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[Fafa’S POV]

I carried her at my back as I passed through the thick forest.
I walked for about forty minutes but couldn’t find any road or footpath. I realised my hands were wet. I dropped Abena from my back temporarily and brought my hands up to my eye level to realise her blood was pouring out incessantly. She was unconscious in my hands.
I removed my shirt and tied her wound in other to stop the bleeding. The lion had really eaten her deep.
I need to get her out of here before she dies, I carried her at my back again as I walked through the deadly forest. I walked for a while and I found a river. I quickened my pace with the last strength in me to the bank of the river. I dropped her on the ground and pour some of the water on her face while I pour some in her mouth. She coughed and opened her eyes
“Babe,thank God you are back to life ” .
“Please hold on, we are almost near a village”.. . I gave her more water to drink and I also drank some.
Then Abena lost consciousness again.
I saw a woman holding firewood on her head. I carried Abena at my back and followed the path the woman took. I walked for few minutes when a man in his forties came out from a narrow path near the bush.
He was dressed in an old shirt and wearing a big trouser, holding a machete and a sack in his hands.
“Who are you and what are you doing here?
“Please help us, her leg was devoured by a lion and she is
dying ” .
He looked at us quite surprised. He said “Come with me.”
I followed him while carrying Abena at my back . I was very tired. My legs were heavy and I found it a Herculean task taking each step but I have to do it for the sake of my love, Abena to survive. We walked for almost thirty minutes before we finally got to his house
The house was made of mud and thatch as roofing, two ladies in their twenties came out from the back yard of the house and collected the sack from him
“Welcome Agymah” a woman in the same age as that of the man said while coming out from a small kitchen. There was smoke coming from the kitchen.
“Who are these people?” She asked but he didn’t answer, the two ladies kept staring at us in shock and sympathy
“Come with me ” he said to me while entering into one of his rooms, I followed still carrying Abena at my back. He laid a mat on the floor. I gently dropped her on it.
“I will be right back” he said as he went out. Ten minutes later, he came back with some leaves and concoctions.
He opened Abena’s mouth and poured in the concoction. He fetched water and clean the surface of the wound. He uttered some incantation before applying a green powdery substance on her gashy wound.
“You City people don’t believe in natural medicine but that is our way of life here. She will be fine, she just needs some rest” he said.
I stared at Abena. She was sleeping like an innocent child.
“Please, food will soon be ready, come let me show you the bath
“What’s your name?” Agymah asked.
“Fafa” I said.
He looked surprised. I thought you
City people don’t take local names. You like foreign names like John, Edwin, Jason, Jerry, Peter, Clifford, Cletus. Etc
“What about your Wife?” he asked.
“She’s my friend. Her name is Abena,” I answered.
“Not Mary or Janet or Cassandra?”
“No,” I answered.
“My name is Agymah and my
two daughters, that one is called called Kakra,” pointing to the plump beautiful one at the right of the kitchen. The other one is called Ayaba. He pointed to the slim Curvy one with average look. Ayaba looked older then Kakra. “My wife is called Abiba. This village is called Awisam.
Thanks for the introduction, Mr. Agymah.
Mr.Agymah called his wife Abiba. When she came, he asked her to sit beside him.
” Now I want you to tell me and my wife about yourself and how you ended up here, “He said
Taking a deep breath, I began narrating our story to Agymah.
“It all started at the University of Cape Coast when I met Abena one evening during a stroll. We got attracted to each other and ____.”
I carefully omitted the part where Abena killed her father and where my mother died out of anger when I disagreed with her on Abena’s issue.

>>fast forward to Awisam village>>

I went to the bathroom room which was made of bamboo sticks and on the floor were stones. After bathing with the sponge Mr.Agymah
gave me, I was going to the room given to us when I saw one of his daughters staring at me with her eyes widely opened. “Was she attracted to me?”
I pretend not to have seen her and walked to my room. When I entered the room, Abena was already awake but still lie on the bed
I went and sat beside her.
“Hi babe, how are you doing?”
“Where are we?” She asked.
“We are in a certain village called Awisam. Just get well so that we can go back home,”I said to comfort her.
“Home? I don’t have a home” I would rather……….”
We were talking when someone shook the palm frond door. When I went out , it Mr. Agymah’s daughters. One gave us clothes and other gave us food.
“Father said they are yours” they said.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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