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The future husband Episode 13


The future husband

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The future husband Episode 13

my Love story started when i turned fourteen. I was hawking groundnut on a particular Sunday when that girl called Sophia called my attention so she can buy groundnut , but then, one of her friend took it as a contract to insult and call me ugly names because she said i am her future Husband” “WHAT!!!!”

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Bisi screamed opening her eyes so wide. “any problem?” victor asked “no, not at all. I was just touched. So you are an orphan?” she asked trying to hide her true feeling “yes” he replied “continue with what you were saying” she sadly said “the next day, i saw her again and she said my groundnut is the sweetest she had ever tasted. I know its the love in her eyes that made her to say that because others complain that is almost got burnt. She is the only daughter of Chief Nicholas. And gradually, we started being close to each other and that was when love Touched me through her. I loved her so much but then, her friends were too cruel especially a particular tall yeruba girl , who will always slap and throw my groundnut away and i will end up receiving merciless beatings from my aunt. ” at this point, tears began to drop from Bisi’s eyes. As she realise that the Poor Oruko that always wear a patched short which her friend Sophia fell in love with when they were still in Primary six was Victor the guy who she is now dieing to be with.

She remembered the kind of pain she caused him then and she began to regret it. How ever, victor continued with out noticing the tears on her eyes “nevertheless , fate got Sophia and i to be separated from each other . She was to travel to UsA for her secondary school . I have nothing to give her other than a necklace with a hear shaped silver pendant with the caption ALL FOR YOU. That necklace was a gift from my mother. She gave it to me after she have given birth to me. I promised Sophia that i will always wait for her till when she will return. And that was definitely the last time i saw her. ” he concluded his story more tears flowed freely from her eyes.

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It was then that Victor took a meticulous look at her and found out she was crying so he asked affectionately “dearest , what’s the matter? Why are you crying?” instead of replying his question, she hung her hand bag on her shoulder then stood up and started walking away from him. “wait bisi! What’s the problem?” he asked as he went after her “just leave me alone” she said in a teary voice “this is why i had never wanted to tell you about my past in the first place” he said as he blocked her way ” your heart belongs to some one else , so their is no need for me to stay beside you because i will always get hurt” she said; he held both of her both hands and said looking so intently into her eyes “i did not mean to let you leave me. I just answered a question you asked” “that’s the point! Victor please leave me alone for now because i need to think. If we need to talk, let it be tomorrow . So have a nice day” she said then freed her self from his grip and went further towards the gate. “should i give you a ride?” he asked behind her “don’t bother” she said sharply Victor went back to his seat regretting ever telling her about his past. But then he couldn’t understand why she started acting strange automatically.

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The next day , Sophia and Faith Visited Bisi at her house. When Bisi saw Sophia , she stared at her constantly and saw a necklace with a heart shaped pendant as Victor has explained. She began to wonder how she was able to keep the necklace till date and that is to show that he is certainly in her mind. With that, tears dripped down from her eyes again. “hey baby, you are crying , what’s wrong?” faith asked

To Be Continued….. . . .

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