as a malediction.
“Son,you can’t marry Abena. There’s one more reason why you can’t marry Abena. She is ……….”
she slipped.
NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed.
I rushed forward to grab my
mother ‘s hand but my hands couldn’t reached hers before she plunged headward into the well which had a very short wall, the weight of the big bucket she was using to draw the water pulled her deeper into the depth of the well.
I gazed in wonderment as I saw my mother’s lifeless body inside the well.
My siblings were very shocked at what happened. They screamed as if possessed by the spirit of the oracles. People rushed into our house. A ladder was brought and used to remove my mother’s lifeless body from the well. I sent her to the hospital in my car and
waited anxiously outside the hospital hoping for a miracle to happen so that she would resurrect.
“This couldn’t be happening to me God, is she going to be okay? “
I kept walking up and down the veranda , my eyes desperately looking for anyone to walk out of the emergency room. My eyes landed on a group of people at the hospital praying for their loved ones,tears dropping from their eyes, as they  knelt down. I walked over to them and knelt, unsure of where to start. My voice shivered and shook when I managed to say ,”Lord, Don’t take her away from me, please.”
I tried to say something else, but no word left my knotted throat. I walked back to the waiting area with the hopes of hearing something good.
Senyo,Ganyo and Ablavi were there. My eyes drippled with raw fear. I wanted to say something to my siblings when the door swang open.Doctor Agbevivina came out of the emergency room.
All of us looked at the doctor walked out of the emergency room. My heart skipped a hundred beats as he walked towards us. My breathing stiffened, my lungs refusing to accept any air coming into them. I gulped as the doctor got nearer to us, something about his sleek black eyes terrified me.
He had a quick look at all of us, his equiposity, very mesmerising. He wasn’t bothered by our frightened eyes, before taking a long gaze at the white sheet pinned to his note pad.With my heart beat increasing every second, I squeezed my own fingers between my palm and hope that all my negative thoughts would be proven wrong. Unable to wait for him to give out the informa
tion, I asked him “How is she, Doctor?”
The doctor looked at me, suddenly his equipoisity was betrayed by the information he saw on his paper. Turning to us, he said, We did all we could, but SHE’ S GONE. I’m sorry.”
Though I thought I was prepared for that news, it hit me like a thunderbolt. I broke down crying.
In that moment, I die within myself.
I didn’t know how long I cried but my grief worsened when her body, convered with white cloth was put on a gurney and wheeled towards the mortuary.
Then I heard the police’s siren.I knew they were coming for me. I heard somebody said I pushed my mother into the well.
Nobody will ever believe it was accidental. The police eventually came to me at the Out Patience Department. “You are under arrest for killing your mother,” a police officer said to me.

Never hurt your parents willingly, love them, respect them otherwise you’ll regret this your whole life when they are gone-Anurag Prakash Ray

To Be Continued….

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