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My future husband

The future husband Episode 11

 81 total views

The future husband by Meenah, Episode 11 four days after Victor and and desmond went back to Lagos, Bisi came to victors office to know how far he went

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The future husband

Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 11

four days after Victor and and desmond went back to Lagos, Bisi came to victors office to know how far he went in search of his so called child hood lover.

“did you find her?”

she asked when she had settled down

” no i didn’t , its more complicating ”

he replied

“what did you mean by complicating?”

she queried

“i am sad am not able to find her”

he said

“then you have to move on with your life . What of if you finds her now and she’s married? What ostensibly if she’s now late? You have to focus on the future and stop disturbing your self with the past . I broke up with my boy friend a month ago and here i have moved on. You have to do the same dear. Your really have to do the same.”

bisi adviced

“you have a point with what you said”

he said dancing to her tone

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“now you are talking!”

she said with smiles on her face.

“are you aware of the Love festival at spring Hotel on Sunday?”

he asked

“yea, but am not invited”

she said

” my friends and i were invited to render our music and i am goin to sing my best music there in the auditorium. Will you come with me?”

he asked

“sure i wil”

she replied instantly with Joy.

“did you know?”

Bisi asked

“know what?”

victor asked


Bisi said with a broad smile

“you won two hundred thousand naira in betnaija”

victor said


she sang

“you will be travelling outside NigerIa”

he said

“no oooo”

she said

“i am not good in guessing

. Why don’t you go ahead and tell me”

victor said.

“i met my child hood friends”

she said

“wow , that’s nice. It will be good if i meet them”

he said

“don’t worry, i will invite them to the Love festival on Sunday and you will meet them” she said “okay dear” .


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later in the after noon around 4:00 pm she went to Sophia and Faith’s house .

Because she promised to visit that day.

Sophia and faith came to Lagos together, rented an apartment together and lived together.

So visiting Sophia is also same as visiting Faith

“girl what’sup”

faith asked as Bisi sat on the sofa

“am doing fine my dear”

bisi replied

“how about your man? You told us you were going to see he earlier”

faith asked again now Sophia came out of the inner room with a bottle of soft drink.

She hand it over to Bisi and began to look for a Crown opener which she would use to open the drink for her.

She couldn’t find any in the sitting room so she has to go into the kitchen and next to the bedroom in search of the opener.

“that one, he is too dull”

Bisi replied at Sophia’s absent

“dull! By how?”

faith asked

“he is always talking about her child hood lover”

bisi replied

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“you mean it?”

Faith continued

“this is exactly the same case with Soph………”

“so this opener is on top of the fridge and i am busy searching for it all around the house”

Sophia said cutting into faith’s statement as she entered into the sitting room again being Unaware of the topic they were discussing. “so what were you girls discussing about earlier?”

Sophia asked after opening the drink for Bisi

“faith was asking me about my Lover . He is dull but yet, he is a nice and a handsome man. You girls need to meet him to confirm what i am saying”

Bisi said


Sophia and Faith exclaimed

“so i will like to use this opportunity to invite you to the love festival at spring Hotel on Sunday”

bisi said.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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