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*One month later*

“Love was more valuable than a precious mineral. It is hard to find but once found , must be protected and highly cherished. True love is magical. It touched you once and leave in its wake a lasting Impression ”
I stood up from the bed and walked to the window, the sun’s rays and the tall trees make the environment look more naturally beautiful
It has been a month since we came to this village, what makes this village more exciting to live is the sound of the drums they play every night even though at first I was quite uncomfortable with it.
My wounds were gradually healing. The concoction seemed faster in healing than the artificial medicine.
I felt like spend the rest of my life in the village with Fafa.
I was drawn out of my fantasies by Fafa’s coming. “Hi sweetheart, you are looking more healthier today” Fafa said while he wrapped his hands around my waist from the back.
“Yeah, I replied when I turned to faced him.
He started singing while rubbing his hands in my hair and slowly.
We laid in the room for most part of the day until dusk.

~ In the evening @7.30 pm~

We reaffirmed our love for each other. As if to endorse our union, the clouds began gathering and the rain began. We felt like perfect couples amidst the showers of rain. We have limitless freedom and joy. In the room, the two of us were closely knitted. An intense passionate heat coursed through our bodies and drove away the coldness which had encamped us.
Our bodies communicated with so much sensation and telepathy that we become very conscious of the signals they were giving us; to be filled with love and passion.
Then suddenly, I said, ” Fafa,can I kiss you?”
Though he wasn’t surprise at my request , the sincerity with which I said it really amazed him. He said, “Yes.”
We kissed passionately as if our lives depended on it. I was ignited with a hot unbridled passion and lust.Then it became more and more passionate. My adrenaline automa
tically surged up.
He gaped at my gorgeous thighs.
I told him to lock the door. Now I knew there was no turning point. The love game has just began. It was clearly emblazoned on our faces. Our hands met. Our fingers intertwined and teasing each other in responsive caresses.
Time had gone by and the only words we spoke were signs and facial expressions. He touched my waist and felt my pulse quickened.
Our eyes communicated sensual messages. My hands softly touched his right cheek. My left hand brushed through his hair and carresed his earlobes and neck.
I trembled. My eyes sparkled with love.
As if with some unstoppable forces,our faces moved closer and our lips touched and began to move as one.His hands moved and touched my back and I gasped. My knees weaken with intensity of his angelic kisses.
He awoken my deep seated and yearning sensations in full gear. His hands found my zip.Soon,the dress
fell under my feet like a pack of rug.
I unbuttoned his shirt and trousers My blood boiled with passion.
I told him, “Fafa,Your smile warmed my soul and your glary eyes pierced deep into my heart making me fall deeper and deeper in love with you. ”
” Me too, my heart is burning with your love, ” Fafa began, locking his tongue in mine.
I toyed with the hairs on his chest. As if hypnotized, I stood watching him wordlessly.
On the bed ,we tickled each others erogenous areas. The cold environment contributed to our erotogenicity.
We laid on the surface of the raffia mat,closed-together as if any small space between us will separate us from our moment of pleasure or ecstasy.
Somewhere along the way I had an intuition that I was treading on dangerous grounds but I decided to trust my clouded senseless emotion.
Unknown to me, he was also feeling the same. He said, “Abena,
I was annoyed when he spewed our the ” WE ARE NOT YET MARRIED “NONSENSE. It was beginning to look like a cliché.
” Fafa, you still have that archaic mentality about sex?
Sex is sex, whether in marriage or no marriage. No matter the name given to it in the two scenarios the basic fact is it is still sex, premarital sex, marital sex or post marital sex. It’s still sex.
Anyway ,does marriage add any value to sex?
Even if I agree with you,Let’s face the reality. Everybody forbid our love. Even our own families . No one is going to allow or approve of our marriage. To me we are already married from in our heart.
Fafa was quiet but didn’t resist me again. My heart was beating faster than my thought.
“I’m sorry Abena, I can’t forni…”
SHUT UP, you fundamentalist. You think I don’t know your plan. You have eyes for Ayaba, that curvy girl and you want to “rock her” when given the chance. The day you taste her nakedness, I will not hesitate to ____”
“KILL US?” Fafa interjected.
I laughed. You read my mind. But if I’m generous with you I will spate your life but cut your ” thing.”
Always remember our blood covenant. It’s for life and death. Even after death, we will still be blood bound.”
Now make me feel like a woman.
” No, I’m sorry, Abena.” Fafa said relentlessly and turned away from me and closed his eyes.
I stretched my right hand and took the knife under the raffia mat. Suddenly, I was possessed by the spirit of anger. My hand was shaking. Fafa wasn’t aware I took a knife. He was sleeping. My hand shook violently. It shook with the knife.
I heard my father’s voice echoing in my eyes, You will have a bitter love,!!!You will have a bitter love,!!
You will have a bitter love,!!
I screamed, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!
Suddenly, the knife fell from my hands and the “CLANG” Sound coupled with my scream jolted Fafa from his sleep. He was startled to hear my scream and saw a knife by my side.
“Are you sure you don’t want to make love to me?” I asked Fafa.
He was quiet.
If you don’t want to bury me in this village talk Now!!! You have Ten seconds to change your mind. 10…..9…8…7..6…5…4..”
“Fafa, you are tempting me oooo”
Fafa remained nonchalant.
“Erhhhe, your final decision?” I asked him.
“NOOOOOO ” I won’t.
“I see. Make sure you don’t scream.”
Suddenly, I took the knife and cut my wrist. Blood spurted on his Face.He screamed,”AWWW Abena, OHHH,NOOOOOO”
I could see my energy and soul leaving me. Then I black out.


To Be Continued….. . . 

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