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[Narration from Abena’s Point of view]

My love for Fafa was stronger than the biological bond I shared with my Father.
I knew the genesis of all these problems began when Afua chosed to betray me by leaking my secret affair with Fafa. That night, I went to Afua’s house. She was happily watching TV. When she saw me, her countenance changed. What do you want here at this time, Abena?
“I want you!”
“Because you betrayed our friendship, “I said.
“I’m Sorry, Abena” Afua apologized.
“Your apology, will that bring back my love?” I asked
“I don’t know your father will be very temperamental when I told him about Fafa and you,” he said.
“Are friends not supposed to keep each other’s secret, why do you betray me like this, “I asked.
“Look, Abena, it’s …”
“Shut up, Afua.” I shouted.” Traitors like you don’t deserve to be alive. Today is your judgement day. I hereby declare you guilty by my own law.”

I removed my knife and stabbed Afua on her chest. She felt to the ground, twitched, convulsed and died.
“It serves you right, you brought this upon yourself the day you chose to break our friendship code,” I said.
That fateful night, around twelve midnight, I slowly crept into my father’s room. He was sleeping soundly as if everything was all right. Afraid that I would change my mind, I looked at my father’s sleeping body.
This man was my father but he had become my enemy the very day he eliminated my source of joy just because of his egoistic and stereotypic tendencies. I won’t allow him to hide under the cover of the law and go scot-free. I repeated the “mantraic” words I said before stabbing Afua with a knife,” Today is your Judgement day, Father, I hereby declare you guilty by my own law.”
Quickly, I plunged the sharpened knife I took from my mother’s kitchen into his stomach with all my strength.

He shrieked loudly, opened his eyes, shocked to see me, his daughter as his killer and then wrenched in his death throes. I stood by his lifeless body saying, “in your next life, let go of your prejudice against Ewes. Let this serve as a lesson to you. I’m sorry it has come to this level but you hurt me too deep.”
My father’s blood dripped from the edges of the sharpened knife I plunged into his stomach. “I can’t live without you Fafa, “I said.” I would rather join you in death than live without you, for life without you is meaningless, “I lamented.

“Abena, Where are you”, I heard my mother’s voice in the shadows and that was the last voice I ever heard. I said, “Lord, Forgive me for my iniquities,” and plunged the sharpened knife into my own stomach. ”This world didn’t deserve me”, I said to myself, “Fafa’s world does”. Darkness began to engulf me. I felt excruciating pains in my abdomen from the stab of the knife I plunged into my own stomach. I saw my mother faintly, blur, in shimmers of light crying, “Abena, why???”
Then I saw something like an apparition. A thick blanket of darkness descended heavily on me.

Suddenly, the divine door blinds of eternity were opened unto me and there he was – my Fafa emerging from the thick canvas of darkness in white clothes. He embraced warmly with a smile, saying,”Welcome, I have been expecting you.” The darkness kept swallowing me and I began to sink deeper and deeper into a great abyss, with Fafa smiling and holding me firm until we were completely engulfed in the pitch darkness into eternity where there is nothingness. I knew no more pain and I couldn’t tell what happened after I closed my eyes finally. Catch up with next episode here

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