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My future husband

The future husband Episode 15

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The future husband by Meenah, Episode 15 Its the pendant its self. When ever the chain gets old, i buys a new one and then transfer the pendant to

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The future husband

Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 15

Its the pendant its self . When ever the chain gets old, i buys a new one and then transfer the pendant to it”

Sophia replied still waiting to take it back from her

“i love it, can you please sell it to me?”

Bisi requested

“i wish i can. The truth is that i can’t sell it. The necklace means a lot to me. It worth the love of my life . I know that in as much as it remains with me, victor is always thinking of me. if i give it out, i have give out the Love of my life.”

Sophia said

“which is to say you are deeply in love with this guy. How sure are you to be able to see him again.”

Bisi some how with jealousy as she handed the neck lace over to her

“this necklace gives me assurance that he is within. His aunt in onitsha said he now lives in Lagos and that’s the main reason i want to base here”

she said

“i wish my boy friend will love Me like you love yours”

bisi grunted ending up the conversation.

She has gathered the necessary information which she needs and so began to make plans which will suit her desire.

“i am always bored here living with my old mum and disgusting brother. Can i come and stay with you girls at least for one week?.”

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bisi requested

“sure! That’s great

There’s always an assured open arms for you ”

Sophia exclaimed

“you are always welcomed. So when will we be expecting you?”

faith asked

“thanks, i will be coming tomorrow. Once again thank you very much”

Bisi appreciated.

Soon, time came for Sophia and faith to go back home.

Bisi was to accompany them to their car.

When they were out of the house, they saw victor approaching them.

“are you still angry at me?”

he asked apologetically when he was near enough to them.

Bisi was busy gesturing and making signal for her friends to go ahead.

But instead of complying to her request, they stood looking at the handsome dude decisively.

“so you are the one that is breaking my friend’s heart? You better be careful oh”

Sophia ranted at him. it was then that Victor turned around to know who was talking.

And when he saw her, he kept staring into her eyes with out blinking.

The same thing was likened to Sophia.

It was as if there was an invisible current ranged at connecting them together.

If she was still putting on the necklace, Victor would have seen it but sadly, she put the necklace into her purse when Bisi gave it back to her.

“alright, see you girls tomorrow”

Bisi said when she can no longer bear the way they were glaring at themselves.

“alright, bye”

Faith said as she dragged Sophia along side with her.

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Victor kept staring until their car was out of the compound.

“are you falling for that one too?”

bisi asked angrily

“oh come on, i was just thinking on what she said earlier. Remember, i did never break your heart because i did not cheat.
All I only did was to answer your question in order yo please you”

victor. Bisi started walking inside the house and he followed her behind

“are you still angry at me?”

victor asked again when they were seated inside

“tell me who wouldn’t be?”

bisi asked

“that is why i never wanted to tell you any thing in the first place because i know some thing like this will occur. But then , forgive me for all”

he apologise

“the fact is not apologizing because you didn’t any thing wrong. But the problem there is the truth”

she said with an infinite sad face

“i don’t understand”

he said

“now victor answer this question, did you love me?”

she asked glaring at him eye ball to eyeball.

her question got him scratching his head hard.

After wasting a little time, he said

“i think i do”

“you think? You are still thinking? This is to say that you will definitely dump me immediately you finds your so called Sophia your childhood lover! Isn’t it?”

bisi snarled and Victor kept scratching his head as if some thing was biting in there.

“you will not understand”

he said

“what is there to understand? Your heart belongs to some one else and that’s it. So leave!”

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she said in a commanding tone.

victor stood but Instead of leaving the house as was commanded, he went very close to her and knelt before her with a knee.

He held her hands and said calmly to her

“please don’t chase me out of your life. You even offered to help me search for her when i told you of my mission to Onitsha . Why have you suddenly changed your mind?”

“its because i love you very much. Yes victor, i love you very much and i will deeply get hurt if you finally leave me for your princess charming when you finds her.”

she said as tears dropped from her eyes again.

She was looking strongly into his eyes expecting him to say some thing but he didn’t. She went on with a question.

“all i want is for you to give me assurance that you would never leave me. Promise me please”

she pleaded

“i will always be there for you. I assure you of that”

he replied that instant, Bisi joined her lips with his in a passionate kiss.

Next she began to rip his cloth and within a twinkle of an eye, victor was on top of her (I KNOW YOU UNDERSTANDS WHAT THAT MEANS)

To Be Continued…. . . .

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